1. Kettlebell Swing Technique with Rob and Jason


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    The kettlebell swing is an excellent way to improve glute strength and power. In order to reap the full benefits of this exercise, kettlebell swing technique and proper form are a must. For an individual new to kettlebell swings it is important to go through proper progression, stressing form throughout instruction. To begin you need to be able to properly perform a hip hinge. Begin with feet just outside shoulder width, push the hips back hinging at the hips with a slight bend in the knees. Do not allow the knees to track over the toes. Be sure to keep the back flat and chest up. Do not progress to the next phase without the ability to hip hinge, this will keep the back safe and strong throughout the swing. Once you have proven that you can hip hinge, you can progress to the pendulum swing. In the same position as the previous phase, with the kettle bell in both hands practice pulling the weight back and forth using the lats. On the third pass bring the kettlebell into a full swing (shoulder high), extending and driving through the hips and flexing the gluteus maximus. The arms do not pull the weight up. Instead, the power comes from the glutes, and the arms are meant to just hold the weight. After being able to complete this phase you can progress to the full kettlebell swing. Instead of beginning with the pendulum swing, you can start with the swing seen at the end of the last phase and repeat according to the sets and repetitions prescribed in the workout program. Do not allow regression into a squat swing, where the kettlebell swings below the knees, this puts more emphasis on the quadriceps, so remember focus on the glutes! Once you have mastered the two handed kettlebell swing, you should be able to progress into more advanced swings such as single arm swings or single arm alternating swings. Thanks to Coach Derrick, Coach Rob and Coach Jason for putting together this how-to on kettlebell swing technique. Good luck!

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    • PNF Woodchop


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      Start - Feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, back flat, hips back and arms extended with implement outside the knee Action - In a diagonal motion transfer implement at a 45 degree angle away from the start position Finish - Over the opposite shoulder

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      • Clean and Jerk


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        A. Start - Barbell begins on the floor, grip bar shoulder width in a dead lift position. (Flat-back, butt down, chest up. Feet hip width and bar against shins.) The First pull is a Dead lift, bar rises together with hips and shoulders B. Action - Second pull - triple extension - initiates when the bar passes the knees, Jump violently and shrug the par up to shoulders, with the elbows high. C. Finish - Jerk the bar overhead. Lift is completed by ending in a standing position with arms fully locked out overhead

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        • Hang Clean, an Olympic Weightlifting Exercise


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          Hang Clean A. Start - In a standing position, grip shoulder width, barbell just above the knees B. Action - Jump violently and shrug the bar up to shoulders, with elbows high. C. Finish -Spin elbows forward to receive the bar in the front squat position.

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          • Surf Paddling Tips Part 2


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            http://www.eziahp.com/surf-paddling-tips-part-2 This is Performance Coach Jason checking in with this week's surf training tip. Today I am going to piggy back off of what coach Ryan and Joe discussed a couple weeks ago. Ryan put out EZIA Surf Endurance with Battling Ropes and Physical Therapist Joe Walker shared Perfect your Paddle with Tips From Ian Walsh and Maya Gabeira.   To perform this movement at home, all you will need a cable machine at your local gym or exercise tubing you can hang around a tree branch or some elevated anchor. The focus of this exercise is to increase paddling endurance by working all your paddle muscles throughout the rotator cuff, upper, mid, and lower traps, rhomboids,and lats as well as increase scapular stability. The bonus to this exercise is that your core, ankle, and knee stability will increase as well. First grab the cables and take a few steps back from the machine. While holding the cables puff up your chest and pull your shoulders back to ensure proper posture. Next hinge your hips back and bend your knees till you reach a 1/4 squat athletic position. Once your base position has been set you want to pull the cables in a downward motion till your arm runs parallel to your torso while keeping your arms straight. This movement should mirror a paddling movement. To increase muscular endurance of your paddling muscles perform this exercise with a light weight and a steady controlled movement for :60 seconds. To progress this exercise try standing on 1 leg for :30 seconds then switch legs for another :30 seconds. A further progression for the advanced athlete will be to increase instability by standing on an Indoboard flow cushion or balance board. You can also play with arm variations by paddling with both arms at once, alternating arms, right arm with a left leg base, left arm left leg base,ect. Give this exercise a try and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for next weeks surf training tip where I'll discuss some plyometric exercises to increase lower body power for boosting and landing airs.

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            • Hamstring Curl on Stability Ball


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              1. Start laying on back with ball under ankles push ankles into ball to raise hips into bridge position (glutes off of floor) 2. Keeping hips elevated, dig heels into ball and roll ball towards you 3. Return to starting position maintaining bridge

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              • Pat Kieran, Professional Level Testimonial


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                Pat has been training with us for almost 4 years. He is an amazing guy and a very competitive basketball player who played basketball at McGill University. Pat says, "I've played competitive sports and been around gyms for most of my life. I thought I knew how to work out. More recently, I started thinking maybe there are some things I'm missing and not quite doing right. I decided I wanted to get more out of my workouts. After giving it a try, I was really surprised at the next level of knowledge and professionalism at EZIA. You may think you are in good shape, but then you go through one workout and you say 'Wow! I'm not nearly as fit as I thought I was'. For a lot of guys who play sports, they think they don't need a coach or a trainer in a gym. I was really impressed and surprised by the way I was able to increase the productivity of my workouts, by having someone take me through it step by step and track my goals. If someone was skeptical about trying EZIA, I would say there is no harm in testing it out once. I have been here for a while and I will continue for the unusable future as well."

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                • EZIA Surf Endurance with Battling Ropes


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                  The National Strength and Conditioning Association recently published a study on the physiological demands seen in competitive surfing. Surprising to most was that the results stated that the most important measurable was Endurance, specifically when paddling. Unfortunately, most surfers training regimen consists of yoga classes and doing squats on swiss balls (sidenote- if you are doing these, please STOP!!! The risk greatly outweighs the reward. Try Indo Boards instead). At EZIA Human Performance, we have always pushed our surfers heart rates to the limits, improving both their aerobic (steady-state paddling) and anaerobic (sprinting for a wave) Endurance. Whether you're a weekend warrior trying to get the most waves in a session or an ASP tour surfer at Lowers at the Hurley Pro, you can benefit from increased Endurance. Check out this Battling Ropes Circuit, try it at home and catch more waves!!!!

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                  • EZIA Medicine Ball Surf Circuit


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                    Just in time for the Hurley Pro up at Trestles this week... EZIA is bringing you a full week of surf tips. Here are some "at home" surf circuits brought to you by Coach Ryan and Coach Jason. All you need is a wall and a medicine ball. We like to use Dynamax Med Balls that are 10-12 lbs, so you can be quick with your power movements. This first video works on 3 simple but important things for surfing: functional strength, balance and rotational power. 1. Medicine Ball Burpee - 3 push ups at the bottom, followed by a pop up and snap rotation from each hip. Don't let your hips sag in the push up position. Also, make sure you throw the ball by rotating your hips and not just using your arms. 2. Single Leg Squat with Chest Pass - Make sure to sit your hips back while you squat and keep your weight in the heel of your foot. When you throw the med ball, fully extend your arms. This exercise forces you to stabilize during the middle of a strength movement and gets your balance and upper body power working together. (6 reps each side) 3. Over the Shoulder Wall Throw - Spin and create power through rotating the hips, pivot on your trail leg. Keep the action short, deliberate and fast. (6 reps each side) 4. Single Leg Woodchopper Throw - Stabilize your down foot (closer to the wall) while using your opposite leg as a counter balance to help control the movement. This is the hardest of the 4 exercises, so make sure to be snappy through the hips. (6 reps each side)

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