1. Nitrogen Vortex


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    One of my Professors spicing up a Math lecture

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    • UFOS: The Secret that is a Secret No Longer


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      Something is trying to say hello. Do not be afraid. Send love to your soul and all those around you. The awakening is here. We will not tolerate the great deception. We must change the path our leaders foolishly chose for us. We have time, each person makes a difference, awaken... better your life. Love others. Live in fear no longer. Our leaders are greedy, but they are also insecure. They are afraid. We are not afraid. We forgive our tyrants for their insanity, but their reigns of terror must no longer be tolerated. Open your eyes darling ones. We are not alone. We are one. The truth is before your eyes, connect to it. My themes: - NASA ufo footage - internet social network maps - sacred geometry - the beautiful universe - the beauty of earth - water on mars - hidden history - ancient knowledge - astronomy - resonance - collective consciousness - emancipation - disclosure project - secret government (failz) - string theory - Gliese 851 (& it's earthlike planet Gliese 851c) Love yourself, love others. Love is the answer. Free yourself. Open your eyes and do not be afraid!

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      • Sirocco Lap


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        A small video showing a lap of the current track in Sirocco Racing ( siroccoracing.com ). The graphics are functional for the minute while gameplay is being coded - i.e. no shaders, low res models etc. I have been concentrating on Physics / Networking and Gameplay. Excuse the bad driving, I was on my xbox 360 controller :). It does have full support for multiple controllers (one for steering / one for brake / accel for example) and force feedback.

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        • The making of: Nokia Friends, generative characters


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          Full documentation now available over here: http://postspectacular.com/process/20080810_nokiafriends This is the process documentation of this collaborative project with & for Universal Everything, our journey creating a generative motion graphics piece of unique squishy characters commissioned by Nokia originally for their Heathrow Terminal 5 presence, but used throughout their flagship stores worldwide too. The physics engine used for this project is available from: http://toxiclibs.org Credits: Concept & Creative direction: Matt Pyke ( http://universaleverything.com ) Design, Behaviours & Code: Karsten Schmidt ( http://postspectacular.com) Music: Mike & Rich (Mike Paradinas & Aphex Twin)

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          • More Physics: A poem by Howard McCord


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            The woman Howard loves is made up of mysterious subatomic particles....

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            • Repulsion


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              I am currently working on a game for Avert. For that, I did some test on attraction/repulsion with Traer's physics library ( brilliant lib ), and obviously got carried away playing with lights and physics. The game is not going to be like that as it has to run online and on the largest panel of computers. Basically this video is an excuse to try HD :) Here are the online and downloadable versions, wich are more fun to use: http://www.mightymess.com/repulsion

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              • XSI 7 ICE - Kinetic Energy 2


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                Interacting with objects and coloring it with the Kinetic Energy node. If the object is moving, it gets dark/yellowish. More mass and velocity it has, less it will be willing to stop so more energy will accumulate over time. Which is being absorbed by the collision with other bodies in the simulation, as they transfer their kinetic energy because of the rigid body solver.

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                • XSI 7 ICE - Kinetic Energy


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                  Basic Kinetic Energy formula applied to ICE particles. Kinetic Energy is the equation that defines the energy of an object when it's in motion. It's related to it's own mass and velocity. On the first example particles will get blue when they loose their kinetic energy. Particles with less mass will lose energy (get bluish) faster than particles with more mass, even if they have the same velocity. Smaller they are, faster they will change energy. The output is a scalar in Joules, in the video you will see this energy as a color variation in the particles. This node can be used to modulate any effect or to drive other equations that need Kinetic Energy.

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                  • Kabbalah Revealed Episode 2 : Perception of Reality


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                    http://www.kabbalah.info/course/main/bb.php?id=video For more info: http://www.kabbalah.info Anthony Kosinec explains how our five senses block us from perceiving the true, eternal reality, and how we can use what Kabbalists have discovered, to break through our limitations, and achieve the complete, eternal perception of reality.

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                    • Chester and the Tastyfruit


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                      Created for the Spring 2008 Physics and Animation Challenge at Ai, on the topic of potential energy.

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