1. Curzon Film World Animated Ident


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    An animated ident created with Jesse Kanda for the new Curzon Film World brand identity. This ident appears at the beginning of Curzon Film World films and trailers. I've developed and implemented a multi-faceted brand for the various activities of Curzon from arthouse cinema venues, on demand video and film production and distribution. It’s an update of the original Curzon brand identity I created a few years ago. The square brackets are a playful and versatile feature of the identity, that can be applied in myriad ways as demonstrated by the brilliant Kanda. More of Kanda’s work: http://www.jessekanda.com/ The original Curzon identity concept: http://brand-identity-essentials.com/33-brands-surprise http://www.curzonfilmworld.com/

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    • The Ring World - Trailer


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      • microMacroCosm


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        Overview and documentation of the collaborative live cinema project "microMacroCosm" by Trace Reddell and Timothy Weaver. "microMacroCosm" is a work of live cinema which explores the potential of the biological narrative within the space of the cosmological imagination. The performative project is a collaboration between new media artists, Trace Reddell and Timothy Weaver whose sources span the data scales of the submolecular to the cellular and the earthly to the celestial. This dual channel projected media dialogue draws a relationship across the biomolecular microcosm to the interstellar macrocosm, measuring the farthest, supposed limits of the human Imaginary. The resulting work immerses the performing artists and audience in a sensory experience that co-evolves the domains of speculative astrobiology. Here, a technopoetics of light and sound merges with the hypnotic capabilities of new media to generate visions of our bionavigational origins and the recognition of our arrival at the unknown. The exchanges and encounters between Reddell’s and Weaver’s live cinema channels premiered at the University of Amsterdam’s Universiteitstheater as "microMacroCosm" in June of 2006. This successfully realized performance established an initial point of departure for the iterative and subsequent experience of the work. The intent of the project remains to further the means of contemporary biocosmic interpretation, and visualization through an extended cultural dialogue and timeline regarding the continuum of the biological narrative and the cosmological imagination.

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        • Planetary Dance - Paris / France 2012


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          Planetary Dance d’Anna Halprin Dimanche 3 juin à 17h Jardin de Reuilly, Paris 12e Un projet du CDC Paris Réseau (Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson, L’étoile du Nord, micadanses-ADDP et le studio Le Regard du Cygne-AMD XXe) à l’initiative du studio Le Regard du Cygne et soutenu par l’ensemble du Réseau National des Centres de Développement Chorégraphique. En partenariat avec la Maison des pratiques artistiques amateurs (MPAA), le Festival Entrez dans la danse et le CDC du Val-de-Marne, La Briqueterie. Transmetteurs du CDC Paris Réseau : Fabrice Dugied, Isabelle Dufau, Maxence Rey, Philippe Chéhère accompagnés par les musiciens de Sambacademia Transmetteurs du CDC du Val-de-Marne, La Briqueterie : Julie Galopin, Gilles Vérièpe

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          • Beanfield - Planetary Deadlock


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            • Enlightened Darkness Take 2


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              Enlightenment is a Heavy Thing; we should've gotten Radiance; instead they gave us Radiation; lethal radioactive isotopes are the Invisible Nuke War & they're everywhere. Nuke reactors, leaking all the Time "legally" & secretly...dropped on Civilian Populations as a test; the Truth wasn't told then, for 5 years...WW2 was the testing of all that R & D the Dep't of War changed their name to "Defense" & the Nuke Program was embedded under false pretenses into American & World Cultures as "Science" and "Industry", Pentagon secret programs, DU Bombs dropped in the Middle East in the 90's. So many uses for a Program that was & never could be "peaceful" energy program (what a LIE) but that's how the Brainchilds repackaged it in the 50's...there is no such thing as a peaceful feeling with toxic residuals that last for millions of years. Is this someone's cruel joke of the Gift that keeps on giving? Just ask Japan. Ask Civilians in the M EAST, ask Military Families suffering from the poison...Quietly. What is the Sound of the Future that was there? Shame on the Governments of the World still promoting the NUKE AGENDA...2 1/2 years into the multiple nuke melt-down They said could never happen...well, it did & it continues to spew now, uncontained; it just takes Time for the Terriible, Horrific Results, to show...first in the Environment; the Sea Life/Oceans will just roll up un the Beaches, victims of an Invisible Nuclear Disaster that will gift the World with omnicide...carbon-based Life Forms just can't fight this Invisible Enemy...Humans are at the top of the extinction list...as BioAccumulation kicks in, so will the Radiation Illnesses, world-wide. it just takes time...Who profits off this misery-making Industry...and the continued media blackout of the effects of Fukushima ...and the continued forced/In$ane construction of even more nuke Reactors around the World, still? OM The Truth is They hide the Truth of the Misery...through Secrecy, Profiteering, while the Oceans are filling up with radioactive water that has been contaminated by Fukushimas burning hot Emergency with barely any response...World Leaders are busy on Summer Vacations!

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              • Kepler's laws of planetary motion


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                Kepler's laws of planetary motion

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                • Chronicle of a journey to earth


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                  In this 22-minute planetary program, the Earth is compared with the other bodies of the Solar System. An intergalactic traveler reaches our part of the galaxy looking for somewhere to settle and as he moves towards the Sun, he examines the bodies that cross his path. First the outer comets and the dwarf planets; then the giant planets; the asteroids; the rocky planets, amongst them the Earth, which of these has by far best environmental conditions to encourage the development and evolution of living organisms. Following the traveler’s path, the spectators see close up what today’s science has discovered about each of the components of our Solar System.

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                  • Planetary (GO!) Music Video


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                    Vídeo do terceiro single do My Chemical Romance baseado em arquivos de vídeo de NaNaNa e Sing. ______________________________________________ Fan-Made Music Video from My Chemical Romance's third based on NaNaNa and Sing video files.

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                    • Zooming in on the planetary nebula ESO 378-1


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                      This video sequence starts from a wide field of the Milky Way and closes in on a rather empty patch of sky in the huge constellation of Hydra. A strange blue disc becomes visible — the planetary nebula ESO 378-1. The final very detailed view comes from ESO’s Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. More information and download options: http://www.eso.org/public/videos/eso1532a/ Credit: ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2/N. Risinger (skysurvey.org). Music: Johan B. Monell

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