1. It Came from Jupiter (Third cut)


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    Contest Entry: World's Least Relaxing HD Videos. A synthesis of 50s-inspired cheap light fixtures, too many blank discs and a lost weekend plus some. Soundtrack: original composition using digital synthesizer, live sound and reprocessed and looped public domain sound samples from the Jovian moons. The 3rd cut (replacing cuts 1 & 2) will appear in HD. This is an actively evolving piece. I think I may wait to lock it down for quite some time. Suggestions made in comments or other ways may be used to influence the evolution towards a final cut. Potential changes may include the shooting of additional footage. My present standing restriction on the piece is that it must remain under 6 minutes in length, with a target of 5 minutes.

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    • VRMars Astronomy Software: Mars 3D - Cahokia Panorama - Virtual Reality


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      The video presents the 360-degree "Cahokia" panorama taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit during its mission, with the aid of VRPresents-technology-based virtual reality software called VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D, released by Sciterian Technologies. Learn more on VRPresents at www.vrpresents.com . The video shows Martian mountains named "Columbia Hills", rocks and some further views. Get demos at www.vrmars.com/VRMars-Spirit-The-Red-Planet-Mars-3D.htm or www.vrmars.com and enjoy roving Mars. See Mars through the Mars Rover's eyes. Credits: NASA/JPL/Cornell/MSSS/OSU/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science/USGS/Honeybee Robotics - More at www.sciterian.com and in this astronomical software.

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      • Orrery on the moon


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        • VRMars Astronomy Software - Mars Rover 3D/VR - Santa Anita Panorama


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          Video on Mars presenting Astronomy Software. Video showing panoramas and images, including the "Santa Anita" panorama, taken by NASA's Mars Rover Spirit during the Mars Exploration Rover Mission. The video was created with the use of virtual reality astronomy software VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D, released by Sciterian Technologies and powered by the VRPresents technology that gives the feel of being on the surface of Mars. Great astronomical video for astronomy, space exploration and science lovers. Get this astronomical application at www.vrmars.com/VRMars-Spirit-The-Red-Planet-Mars-3D.htm or www.vrmars.com and enjoy roving Mars. See the planet like you were the Mars Rover. Learn more on VRPresents at www.sciterian.com . Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/MSSS/USGS/OSU/Honeybee Robotics/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science - More information at www.vrpresents.com and in this astronomical software.

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          • ATRINA [ in planetary sugar ] PROMO


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            in planetary sugar available digitally 1.19.2013 www.atrinamusic.net www.atrina.bandcamp.com ----------- video by www.ancientDOMAIN.net

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            • Artist's impression of the free-floating planet CFBDSIR J214947.2-040308.9


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              This video shows an artist's impression of the free-floating planet CFBDSIR J214947.2-040308.9. In the first part of the sequence the planet appears as a dark disc in visible light, silhouetted against the star clouds of the Milky Way. This is the closest such object to the Solar System and the most exciting candidate free-floating planet found so far. It does not orbit a star and hence does not shine by reflected light; the faint glow it emits can only be detected in infrared light. In the final sequence we see an infrared view of the object with the central parts of the Milky Way as seen by the VISTA infrared survey telescope as background. The object appears blueish in this near-infrared view because much of the light at longer infrared wavelengths is absorbed by methane and other molecules in the planet's atmosphere. In visible light the object is so cool that it would only shine dimly with a deep red colour when seen close-up. More information and download-options: http://www.eso.org/public/videos/eso1245a/ Credit: ESO/P. Delorme/Nick Risinger (skysurvey.org)/R. Saito/VVV Consortium

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              • Planetary (GO!) (REMIX) - My Chemical Romance (By Tommy Maverick)


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                I took a shot at remixing this song with a bit of my individual spark on it. haha It's a re-imagining of one of my favorite songs on Danger Days. It's sounds really different and I don't really know what kind of beat this is, but I really like it and I hope that you do too. I used their music video to make this video because I wanted to see how it timed up with the new beat since I kept the song structure (the order of choruses and verses) exactly the same. I am not claiming ownership of their music, their song Planetary (GO!), or the music video by uploading this video. This is purely for the purpose of having something to watch while people listen to this track. If you're looking for a download link: http://soundcloud.com/therealtommymaverick/planetary-remix/download All I ask is that you share it with all your friends by posting it to facebook and add me on facebook :) www.facebook.com/therealtommymaverick This profile is how I interact with people who like my remixes :) Special thanks to Matt @SupurbAcapellas (http://www.youtube.com/user/SupurbAcapellas) for providing the highest quality vocal and instrumental tracks on the freaking internet! I could not have made this would the tracks that he provided.

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                • Light Echoes, from Geodesium "Stella Novus" (fulldome version)


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                  In "Light Echoes", we explore the art of the cosmos as it plays out across light-years-wide constructs of interstellar debris that mark the deaths of stars. Light, form, music, dance, and space all combine in the universe's own expression of art. This piece draws its inspiration from the Loch Ness Productions fulldome video "HUBBLE Vision", and uses 19 Hubble Space Telescope images of stellar outbursts. Evocative scenes range from planetary nebulae to dramatic explosions heralding the inevitable death of the luminous blue variable star Eta Carinae, and echoes of light from the red variable star V838 Monocerotis that illuminate clouds of gas and dust surrounding it. Their mesmerizing motion is set to "Light Echoes", a dramatic, hypnotic Geodesium space music composition that speaks to the depths of the cosmos. "Light Echoes" is track 6 on Geodesium "Stella Novus" -- the 2011 space music album from Loch Ness Productions. Experience it at http://www.geodesium.com. Loch Ness Productions is a unique multimedia production company specializing in cosmically creative content. Music by Geodesium. Video Production by Mark C. Petersen. Album art by Tim W. Kuzniar. Nebulae from the Hubble Space Telescope. Starfields from DigitalSky.

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                  • Planetary (GO!) Music Video


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                    Vídeo do terceiro single do My Chemical Romance baseado em arquivos de vídeo de NaNaNa e Sing. ______________________________________________ Fan-Made Music Video from My Chemical Romance's third based on NaNaNa and Sing video files.

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                    • The Great Changes Underway - A New Beginning - Questions & Answers - Chapter 3 of 7


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                      John M Tettemer and Holly Hawkins Marwood discuss and share information that has been given to them from Planetary and Interplanetary beings about the earth changes that are imminent.

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