1. "Living with the Dead" Teaser Trailer


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    A runaway girl, Max McLean, adventures into the forest with a young man named Ish who helps her discover the secret behind her boyfriend's suicide. WINNER- Audience Choice Award at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2015

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    • About writing my books: Noli Me Tangere


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      This book is called «noli me tangere» and was printed in just one copy in 2011. There are shown black and white polaroids from 1977. Under each polaroid there is the date when it was taken. They are in chronological order. It is the story of a love, that was constituted on unreachable distance, represented by the camera. The object of desire needed to stay distanced, as in the bible story of Jesus and Magdalena after resurrection, where he doesn't allow her to touch him to make her believe.

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      • About writing my books: Polaroids


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        This book is called «Polaroids» and was printed in just one copy in 2011. It shows a selection of my Polaroids taken between 1976 and 1987. For each Polaroid there is a text added with the date and the story behind the picture. About 140 pages.

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        • Bayer HealthCare - Advancing Customer Insight


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          This video was made for global pharmaceutical company Bayer Healthcare to highlight the importance of looking beyond the surface and understanding and gaining insights into their customers' personal situations. Made with Adobe After Effects CC and edited in Adobe Premiere CC. Music available on Audiojungle.net. Stock imagery from istock.com

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          • MIAreflections


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            • Polaroids Trailer


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              Trailer for Full Sail University MFA Film Production thesis film "Polaroids" A sci-fi thriller about a woman discovering a mysterious camera in her attic.

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              • After Effects Template: Wall Pics


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                Get this After Effects template here: https://motionarray.com/after-effects-templates/wall-pics Wall Pics is clean, elegant and stylish. You can make a great presentation, commercial or corporate video. It's bright look and smooth motion will get any video project feel awesome. Enjoy!

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                • Photography publishers nudity sex hypocrisy oligopoly fair use social criticism- geo godley* parental advisory: explicit


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                  content rating: mature; profanity / sexually suggestive content, nudity found in open to the public, non age restricted major book stores. http://georgegodley.com/?p=20667 twitter.com/geogodley facebook.com/pages/GeoGodley/213431738712281 Nude modelling & photography exhibitionism pandemics infect, infest & ingest social media & photo book publishing, cockblocking others’ fair share of the hair pie, hogging pooty pooper pecker prick pic power, ratings, sales, territory, traffic, like gangs & mobsters.. Media oligarchs’ subjective moral tastes dick take & dictate who can & can’t do what, while infinite lazy shits show & sell & tweet their twat on twatter, shitter on twitter, like Kim Kardoucheian & Paris Hilton porno promos & Hugh Hefner’s hand brand alexa skank rank.. When they do it, they get respect, rewards, fiscal fecal fartburger ass kissing through agents & p.r firms; whether we do it or not, we get discrimmination, prejudice & bigotry ”creepy” or “pervy” stereotype tags ironically best describing them hypocrites. Transcript: -0:00 intro, entering book store: -once I step foot in here I’m not leaving, I’ll be in the photography section for ages.. graphic novels & photography section.. -0:07 [taken aback by Olivier Zahm “Oz Diary” sexually explicit nudity photo book]: -there’s tits, nudity in here! tits & asses.. it’s all right for you to do it of course.. Olivier Zahm’s NON age restricted nude sex site “purple.fr” top google search shows recent Art Basel Miami Mondrian hotel room nudes; if we do it, there’s hell to pay; when he does it, it’s okay foreplay pay lay. ↑ “fashion” front pay n’ lay nudes get highest alexa skank ranks, outranking top billion view youtubers & us idiots cheated by unfair censorship. -0:12 how come these assholes get to do all this nudity shit & they throw some famous people in.. look, it’s full of split beavers, tits & ass.. he’s put famous people with [soft] porn.. look, 0:22 what the hell is that?! [supposed “artistic” (when they do it it’s “artistic”, when we do it it’s not) image of some lucky bastard sucking a floppy tit & fingering a hairy stanky snatch lol].. if we do it, we get trouble, marginalized, even if we don’t do it we get fuck all.. these guys get everything, publishing deals, get put in bookstores.. oh, coz theyre monopolizers, yeah.. open legs, split beavers, asses, tits.. bushes, oh you can’t see the labia, that makes it okay does it.. who the fuck would buy this anyway, its no good for jerkin off, no good for [anything].. bitch puh-lease! What the hell is this shit, they get it all, we get fuck all. -1:00 Ugh! these are lame, aren’t they.. they’re all lame.. I just dread picking them up because I know it’s all disappointing.. its just shit.. what the hell is this.. oh look, a rocking chair and a bunch of people posing. No story, no color, no nothing.. you’d think it was 100 years ago or something.. 1900s, the gutenberg press.. look.. a bunch of black & white posers. Nudity again.. tits & ass again! What the hell man! I’m not complaining, I like it.. but you know it’s like you get to do it, we don’t.. without consent either, I’m sure they didn’t sign releases, these people.. but it’s [not!] okay, they’re dead now right?! you gotta wait till they die, 30 years statute of limitations, whatever, they’re not recognizeable any more, just publish & try to make money off of them.. [cynicism] what the hell is this, Carlo Mollino “Polaroids”.. see? how come he gets to do it.. oh, he did it tastefully.. no, that’s coz they’re hiding the more [explicit stuff].. 1:52 look, how tasteful is that.. split beaver dude! how tasteful is that?! if that’s tasteful, I’ll be tasteful too! I bet they found the hard ones in his collection & they’re like “no no, don’t publish that one, just keep that one for your own jerkoff.. it’s too much”.. well, you fail then, you shoulda gone all the way.. Look already, “Private life of a high flying fashion cat”.. [Karl Ch-anal Lagerfeld in his eternal black outfit].. change your wardrobe man, black?! you’ve been wearing a black suit for the past 100 years.. again?! He’s got his dick out! Coplans John.. ugh.. [book pages crunch] how many trees did you cut down to make this thing.. again! tits & ass, Kopitz Rudolf.. he knew how to have fun compared to the rest of us.. he’s got his dick out! Saudek Jan! how come they get to do it & not us? They get to do it all, we get to do fuck all.. Rizzoli.. that’s the one that’s publishing Kardoucheian’s selfish selfies.. [For real Pharrel: places & spaces I’ve been].. it’s all about you isn’t it.. oh yea, coz you get sued if its about anyone else.. -2:48 [talking with attractive young lady with dark long thick curly hair]

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                  • Out Of The Woods


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                    Two scarf-loving women venture into the Virginian woods... with disastrous consequences. Will their friendship last? Will they?

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                    • How to be Blunt; Book Layout Preview


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                      The Polaroid which will eventually be a photobook that feels like this.

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