1. Loving What Is (2015)


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    A beautiful film about new tears for old grief, and loving what was and what was not. I competed LOVING WHAT IS while undergoing a dark, deep experience with depression, existential despair and with new tears for old grief. I am glad to see so many people have been appreciating my movies' inherent beauty. I thank you, all, to God, and to all my fans, friends, and family for playing such a very special role in these experimental pieces, although perhaps without you knowing it. I am brought to a deep sense of nostalgia for good times long gone, from lost film footage in the archives here at the production office to experimenting into the depth of new ground, and new artistic expression. I suffer from a rare and comorbid mental health diagnoses, namely those within the schizophrenia and autistic spectra. My mental illnesses have blessed me over the years with many creative gifts. So, with immense gratitude, I thank you, my muse, wife, and my family, friends, and fans.

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    • Growing Deeper, Getting Stronger: "Living with Sexual Integrity"


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      May 17, 2015 Pastor Robbie Lankford Hebrews 13: 4 79% of men 18-30 yrs. old view pornography monthly 64% of all men view pornography monthly 86% of men would look at pornography if they knew wouldn’t get caught 90% of boys & 70% of girls have been exposed to pornography online 56% of divorces are attributed to at least 1 spouse’s continued use of inappropriate websites If we want to stop getting what everyone else is getting, we will have to stop doing what everyone else is doing. #1. God designed intimacy to be a blessing Hebrews 13: 4a Matthew 19: 3-6 Genesis 2: 22-25 An incubator = A controlled environment for small babies to become more developed: that sounds like marriage! #2. We have distorted God's design Hebrews 13: 4b 3 major ways we have distorted God’s design: - pornography - homosexuality Only 2.3% in the U.S. over age 18 identify themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. - adultery I Thessalonians 4: 3-8 ‘transgress’ = to go way over a boundary ‘defraud’ = to take advantage of someone or take more than your proper share of something “They bound themselves by an oath not for any criminal end but to avoid theft or robbery or adultery, never to break their word or repudiate a deposit when called upon to refund it.” -Pliny, the governor of Bithynia, reporting to Trajan, the Roman Emperor (Quoted in Barclay Daily Bible Study Series) “In the early days, the Christians presented such a purity to the world that not even their critics and their enemies could find a fault in it.” -Quoted from Barclay Daily Bible Study Series

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      • 102 Reasons Why I Love You (2015)


        from Jonathan Harnisch / Added

        Images by author and filmmaker Jonathan Harnisch and his beautiful wife. Vimeo Pro version: http://vimeopro.com/jwharnisch/film/video/123291462

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        • Illusions Short Film


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          A short film produced by the students of Kankakee Trinity Film Class addressing the problem of pornography addiction.

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          • Male Nudity


            from Michael Kruger / Added

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            BLOG Mixture, mixture, and more mixture. Semen has to blend with land. It's adaptation 101. We are all suffering so pay attention. Get real. I think I fucked up the semen plant by adding too much water. I'll let it stand by the window sill in case the sprout shows in ten days. Perhaps I will feed the next one only semen. By the way don't you think we should learn from nine eleven that buildings are bad? There should not be architecture. We should use all land for agriculture. Today I came in the plants. I planted several sage leaf seeds in a pot containing two quarts of soil. I extracted semen on the dirt and slightly buried it and then fed it H2O. Let us see what happens. Two quarts of soil. The planting starts very soon. Anarchy is already happening and the delusion only creates problems. Embrace the inevitable, like the bonding of DNA with elements. Semen is 90% H2O. Perhaps it would be more efficient to plant one of the pots with pure ejaculate. I have two flower pots, soil, and two packets of sage leaf seeds. I will plant them at the same time and feed them regularly, one with H2O and one with semen mixed with H2O. My prediction on how they will differentiate will be the growth speed. The experiment begins. I will plant a seed with semen and then plant a seed with water. I will distinguish the growth between the two. This experiment will be a learning process. It cannot fail because semen contains H2O so it will soil the plants. It will eventually hybridize. This has never been attempted. Two thirds of you are cynical to potential. Reproduction is proof of infinite energy. Semen can be used to initiate plant growth. Just blend it. Semen has infinite energy like black holes. It needs a base to fully flourish. Mushroom spores are that base. It works because fat blends with water. Blending is inevitable. Instead of raping we need to just jizz in the plants. We might as well castrate all males. We're only using it for rape. Semen should be used for reproduction and for the beginning process to hybridize DNA with fungus mushrooms to initiate the fourth dimension. Castrate all males. Mix semen with the plants. Mix semen with the plants. Mix semen with the plants. Mix semen with the plants. Mushroom fungus will work best. The males are preventing any alter production. They only believe in reproduction. Mix semen with the plants. The word female was created by what is known as male. The word male is apart of language which was also created by male. Male is man as in hu-man. Female is anything that is not male. Maybe "fe" means foe as in enemy. Fomale meaning enemy of male. Woman means woe man. Woe is sorrow and distress. The males created the language to cast them out. All males are greedy rapist misogynists. They should be castrated. Gender does not exist but anybody labeled male should not exist. This new world that we might evolve to by mixing with the mushrooms will solve the gender crisis. Many think that gender exists. It was created to make segregation. Label and divide. In the fungus society there are no labels. Everything is free and the population needs to grow. Mushrooms are fungus. We produce fungus so our sperm might mix with mushroom. If you boil water with meat the fat will extract and combine with hydrogen and oxygen. Plants require H2O which is contained in human semen, so my theory is that the semen can be used for planting instead of water. The sperm seed will eventually extract and combine with the plants. What do we have to lose? We might as well start integrating the semen into the mushroom spore. The spore is produced. We produce. Prolong the activity for the long run. Sperm can be used to hybridize with nature. Mushrooms will be the portal because of its unique reproduction and rapid growth. The mushroom kingdom, no the mushroom society. It will be the fourth dimension where death is obsolete. Review. Anarchy is good. Misogyny is the worst problem. Plant semen. Sperm and spore for life. We as a society need to plant semen into the ground constantly. It has soil. Don't you think the energy will eventually bond? The rapid mushroom growth is essential to the hypothesis. The spore could act as an egg that could welcome the sperm. Perhaps hybridization will occur between sperm and mushroom spore. Mushrooms are similar to animals. If I time it right I could inject the semen as soon as the plant seed opens up. Albert Einstein said E=mc2. He should have said E=m. Energy equals mass. Semen will coexist with land. Maybe when the plant seed opens up the sperm will enter. How could you possibly think semen has one use? http://m.figment.com/books/917218-Michael-Kruger-Films/chapters/1640256

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            • Does everyone look at Pornography


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              Is there a way to be free?

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              • Arabic - Marnie Ferree - Female Sexual Addiction, Pt 1


                from Pure Passion / Added

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                Marnie Ferree tells about her childhood sexual abuse and the sexually addictive lifestyle that resulted from that brokenness. She describes the unique world of the female sex addict and the ways that a girl can develop a bondage to sexual immorality.

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                • Arabic - Jack Frost - Sexual Addiction, Father-Wounding, Pt 1


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                  Jack Frost tells his story of a broken relationship with his father and the resulting emotional wounds that led him into a sexually broken and immoral lifestyle. He describes how such father-wounds can lead to sexual addiction and even homosexual confusion in some people’s lives.

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                  • Arabic - Jack Frost - Sexual Addiction, Father-Wounding Pt. 2


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                    Jack Frost talks further about how father-wounds can lead to immoral lifestyles and how God longs to bring healing through His Fathering presence for those who will turn to Him in humility and repentance.

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                    • Arabic - The Lads - Sexual Struggles Among Youth


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                      Steve King & Mark Millard of “The Lads” talk about the many sexual struggles that teenagers have and how they have dealt with similar struggles in their own lives. “Lads” concert footage is included!

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