1. Obama and the War on Terror


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    On May 23, President Barack Obama gave a major policy speech on the so-called war on terror. It was, on the surface at least, a clear and welcome call for a change. It was also clear that Obama was responding to tremendous public pressure to end the policies of his reviled predecessor, something he has failed to do thus far. But how far does his new policy outline go toward actually ending the perpetual war that has gripped our nation since 9/11? And what might the actual new national security program look like? In this talk, our speaker will dig deep into the President's address, keeping the historic context in mind, to find out if our country's endless war might actually be ending. Paul George has been a grassroots human rights activist and organizer for over 40 years. He is the director of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, the Peninsula's leading activist organization. Paul is a frequent public speaker on a range of topics.

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    • Are Corporations People? Citizens United … and Beyond


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      A community dialogue with special guest and moderator CONGRESSWOMAN ANNA ESHOO. With Presentations By TED NACE, Author of Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy and with PETER SCHURMAN, Campaign Director, Free Speech for People. Presented by Peninsulans For Corporate Regulation.

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      • OTHER VOICES: Occupation, Intervention, Insurrection


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        A Middle East Update and Analysis with JOEL BEININ, Professor of Middle East History, Stanford University and Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History. Israel has just had new elections; what does the outcome tell us? What impact on the region does the continuing bloody warfare in Syria portend? What has happened to Egypt's revolution? And will peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel ever resume ... or lead anywhere? Join us as one of the country's top scholars on the Middle East, Joel Beinin, who has just returned from a trip to Lebanon, helps us catch up with the ever-changing political landscape of the volatile region.

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        • On the Legality and Morality of Combat Drones


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          Washington doesn't like to talk about its use of military drones very much. No wonder: they just might be illegal under U.S. and international law. To say nothing of the Administration's so-called “targeted killing” program and its insistence that even US citizens are legitimate targets of warfare from afar. Paul George, director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, has been an activist and grassroots organizer for peace and human rights for over 45 years. In this video, Geeorge takes a look at the US drone program: Where and how often are drones being used to launch missiles? Who are the targets? And who is actually being killed by the drones? And, most importantly, should the United States be using combat drones?

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          • Other Voices: Decoding the Korean Crisis


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            Relations between the United States and North Korea have reached a nadir, and in most Western media reports it is the seemingly irrational harsh rhetoric emanating from North Korea that is to blame. Inexplicably, we are told, North Korea has chosen to raise tensions. What is missing from this image of hostile North Korean behavior and blameless American victimhood is context. As is often the case, the media present events in an isolated fashion as if arising suddenly and without cause. -- Korea Policy Institute In this edition of Other Voices TV, we try to to provide context to the seemingly neverending series of crises on the Korean Peninsula, the context that our corporate media miss ... or ignore. Our guest, Christine Hong, is an assistant professor at UC Santa Cruz where she specializes in transnational Asian American, Korean diaspora, and critical Pacific Rim studies. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Korea Policy Institute, a coordinating committee member of the National Campaign to End the Korean War, a steering committee member of the Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea, and a member of the Working Group on Peace and Demilitarization in Asia and the Pacific. She has spent time in North Korea, including a visit to the country as part of a North American peace delegation.

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            • IRAN: Still in the Crosshairs


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              Who might pull the trigger? And when? A conversation with ALI FERDOWSI, Prof. of Political Science, Notre Dame de Namur University and Native of Iran. During recent confirmation hearings for Sec'y of Defense Chuck Hagel, the Senate Committee spent more time grilling Hagel about Iran and his possible support for an Israeli attack on that country than just about any other issue. The Senate is now considering a bill telling the President to do just that: provide military support to an Israeli attack. At the same time, the Administration continues to insist that “all options are on the table”, including a U.S. attack. While in Iran, elections to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will take place in June and the sanctions are hitting ordinary people ... hard. In other words, this is a very critical period. Ali Ferdowsi is a native of Iran who was a dissident during the reign of the Shah. He continues to visit Iran every summer to stay up-to-date with the political pulse of the country.

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              • Women's History Month: The Struggle for Rights & Equality


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                A forum with DOROTHY FADIMAN, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Activist, and SIMONE HUDSON, Stanford Students for Reproductive Justice. In the summer of 1970, 50,000 women marched down New York’s Fifth Avenue, announcing the birth of a new movement. They demanded three rights: legal abortion, universal childcare, and equal pay. These were preconditions for women’s equality with men at home and in the workplace. Astonishingly, they didn’t include the ending of violence against women among their demands — though the experience and fear of male violence was widespread — because women still suffered these crimes in silence. Those three demands, and the fourth one that couldn’t yet be articulated, have yet to be met. At this forum, Fadiman and Hudson discuss with Paul George the past, present and future of this continuing movement for justice.

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                • OTHER VOICES: DEFICIT REDUCTION? or STEALING from the POOR to GIVE to the RICH?


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                  A conversation with Jack Rasmus about the economy, Washington's budget battles, inequality and other fiscal disasters. With a "fiscal cliff" deal signed just after New Year's, and with a temporary ceasefire declared in the battle over the debt ceiling, what happens next in Washington? More importantly, who will reap the profits and who will pay the price? The next phase of fiscal negotiations will again focus on reducing sequestered defense cuts, more emphasis on cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the like, and a return to playing chicken and brinksmanship once again on the debt ceiling. Meanwhile, the economic recovery remains anemic, millions remain unemployed and huge numbers of home owners are still "under water" with their mortgages. What is being done for the economy and those who have been hurt most by the continuing fallout from Wall Street's unbridled greed? Is anything being done for them? Is anybody even talking about displaced workers and homeowners? Dr. Jack Rasmus has a Ph.D in Political Economy and currently teaches economics and politics at St. Mary’s College and Santa Clara University in California. He is the author and producer of various nonfiction and fictional works. Prior to his writing career, Jack was an economist and analyst for several global companies and before that, for more than a decade, a local union president, business representative, contract negotiator, and organizer for several labor unions. Jack blogs at JackRasmus.com.

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                  • Amy Goodman: The Silenced Majority


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                    Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope Amy Goodman speaks in Palo Alto on October 23, a stop on her Election 2012 Silenced Majority Tour.

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                    • Other Voices: What's On Your Ballot?


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                      We take look at some of the ballot propositions that we'll be voting on in November. In this first installment, we'll look into Prop 34 and Prop 37. Prop 34 would repeal the death penalty in California and replace it with life in prison without possibility of parole. Guest: Terry McCaffrey, Regional Coordinator, Amnesty International. Prop 37 would mandate the labeling of genetically modified foods. Guest: Stacy Malkan, Spokesperson, Yes on Prop 37.

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