1. bhGhost - new onion skinning/ghosting tool for Maya


    from Brian Horgan / Added

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    I was watching a recording of a live lecture with Jason Ryan (Dreamworks/iAnimate) when a student asked him if he used ghosting when animating in 3D. He mentioned a couple of reasons why he usually doesn't, even though he uses the lightbox feature all the time when animating in 2D. I realised I feel the same way about any 3D ghosting solutions I've tried. One problem is that they slow the scene down usually, and another is that they are not that easy to see in the viewport, usually being a faded version of the mesh or a wireframe of it which doesn't read very clearly. Then the penny dropped for me - 2D animators don't see the fully shaded character in the lightbox when animating, they see only the lines they've drawn, so the spacing is a lot easier to see. So I set about writing a tool that will give an outline of the character rather than a fully shaded one when ghosted. It's also a little different in that the animator just ghosts specific frames rather than having something heavy that's constantly updating in the scene, for my workflow at least this is preferable. I've been testing and trying this out while animating for the last couple of days and am finding it's really helping me see the spacing a lot more clearly than before. UPDATE - The first release version is ready now.. follow this link to the tutorial video and you'll find the link there. Hope you find it useful! vimeo.com/50029607

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    • bhGhost Tutorial


      from Brian Horgan / Added

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      Here's a video showing the new features I've added to my bhGhost tool (original short video here https://vimeo.com/49638174) and showing some typical workflows and uses of it. UPDATE December 2012 - I've added a new feature to make this much faster to set up for multiple characters, check that out here - https://vimeo.com/55820912 The script is now available to download from my site here - http://www.graphite9.com/MayaDownloads.html Hope you enjoy it. NB - One thing I didn't mention in the video (it's mentioned in the built-in Help though) is that the tool currently only works with regular mesh objects (which 99% of characters usually are). If you have Nurbs eyes in the rig they can't be ghosted so don't add them to the Meshes list as they will cause an error (you can just remove them from the list though if that happens and the tool will work again). I've tested the tool with pretty much every character rig I have here and it works with all of them. Happy animating! Update 10102012 - I've added a new feature to the tool so there's an update available, you can see that here https://vimeo.com/51152705

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      • Alessandro Camporota Character Animation Demo Reel 2011


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        this is my character animation demo reel 2011 (keyframe) www.camporota.it special thanks to Giuliano Fontanelly for all the feedback

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        • Lenin and Management


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          Basic management principles reflected in Lenin team: information fast flow and transparency, constructive thinking, absolute in-team loyalty and total responsibility.

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          • bhGhost - Update 1-05


            from Brian Horgan / Added

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            A small update to my ghosting tool. I got an email from Sean McLaughlin (formerly an animator at DreamWorks, currently teaching at Ringling College, Florida) saying that he really likes the the tool and asking if it was possible to incorporate multiple frame ghosting all at once. For example, the animator selects a range of keys in the time slider by shift+dragging and then when they press the Ghost button the tool creates ghosts for every frame of that range. I thought it was a great suggestion and it was pretty straightforward to implement so I've added it in. So now if there isn't a range of keys selected the tool works the same as before, if there is a selected range though each frame will get a ghost. The updated version is now available to download from my usual Maya downloads page here - http://www.graphite9.com/MayaDownloads.html NB! One thing to be conscious of, the more ghosts you create the more polys you add to the scene and the harder the strokes have to work to display them, so the scene will slow down. I generally only add ghosts to every frame if I'm working on something with a low-detail model like a ball. If you do want to create a lot of ghosts with a character rig the main things to keep in mind are to work with the lowest res version of the rig if it has that option or just add only the essential meshes (if the character has separate arms/legs for example, maybe only add those to the meshes list so that only those get ghosted).

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            • bh oddRuleEase - Physically accurate spacing tool for Maya


              from Brian Horgan / Added

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              Taking the principles of the tool I wrote yesterday and making it ultra fast to create physically accurate animation for falling objects in Maya. Watch in HD to see what this does to animation curves.

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              • Regression


                from Kamerynn Harrah / Added

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                When the teacher tells me to make a movie involving colors and repetition... This is what I make

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                • Minimalist: A video essay


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                  The lifestyle of a lizard is a lifestyle of a minimalist. Getting by with the basic minimum. Could you live the life of a minimalist?

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                  • Week 1_Chieh-Li Wei_12 Basic Principles of Animation


                    from Chieh-Li Wei / Added

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                    "12 Basic Principles of Animation" First assignment at SVA MFA Computer Art motion graphics class.

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                    • bh oddRuler - Physically correct Spacing guide tool for Maya


                      from Brian Horgan / Added

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                      I was watching a video from AnimationPhysics.org discussing 'the odd rule' and 'Galileo's Ramp', which demonstrates a formula for calculating physically correct spacing of a body affected by gravity and I thought 'maybe I could create a tool for Maya that would help figure this out by creating visual guides in the viewport based off that formula'. So I did! This tool takes two objects (start and end positions) and the number of frames the move should take and creates guides that represent the physically correct spacing for natural acceleration due to gravity. It's a very early WIP right now but I think it has promise..

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