1. How to Move Your Hand and Fingers while Bowing


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    FOLLOW: https://vimeo.com/zlata Come on over to http://violinlounge.com/how-to-move-your-hand-and-fingers-while-bowing/ to enjoy the discussion with other violinists and violists worldwide. This video might be interesting for you too: http://violinlounge.com/how-to-and-should-you-bow-straight-on-the-violin-or-viola/ In this episode we answer a question from viewer Sarah: Hi, I am realizing that to bow straight, your wrist, fingers and arm do things as you bow from tip to frog and visa versa. On most videos, you don’t get to see what the hand is doing – especially when the bow is at the tip. Do you have a video addressing what your fingers and hand are supposed to do? What are the bowing ‘postures’? Nope, I didn’t have this video, but here it is! However, I have posted a video entitled “How To (and should you) Bow Straight on the Violin or Viola?” http://violinlounge.com/how-to-and-should-you-bow-straight-on-the-violin-or-viola/ It might be very useful to watch that video in addition to this video. In this video I will dive right into the movement of your hand and fingers while bowing straight. There are two movements you make while bowing and in the video I show you why it’s necessary to make these movements. Your wrist and lower arm make a round shape when you move from the left to the right and back. You draw a circle. As we want the bow to go straight to produce a good sound, we need to compensate this round movement into a straight movement. This is exactly the same we do when we throw a ball in a straight line. The movement is more natural than you might think. Just analyze the movement of your wrist and fingers when you throw away a ball in one direction to understand what is going on. When you don’t move your wrist and fingers, the ball will not go straight, but will make a circle and end up behind you. When we would bow in this way, your bow will go all over the place and you will produce an ugly sound. Now…. what does this mean in practice: The first movement: When you bow at the frog your fingers are round like a claw. When you bow to the tip, your fingers will stretch and in some cases your pinky will leave the bow. However, don’t straighten your fingers all the way, because they will lock and going up bow will be difficult. There will be a little shock in your bowing. Up bow: bend your fingers Down bow: stretch your fingers The second movement: In the video I show you the ‘window wiper’ exercise in which you train the movement from pinky to index finger. At the frog your pinky does a lot of work. At the tip your index finger does a lot of work. Practice this very slowly with the whole bow. In this way you can control the movement and analyze what your are doing. This is just one of many exercises to improve your bow hold. Is this video helpful to you? Please let me know in the comments below! If you like it, share it with your friends! Love, Zlata PS: Do you have questions or struggles on violin or viola playing? Post a comment below or send an e-mail to info@violinlounge.com and I might dedicate a Violin Lounge TV episode to answering your question!

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    • July's Equipment Modification of the Month: Footwork with the half foam roller!


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      This month's equipment modification is great for those with fallen arches, the tendency to pronate or supinate, and/or who want to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the foot. Studio director Matt McCulloch takes you through a simple modification with the half foam roller to challenge balance and strength while doing footwork in equipment-based exercises.

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      • United Foot & Ankle Surgeons Clinic Introduction Chicago


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        Introduction video of Dr. T.J. Ahn, explaining about his practice philosophy and touching on Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery. Background of this video is at Chicago Location.

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        • United Foot & Ankle Surgeons Clinic Introduction Main


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          Introduction video of Dr. T.J. Ahn, explaining about his practice philosophy and touching on Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery. Background of this video is at River Forest location.

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          • 5 Red Flags of Pronation


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            {Script} There are Five Red Flags or signs of Pronation. If these signs are ignored and left untreated, foot problems can adversely affect the entire body. This is a perfect example of how pronation can affect the entire body. Moving from the ground up, a person who shows signs of pronation can have imbalances throughout the body including internal knee rotation, pelvis tilt, and dropped shoulder. This imbalance can lead to larger issues like pain. Foot Flare All pronators walk with foot flare or toe out. The reason for this is that pronation is developed slowly over a period of years, where the everters become dominant over the inverters. Internal knee rotation When the feet are flat on the floor the lower extremity has its greatest distortion with the feet bilateral and asymmetrically pronated internal tibial and femural rotation. Therefore if the foot, knee, and hip were in their optimal alignment, one could drop a plum-bob from the middle of the patella and it should hit the second toe. But in an excessively pronated foot, that plum-bob is medial, to the medial longitudinal arch. Bowed Achilles Tendons From a p-to-a view, the ankle and foot appear to roll inwards, causing a bowing of the Achilles tendons. These tendons will plastically deform over time. Flat Foot At mid-stance, where the heel and toe are both in contact with the floor, the patient will demonstrate the greatest degree of pronation. At mid-stance, all three arches of the foot have decreased their height, creating a longer, wider, and flatter foot. Uneven Heel Wear In the typical, bi-laterally asymmetrically pronated foot, the heel strike will be uneven, creating uneven or asymmetrical heel wear. Start looking for these 5 Red Flags in all your patients; they’ll be glad you did as you address problems causing them discomfort or pain.

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            • Gait analysis in a pair of Nike Structure 18


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              Gait analysis is a pair of Nike Structure 18

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                Tractions à la barres fixe en pronation

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                  Tirage pour le dos prise en pronation à la machine convergente.

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                    Suspendu à une barre fixe avec les bras légèrement fléchis afin de ne pas trop stresser les coudes et garder les muscles de maintien sous tension, vous allez amener le menton à hauteur de la barre en vous servant de vos muscles dorsaux. Vous allez vous hisser en vous comportant comme si vous aviez des crochets à la place des mains et essayer de faire intervenir le moins possible vos bras. Le but n'étant pas d'effectuer un record de nombre ou de vitesse nous conseillons d'inspirer à à la montée en gonflant la poitrine et de bien contrôler la descente sans vous laisser tomber. C'est avec le rameur à la barre un mouvemlent de base pour de bons muscles dorsaux et un beau V-shape. Il y a d'autres variantes que vous découvrirez dans cette rubrique d'exercices.

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                    • Call 1300 133 351 For Perth Physiotherapy and Pronation


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                      Call 1300 133 351 or visit: http://iPhysioPerth.com.au Conveniently located in: North Perth, Leederville, Perth and West Perth areas. Also located in the Loftus Sports Centre and visit http://loftusphysiorehab.com.au. World class services located right here in Perth include: Sports Physiotherapy, General Physio, Pilates, Pilates Classes, Mums and Bubs Pilates, Personal Training, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Custom Orthotics, Body Transformations, Exercise Physiology and Weight Loss Call us now for appointment | 1300 133 351 or Please visit our Physio information website http://PerthPhysioClinic.com.au, the Pilates website http://iPilatesPerth.com.au and http://lifestyleboom.com.au for further tips.

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