1. Pamela Ayres - KIMI Int'l Ambassador


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    Pamela demonstrates the basics of teaching kids to operate in the prophetic. She uses objects lessons and does a group activation.

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    • Spirit Lifestyle Training: Prophecy [S1:E14]


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      Rob & Aliss Cresswell present 'Prophecy'. In this episode of the Spirit Lifestyle Training Series Rob and Aliss present the topic of prophecy. Why is prophecy so important? What is prophecy for and how can we cultivate prophetic gifting in our lives. Featuring an exclusive interview on the prophetic special guest Cristina Foor, basic principles and practical hands on training.

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      • The Blood Moon/Super Moon Conjunction Time-lapse, Sept 2015


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        A collection of photos and time-lapse from the lunar eclipse on the morning of Sept 28th, shot from just outside a small village at the foot of the Pyrenees in the south of France. There were some clouds but I was able to get many shots and one nice time-lapse sequence.

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        • Family Survival Kit 4 - Ball & Chain


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          27 September 2015 - Family Survival Kit, Part 4 - Ball and Chain Who DOESN’T want to be blessed by our creator? Of course, we all do. And God has told us how! Preaching on financial responsibility is about learning how to please the one who gave it all for us and gives us all we have! Not only do often seem to not have enough, but "Money is the number one thing couples fight about.” So, what a blessing it would be to turn it around. Gad cares and has provided guidance for our prosperity. One out of seven verses in the Bible teaches on financial stewardship. If we truly believe in God as revealed in the Bible, then we KNOW He has provided us with everything we have. What we do with it determines how He is able to bless us. He established the rules and He won’t break them. If we want to be blessed, we must learn to demonstrate our trust in Him to continue to provide as He sees fit.

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          • General Considerations of Interpretation – Biblical Prophecy Class #3 – BFTBC


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            General Considerations of Interpretation – Biblical Prophecy Class #3 – BFTBC http://bftbc.org/prophecy/quizzes/Quizz-03--GeneralConsideratoinsInInterpretation159.pdf Prophecy Class at the Bible For Today Baptist Church 900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108 --Text Book Things To Come By Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost-- Pastor Daniel S. Waite covered pages 34-44 on September 24, 2015, at Bible For Today Baptist Church http://bftbc.org/prophecy/quizzes/Quizz-03--GeneralConsideratoinsInInterpretation159.pdf General Considerations of Interpretation (pages 34-44) 1. What group cited in class is misapplying Biblical Prophecy? 2. Name the dispensation in which the church is now living. 3. To what is/was 25% of Scripture devoted at the time of its writing (Pentecost, vii)? 4. What is Eschatology ? 5. How did Origen of Alexandria Egypt view Scripture? 6. What appears to be the purpose of the allegorical method ( Pentecost, 5)? 7. Define the literal method of Biblical Interpretation (Pentecost, 9). 8. (1) Name the two groups mentioned in the text who adhered to two different hermeneutical methods, and (2) name the methods of interpretation of which they adhered (Pentecost, 16). 9. How did the Jews living in first century Egypt interpret Scripture (Pentecost, 17)? 10. Who are justified in their protest against those who allegorize Scripture (Pentecost, 19)? 11. In what school did Origen develop his allegorical approach to Scripture (Pentecost, 21)? 12. Who considered the Words of God a “living organism” (Pentecost, 22)? 13. Who was one of the first to make the Bible conform to the teachings of the “church” (Pentecost, 22-23)? 14. What school’s interpretation of the Scripture was “extremely plain and simple” (Pentecost, 24)? 15. Who laid the “foundation of the grammatical interpretation of the Word of God (Pentecost, 26). 16. What was one of the great desires of Martin Luther (Pentecost, 28)? 17. Cite one of Luther’s six principles of interpretation (Pentecost, 28). 18. Who said, “. . . the true meaning of Scripture is the natural and obvious meaning (Pentecost, 29)? 19. With what does sound exegesis begin (Pentecost, 34)? 20. What error did Angus-Green make with regard to the doctrine of inspiration (Pentecost, 35)? 21. How ought passages of Scripture be examined (Pentecost, 36)? 22. Define the historical interpretation of Scripture (Pentecost, 37)? 23. What is the fourth consideration of Biblical interpretation (Pentecost, 38)? 24. What type of language is sometimes used to “convey abstract ideas” (Pentecost, 39)? 25. What is the first problem an interpreter of Scripture faces (Pentecost, 39)? 26. What is usually “quite obvious” about language (Pentecost, 40)? 27. According to Terry, how are words to be understood (Pentecost, 42)? 28. Who said, “When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense; therefore, take every word at its primary, ordinary, usual, literal meaning unless the facts of the immediate context, studied in the light of related passages and axiomatic and fundamental truths, indicate clearly otherwise (Pentecost, 42)? 29. How many meanings (interpretations) are there of a particular passage (Pentecost, 43) 30. What does not “necessitate a non-literal interpretation” of Scripture (Pentecost, 44)? BFTBC, BiblicaFundamentalism, Daniel S. Waite, Neo-Charismatics, Prophesy, Realism, optimism, Eschatology, interpretation, premillennial, Origen, Messiah, allegorical BFTBC Neo-Charismatics Prophesy Realism optimism Eschatology interpretation premillennial Origen Messiah allegorical

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            • Family Survival Kit 3 - Don't Make Me Stop This Car!


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              20 Sep - Don't Make Me Stop This Car! No instruction manual for kids? Proverbs and Psalms is loaded with guidance. We MUST protect them, love them unconditionally, understand every child is different (set the example), teach them the way of the Lord, correct them (privately), and finally, be willing to admit when you're wrong and ask for forgiveness. We all want to raise responsible, loving children. Often, our well meaning efforts are actually more destructive than helpful. God's way is the best way to raise children who are making good decisions and fulfilling the plan God has for them. The greatest tragedy is if our kids and our grandkids are not serving and walking with God.

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              • Mission Thoughts from 1 Samuel 22


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                9-20-15 Sunday - Mission Report 1 Samuel 22

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                • Family Survival Kit Part, 2 - Do I Look Fat?


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                  13 Sep - Family Survival Kit, Part 2 - Do I Look Fat? Pastor Jerry addresses the deficiency at the center of broken relationships - effective communication. This deficiency affects our relationship even with God! When we have a disagreement, does it really matter who starts the disagreement? (Just consider, have you ever known both parties to agree just who it was that started it?) On the other hand, we ALWAYS have control of who can finish it. Jesus usually turned the tables on the attacks of the religious leaders whom sought to discredit or trap Him. It's not about who starts the "conversation." It's how we respond, however, that's important. How we respond determines the outcome. It's very hard to sin against someone while you are tenderly touching them. Furthermore, while working it out, we must actively seek to understand our significant others. Above all, we must prayerfully seek unity with our loved ones. Pastor Jerry wisely points out we should anticipate our battles and pray about victory before the battle even starts. He advices we pray together, but don't set aside a large block of time - 30 seconds each is sufficient time to be in agreement in prayer. As we pray, seek understanding with God as well. Ask HIM for clarification, too. Then, listen to Him - just as we should do with our other significant relationships. You can't be a parent or spouse and not need to effectively communicate. Isn't the devil out to destroy our most precious relationships? By driving a wedge between us, he is able to succeed. Our battle, however, should be a joint effort with Christ. Through faith and prayer, the Holy Spirit will guide us, but WE have to make these good choices and follow His principles and example.

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                  • Patricia Pugh KCJMIN Testimonial


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                    Prophetic Testimonial

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