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    A short film produced by some A Level students that I teach, part of their coursework. Directed by Ben Fooks.

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    • A Batman's Tale: In the psychosis of the Ventriloquist TRAILER


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      http://batmanfanfilmbrazil.blogspot.com.br/ Um conto de BATMAN: Na Psicose do Ventríloquo TRAILER

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      • A Carers Story...


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        A mother talks about having a family member with psychosis, how to cope and how things became better. A film by youthspace, positive about youth mental health :) Read more on psychosis and young people at www.youthspace.me/psychosis

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        • Acephalus


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          Two explorers find a headless Greek statue on the bottom of the reef. Only one of them survives the shipwreck, swimming to a nearby island. There he meets the tribe of the lost statue.

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          • Acid Fountain


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            Acid Fountain is located in . . . your brain and mine. It is, by the way, impossible to represent the state of a mind on LSD visually even with our amazing technologies for manipulating sights and sounds. The reason is that a LSD trip also transforms your emotional state of mind. Powerfully. If things go bad, you can get a taste of a full-blown psychosis. Which feels truly horrible. An unimaginable fear. So I have heard. Which means, this video has little to do with acid, though it came to mind from the depths of memory.

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            • A Compendium of Suffering (2015)


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              I am a troubled artist today. I do not know what day it is. I am extremely frustrated. Unable to ground and center myself, I feel restless. I am … I am not me. I am not myself today. I cannot recall who that person was. But I know he was here. I understand him. He will resurface again some other time, hopefully soon. I recall the first person. I know of no second person. I need the third person, the person I think I remember, to return. This must be the hyper reality from some other day, which I wrote about for inclusion my next novel. I recall that something I said on camera was scattered and disjointed and yet was a center point, something to ground me for further writing. No censor today and so far no highlights showing typos or grammar errors and no system overload on the computer. The Internet seems to be back on—online. I don’t need the Internet now. I need complication. I need the morning after and to melt away, to manifest the titles for my latest work. Beginning to view these calms me and allows me to see beauty in the abstract. But I know the original images, which flicker on the screen in The Morning After and also Chance Encounter, Emptying His Pockets, and Melt Away, the film I have not released yet. The one I am still working on, just not right now. The rough cut just finished exporting I see, but I need to write, to set aside all film and art but for the written journal. Dear Diary, as I say, in the books, the novel I just published, Lover in the Nobody. But I just need, right now, to write, so I can feel. Not so I can move on. I will, and I will have to. All artistic projects must be on hold now; although the fire in my mind is ever present, I brought it to a halt. I fixed in my mind, my obsession. I paused. I did the right thing. This is my medication. My early morning thoughts and ventilations that often come out in the shower. I will not run through the documentation of the yesterday that was; I do not recall a yesterday. I recall right now as time continues. I allow myself to become stuck for good reason in right now. I can’t move on. And I won’t. That’s altering time. That’s moving along with it, as indefinable as time is: continuous, relatively, or moment by moment. I believe I see it right now. Moment by moment. Trapped in between the moments I think is where I should be. I once heard that, come to think of it, somewhere, a psychic or something a long time ago. My cats are dying. This is a stream of thought. This is how I cope. Issues with film and literature. Little things. But it is all on hold. Rather, they are done. I manifest what I write and the chapter names become the chapters in my hours, the 24-hour woman 240 times 10 pages. It’s complex composite sketching. Manifesting words into life. I had to look it up to find what day of the week it was, and it is Monday. Compulsive about dates, I cannot remember anything about there ever being a Sunday—just that my cats are dying. I chain smoke five to six packs of cigarettes per day and chew two to three cans of smokeless tobacco. This was written about too, the slow semi-suicide of the mind. Now the body is coming to die. But I won’t, I don’t like this at all. My cats are dead from my smoke. I scared off the thought, and I can’t stop smoking. I will cope when they die. It’s strange. Real. Strange. The Morning After is beautiful. I think that’s what it is. But I couldn’t tell you. Maybe writing this out a little bit helped, but I am not better. Smoke lingers in the pad, and I want drugs. I can’t have any drugs. I can’t have any illegal drugs, only prescribed medication for my anxiety an some other things, like schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is also a drug. It’s been almost 12 years since my last hit. But I do, I crave crack. I fucking crave it just for now. In some strange self- deprecating way I want to die from it. I am just still not willing to die from some asinine knee-jerk suicide, a senseless reaction. I don’t want it today. The anxiety is torture enough. I want it to pause. For life to pause. I need beauty. One hour later: I took my morning anxiety medication eight hours ago. But I woke up at 1:00 AM last night. I feel better. I feel like William Burroughs as he was in Junky. I load a dip of tobacco onto my lower lip after my final cigarette—my last smoke until 8:00 AM so my cats won’t die from it as they sit here sick with me. I feel better. We all move on. For once today in the few hours since midnight, I feel a sense of medicated bliss. And it is doctor approved. It’s junk. But it’s complicated. My opening line in my latest work. The once sentence of profound profanity. Anti-art. I live for art. Otherwise nothing matters. I have always sought meaning. I wanted complexity. I wanted a complicated life, and I sure got one. Oddly enough, I can be grateful for that. I am ...

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              • A father/carer's information about 'alternative' ways used in Sussex to help people suffering or recovering from mental distress


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                This interviews was during a 'Bed Push' demonstration in protest at a young man's death which was believed to be due to adverse effects of psychiatric medication. In this interview a father speaks about his son and the beneficial steps being taken in Brighton to end his isolation and beneficial steps to help those who have left hospital with, or following mental health problems. YOUR VIEWS CAN BE HEARD TOO! The British Medical Association have agreed to review opinions about the mental health treatment in our psychiatric system in the UK. Go to cepuk.org/news/ for more information.

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                • A father talks about his medical student son's suicide and the acne treatment Roaccutane


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                  The circumstances around the tragic suicide of Jon Medland, as told by his father, reflect stories of similar patterns of behaviour as related to us by other parents of suicide victims taking Roaccutane. What some people regard as a miracle cure for acne, apparently has an action that for some people has devastating consequences. Isotretinoin, Accutane/Roaccutane, plus15 or 16 generic names was originally not a first line treatment due to concerns about adverse side-effects. Roche have withdrawn Roaccutane in the USA. They say, for financial reasons as the patent has run out. There have been court actions awarded against Roche in the USA relating to Inflammatory Bowel Disease a side effect. The drug is a retinoid derived from Vitamin A. There are retinoid receptors in the brain. Scans have shown isotretinoin changes cells in the brain, not seen in those taking antibiotics. As well as reports of psychiatric changes, including long term depression, aggression, reclusiveness and suicide, some users suffered from serious skin reactions. The recommended dosage of the drug has been halved since it was first licensed. It can harm a foetus, and pregnancy should be avoided during treatment and possibly for some time after treatment. Originally licensed to treat cancer, isotretinoin, clears acne for many people, we must ask if the cost is justified in keeping it on the market. Cost, not to the shareholders but to the many who suffer harm. Your views on the forum in our Group pages will be welcomed.

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                  • Alouette Teaser Trailer


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                    A short film about the power struggle between two sisters and their entanglement with psychosis. Please visit our INDIEGOGO campaign at http://igg.me/at/alouette-film/x/1188977 and follow us on FACEBOOK at https://www.facebook.com/AlouetteOfficialFilm Cast featuring Lindsay Smith, Glenda MacInnis and Blake Johnston. Director: Michaela Kurimsky Producer: Leanna Kruse Cinematographer: Jordan Kennington Production Designer: Eleanor Strelkov

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                    • Altered Language


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                      A quick glimpse of some of the jabbering, the happy stuff, not the scary stuff. Easy to ignore because he seems to just be having fun, but it can go to a dark place very suddenly. This was back in November, when he was just starting the anti-psychotic medication.

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