1. Topless Topics: Trigger Warnings


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    This video was originally created for the Topless Topics Youtube channel, hence the warning at the start. Consider this my test video for Vimeo! Here's the description from the Youtube upload: Don't forget to take bets on how many seconds this stays up before Youtube takes it down after deciding it's "pornographic!" I had more I wanted to say on this subject, but it was already getting too long and I actually had plans to do something today other than film and edit this video. Oh well. x.x Relevant links: "Geek Feminism Wiki" description of Trigger Warning: http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Trigger_warning Urban Dictionary's definition: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Trigger+warning The Spine from Steam Powered Giraffe's blog post "Just another reminder..." http://davidmichaelbennett.tumblr.com/post/55670805355/just-another-reminder (again, David is an awesome and caring person. If you took one joke out of context and immediately assuming he's a sexist, racist bastard, you're a knee-jerk reactionary and I'm sorry but you need to grow up and stop making snap judgments about people you've never met) Kyriarchy & Privilege 101's ongoing list of "common" trigger warnings: http://privilege101.tumblr.com/triggers.html A post I didn't get to talk about on the semi-related subject of witch hunt-like social justice warrior mindless drone attacks: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/02/15/magazine/how-one-stupid-tweet-ruined-justine-saccos-life.html?referrer&_r=0 Does anyone actually read these descriptions? Super brownie points if you do. I mean, as in, if I ever get famous enough to get invited to a nudist convention or something, I'll be sure to bring brownies with me and you get a free one. If you see this bit, put it something in your comment about brownies and I will officially know you are a cool person who actually has an interest in the subjects of my videos and aren't just here to stare at female nipples! YAY YOU! Confused? Watch the channel intro video: http://youtu.be/gU7ZlIwOIRw Topless Topics FAQ/Frequently Suggested Comments: http://toplesstopics.tumblr.com/toplesstopicsFAQ Topless Topics Social Media Links! http://toplesstopics.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TopTopicsTV (yes I had to go with "toptopics" because FB bans "topless" in custom URLs, lawl.) No Twitter yet because Twitter requires you to attach it to your phone number and fuck that noise.

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    • PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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      Motion test animation on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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      • Paddle to the Ocean Official Trailer


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        On April 23, 2009 Zac Crouse witnessed the death of his best friend during a kayaking accident. After being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Crouse decided to take action. As a Recreational Therapist he self prescribed therapy to help deal with his illness, a trip from Ottawa, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia without the assistance of motor vehicles. It was a trip Crouse had planned to do with his friend and decided to pursue by himself after his loss. Paddle to the Ocean is the story of Zac's trip and his fight against PTSD. Available on DVD with accompanying original soundtrack Spring 2013. Produced by: Zac Crouse Directed by: Kelsey Thompson Featuring original music by: Zac Crouse, Ian Bent, Kris Pope, and more For more info visit: http://zaccrouse.com

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        • Srećko


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          Synopsis A view at life from the perspective of a non-typical disabled war veteran Srećko, who idles his time away in numerous ways, remembering the days spent in war at the same time. The film is trying to show what lies behind this 450-pound man with a few Nazi tattoos, suffering from advanced PTSD who never stops smiling. Directed by: Dario Lonjak Producer: Marko Susac Cinematography: Davor Klaric Editing: Vedran Stefan Production company: Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb Format: DV Running time: 28' Country: Croatia Year: 2008. dario.lonjak@gmail.com

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          • Welcome to the desert of the real


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            Reverse propaganda video. WTTDOTR is a Machinima filmed with America's Army, the recruiting game produced by the department of Defense. Text from the Post-traumatic stress disorder checklist. Music by Pan Sonic.

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            • 22/Day


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              Every day 22 United States war veterans lose their lives to suicide. Strength In Support exists to provide mental health services and resources they need. www.strengthinsupport.org Written/Directed: Andrew Maguire www.pigeonroad.com Cinematogrpahy: Richie Trimble www.richiet.com Aerial Cinematography: Wild Rabbit Aerial www.wildrabbitproductions.com/ Editorial: Ian Kalmbaugh www.iankalmbaugh.com Color: Ian Kalmbaugh Music: Jon Hopkins - "Immunity" c/o Domino Records Shot on Arri Alexa Lenses: 16-42 T2.8 Angenieux, 30-80 T2.8 Angenieux, RED 50-150 Zoom EZ Rig

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              • 5min excerpt - Still Life - Israel Eats Itself


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                Performance in 5.1 surround sound installation was documented with surveillance cam and super8 to make this video. Soundscape incorporates an interview with a PTSD afflicted veteran of 5 Israeli wars. Both he and The State are 60 years old. The imagery references Goya's black paintings, and the Chassidic concept of 'klippah', the shell that both nourishes the physical world and gives it its shape, while necessitating its own shedding in order to access truth. The male human body in this piece is an analogue to landscape, land occupation, and 'Holy Land', to interrogate concepts of kinship and nation state. (transcript excerpt) AFTER THEN I AM, I WAS IN.... IN CARAMEL AFTER THEN IN 82, IN THE 82 I WAS EH... YOU KNOW I'M .... INVALID, YOU KNOW? INVALID? heb. conversation....nachen nachen.... (Why?) (What are you showing me here?) WHERE I PUT THE.....? YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS? (Disabled Veteran's Card.) ITS NOT EH, THIS IS THIS IS THE CARD FOR THE THE LI..LICENSE, THIS IS A CARD FOR THE ARMY, I WAS WARRED IN THE AR..ARMY. I WAS... (Injured.) YEAH....! HOW YOU SAY THE....INVI...INVALID....! YOU KNOW IN IN 82 YOU SEE? THIS IS. ITS NOT WRITE IN ENGLISH? (yes...it's right in English.) OH YES, LOOK. LOOK IN ENGLISH ITS WRITE. (Ministry of Defense Rehabilitation Department. Yes.) YES. YOU SEE? (Yes I see. Yes.) I WAS IN HOSPITAL I WAS...I WAS 4 YEARS.. I WAS..... ITS CALLED, I WARRED IN MY FEET, YOU SEE HERE. I HAVE PLATINA, YOU KNOW PLATINA? (3) ALL THIS WAS, (gestures from mid thigh down to mid calf, and to the floor) THE OUTSIDE. AND THEY MAKED BRING IT, (gestures from the floor back towards his knee) AND THEY PUT ME PLASTIC. (They made you a new kneecap.) THIS I HELP MY THIS IS MY CHILDREN I HELP THEM (gestures to the store) EVERY EVENINGS, I CANNOT SLEEP IN THE NIGHT I HAVE I HAVE, EH, HOW YOU SAID IT, PTSD. PTSD, YOU KNOW? POST TROW-MATIC..... (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) OH! YOU KNOW.. YOU KNOW. (Yes.) THIS IS MY, MY, THIS, I SAW, I WAS AFRAID I WAS FOUR YEARS IN PSYCHIATRY, YOU KNOW? AFTER THEN, ONE AND A HALF YEAR IN HOSPITAL, CRAZY. HOSPITAL CARE. I WAS IN A (Mental Hospital.) YEAH. NOT CRAZY, BUT I VERY VERY.....SOFT, YOU KNOW, I VERY VERY MUCH. VERY VERY BAD. (just from 73?) NO....73 I THROUGH IT, OK. 82 IN LEBANON. WE THINK IN LEBANON WHEN WE GOT ON SIDE, INSIDE -- WE THOUGHT IN..IN TWO DAYS WE FINISH THEM. IT WAS THE WORLD...HA GARUAH B’YOTER CHOMRIM (4) ECH? THE WORST THE WORST WAR IN OUR WARS. I WAS IN 5 WARS, IN THIS WAR, I AM A INVALID YOU KNOW? FROM 82. YOU SEE? 82. ITS WRITE HERE. FROM 82, I AM ...KACH OMRIM, NEKHEH. (5) (Disabled.) DISABLE? DISABLE. YOU SEE....? (To me you're not an invalid. To me (hand over heart, then points to him)-- not an invalid.) IM NOT INVALID! BECAUSE I'M NOT CRAZY, I'M ...TALKING....I (That's right.) NOW, AFTER THE 30 YEARS, I AM, BUT I SUFFERED -- 25 YEARS I SUFFERED, YOU KNOW I WAS HOSPITALS, I WAS PSYCHIA....WELLLL WHAT I MA MA AVARTI ANI (6).... YOU KNOW, THATS WHAT I WANT TO SAY YOU: WHAT IS ISRAEL, ISRAEL MEANS FOR US. YOU KNOW? 3. (a prothesis made of) platinum 4. they call it the absolute worst (lit. most worst), what? 5. as they say, Invalid (noun). 6. what I have been through (lit. ‘through what have I been’)

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                • SHOOTER


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                  The multi award winning short film from Ronnie B Goodwin, starring Paul Hunter as The Shooter. The short film has had an extraordinary time on the worlds festival circuit, winning a full compliment of Official Selections, Jury Nominations, Wins and a Best in Festival accolade. More info here http://ronniebgoodwin.blogspot.com/

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                  • Horizons 2014: TOM SHRODER & NICHOLAS BLACKSTON “Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy and the Power to Heal”


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                    “Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy and the Power to Heal” Can once-feared drugs heal our wounded warriors and liberate our souls? The astounding saga behind the renaissance in psychedelic healing. Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics is an annual forum that examines the role of psychedelics in science, healing, culture and spirituality. Learn more at horizonsnyc.org. Tom Shroder, Author and former Editor of The Washington Post Magazine. Tom Shroder is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author. His most recent book, Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal, was published in September. His earlier book, Old Souls, is a classic study of the intersection between mysticism and science. Nicholas Blackston, Former Marine, participant in the MAPS clinical trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. Nicholas Blackston joined the Marines out of high school, saw combat in the Iraqi cities of Faluja and Ramadi, suffered severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder until participation in experimental trials using MDMA-assisted therapy allowed him to face the roots of his disorder and heal himself.

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                    • Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance - The Documentary


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                      This powerful documentary which is produced by the wife of a retired state trooper suffering with PTSD explores the darker side of law enforcement as it tells the stories of police officers and their families who are now suffering the mental anguish of the careers they chose, which has led some to suicide. For more info on the project please visit: www.Code9project.com Contact us at Code9project@aol.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/CODE9ONA Original music by Athena Reich www.Athenareich.com

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