1. Pynchon Poem (online version F&B)


    from Jonathan Mayhew Added 2 0 0

    Concrete Poem created from lines selected from Thomas Pynchon's novels. online version shows the work in the right orientation forward on the left and backwards on the right. 'Pynchon Poem', single channel video, no sound, dimensions variable, 2015 to be shown on a monitor, portrait, leaning against a wall.

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    • The Boy with the Pynchon Tattoo


      from Julie Sokolow Added 348 3 1

      A mysterious Twitter user gets a tattoo from Thomas Pynchon's novel The Crying of Lot 49. Featuring @bromethazine: https://twitter.com/bromethazine Film by @juliesokolow: https://twitter.com/juliesokolow Thank you: Gypsy Tattoo Parlor Pittsburgh, PA Thomas Pynchon Includes: The Fourth Movement of Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra, as performed by Koninklijk Conservatorium - Brussel - April 2010. Other music by: Julie Sokolow

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      • The Spaces Between - By Leo Crass


        from Javier Acevedo Added 8 0 0

        One of my first (and very few) performance pieces. For more in-depth info go to this url: http://leocrass.com/239145/2737261/gallery/the-spaces-between

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        • Soundtrack to a Book


          from Lilian Kong Added 159 2 0

          This project is an exploration of what e-books, reading, and augmented media could be in the near future. However, I propose a type of augmented media that aims to add to, not change, the reading experience we already know. In addition, the goals of the project are not only to portray scenarios of use and possible features/interfaces, but also - by taking elements from design fiction - speculate what issues might arise around book soundtracks, and how the reading experience could be affected. See the project here: http://liliankong.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/soundtrack-to-a-book/

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          • TIOVIVO Tralfamadorians


            from Nuno Leal Added 64 3 0

            Video featuring work by SASSAS at The Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, copyright The Los Angeles Free Music Society, Pyramid Headphones 1976. Edited by TIOVIVO. Sky footage by TIOVIVO. Music by TIOVIVO, August 2013

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            • Slothrop's Progress: Response to Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow by g wiseman 2013


              from gary wiseman Added 113 0 0

              Slothrop embodies the legacy of the Christian Project, lucidly illustrating its self destruction. Slothrop signals the dissolution of grand narrative. He strolls among the ruins of Christian moral authority to the tune of the death of 6 million Jews. Simultaneous to Slothrop’s fragmentation is the vaporization of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These horrors, the logical conclusion of the Christian paradigm, herald the final stages of a misguided preoccupation with a dichotomous paradigm–purity and sin, good and evil, black and white, heaven and hell, and, most notably, the precession of death. The Fascism of the old world is reflected in Slothrop’s eyes. He is the Young, White, American, Superman, liberator, a ridiculous caricature of the American masculine Ideal. Sexy, carefree, devil may care, footloose, fascist by the very fact of his being born. Pynchon shows that there is little difference between the “evil” Nazi agenda and the “moral imperative” of the United States government. Whereas the Nazis were predominantly active in Europe and its surrounds, the U.S. base of Imperial operations is world wide. And yet, despite this difference in scale, the fascist architecture is nearly identical; only the details are exchanged. This is what Hannah Arendt aptly called the Banality of Evil–bureaucratic generation of unequivocal evil via industrial process; heirarchies of command; systems of control founded on ignorance, aestheticized politics, campaigns of misinformation, and emotional manipulation. In the world of GR all present are Preterite, none Elect. Transcendence and salvation is only available through a personal relationship with Paranoia and faith in THEM. There is only one way to THEM: the road of perpetual return.

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              • Pastel Black


                from RVL Added 44 0 0

                This video will be played in Memory Speed. It is the battle between (weed + speed)nue.media vs. my memory.This particular sequence of video vomit was done as an illustration of the problems faced with communication between the spiritual sphere, reality realm, and the artistic realm. Religion, language, science, all of the purveyors of communication, and through that communication a sense of wholeness, do not correctly function. Oedipa hallucinates so often that she seems to be constantly high, and ultimately, this brings her nothing but a sense of chaotic alienation from society. Many of the problems with chaos are tied into the idea of communication. interpretation on the meaningless Oedipa ---- RVL Dr. Hilarious --- Leo Mucho Maas --- Michelle audio narration was done by myself as an adaptation of various excerpts from The Crying of Lot '49

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                • Oedipa Maas live at Human Resources


                  from Christina G Added 12 0 0

                  Second half of the set Contains a passage from Book II of Ovid's Metamorphoses regarding Phaeton (loose translation from original Latin) Oedipa Maas's last show

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                  • Heat Death


                    from Felix Zhu Added 57 1 0

                    An animated illustration piece based on Thomas Pynchon's short novel "Entropy" ( featured in "Slow Learner"). It is a piece of animation work that I created for my masters in Msc Animation and Visualization in DJCAD. Everything of all the asets is created in MAYA 2012 (the student version) and composed in Foundary NukeX 6.3. And the sound is created with sound material from freesound.org. Do enjoy it and hope you can read and like the Novel, too.

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                    • Keimkasten 3


                      from Alexander Hill Added 13 0 0

                      ''Keimkasten 3'' follows a man who moves between two spheres, both physical and temporal, which remain largely anonymous. The spaces through which the central character travels function like manifestations of his psyche, extensions of his being. The protagonist, too, seems to only have a vague notion as to where he may be. It soon transpires, however, that he has found himself isolated for a particular reason and that there is no going back. Throughout the film, the protagonist is partially acting on an impulse to search for somebody or something, carrying out symbolic gestures and movements in an effort to negotiate his position within two repressive environments and an attempt to retain some semblance of individuality whilst simultaneously recognising the futility of such behaviour.

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