1. Mr Nikesh Thiruchelvam: The good, the bad and the ugly of catheter usage


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    In this interview, Mr. Thiruchelvam addresses the reality that many patients have to face when using a catheter: from the physical impact of blockages and infections to the heavy psychological burden that this common urological procedure may present.

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    • 76b Strategy 2020, Part 3


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      A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a specific goal. However, because there is always an element of uncertainty about the future, strategy is more about a set of options than a fixed plan. To navigate a strategy in light of the external environment, one must maintain a balance between strategizing and learning modes of thinking.

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      • 76 Strategy 2020, Part 2


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        Under Strategy 2020, approved in 2008, ADB focuses on inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration. It is positioning itself as a partner and agent for change by promoting private sector development, good governance, gender equity, knowledge solutions, and partnerships. Core areas of operation are infrastructure, environment, regional cooperation and integration, finance sector development, and education.

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        • 75 Strategy 2020, Part 1


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          ADB's Strategy 2020, approved in 2008, reaffirms both ADB's vision of an Asia and the Pacific free of poverty and mission to help its developing member countries improve their living conditions and quality of life. To achieve this, ADB will support three complementary development agendas: inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration.

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          • Why Ashland?


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            A video illustrating the many reasons folks pick Ashland to live, work and play.

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            • Quality Of Life Seminar with Peter Shane 4-19-14


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              Quality Of Life Seminars with Peter Shane on Qi Gong Seminars 4-19-14 Go to our website for more information. www.QualityOfLife.Tv or www.PeterShane.com

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              • Founder's Final


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                Assembly produced this piece for nonprofit organization LBBC - Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant, featuring testimonials from women affected by breast cancer that were helped financially during their hard time. Transcript: "Cis Golder, my mother, was a brilliant, beautiful, wonderful woman who was passionate about giving back to the community and to those who were less fortunate, and very much lived every day of her life with that in mind. My mother was extraordinarily optimistic, always extraordinarily positive. She never let the disease or its treatment get her down. She really fought to the very end and I think that she really embraced, literally, the title: Living Beyond Breast Cancer. She always thought that she would live beyond breast cancer and certainly had that hope for every woman that battles the disease." "The grant is important to anyone going through treatment, especially if they need some form of financial help. The Golder grant helped me to pay my rent and utilities to help offset some of my expenses when I was on medical leave" "A lot of times, y'know, when we go through chemo we're unable to work; it takes everything out of you." "Having been a professional and then having to leave my job because of health reasons, things were extremely challenging." "I started by talking about, y'know the Quality of Life Grant, and we absolutely started believing that we were going to fund household help, babysitters, evenings out. We fund rent and mortgage and utilities and groceries and basic necessities of life" "The Golder Grant helped me tremendously at a a time when I really need help with my bills, phone bill, um, electric bill, things like that. Utility bill. It really helped me tremendously:" "I was just really overwhelmed with my medical expenses and, y'know everything else that goes along with this whole process." "Theres a special type of bra which is very expensive that I couldn't afford." "It helped me pay for Christmas presents, which I normally would not have been able to pay for." "So the Godler Grant was very instrumental in helping us pay our mortgage bills even if it was just for a short period of time. It really saved us that first year." "I think people like this idea because it's very immediate. You give me $1000, we immediately turn that $1000 dollars over to some woman who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. To help her. My dad, Bob Golder, was thrilled and always totally involved and engaged right from the beginning with the idea -- he thought it was a great idea. Y'know, every day somebody, y'know, talks about Cis Golder in such a wonderful and positive way, and her name has been able to be a wonderful ray of hope for so many women. She would love it, and I think my father is thrilled beyond words that her name is carried on in such a wonderful way." "I'm sorry for the loss that you had in your family but I am so grateful that you're putting all of your energy to helping others. Thanks." "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thank you" "Thank you for being there." "I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart." "Thank you and god bless." "I just hope that you'll be there for the next 50 years to help those who come behind me." "Thank you for your devotion and commitment to women and to families who have been impacted by this disease. Thank you." "I think to give back, uh, when you feel that you've been lucky, and you've had so much help and so much support from friends, family, and the organization that it's important to give back, and make sure others reap the same benefits that you've reaped."

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                • medical support doctor www.Thefountainlongevity.com


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                  The Fountain specializes in medically monitored hormone replacement therapy. We offer a full complement of therapy for both men and women. http://www.Thefountainlongevity.com What is Hormone replacement therapy ? Hormone replacement therapy is the replacement of naturally occurring hormones that the body makes, but no longer makes enough of. The goal is to bring the body’s hormones to levels that improve the health and well-being of the person. We use Bioidentical Hormones, which are the exact same molecules that the body makes, and knows what to do with, so that no health problems occur because the hormones are “not quite right” for the body.Hormones with names that sound right may not be right. We make sure that we use ONLY molecules that match the body’s needs are used when we treat our patients. Hormones are powerful chemical messengers within the body. They carry messages from the endocrine glands of the body to the cells of the body. The hormones coordinate the activity of the cells of the body. In this way, they function like radio signals from the endocrine glands to the cells of the body. As we age, unfortunately, the strength of the signals drops off. The endocrine glands produce less of the hormones, and the cells of the body do not get the messages that they once did. This leads to uncoordinated activity of the cells, and “falling apart.” Why we use Bioidentical Hormones The hormones that we use in our practice are Bioidentical Hormones. This means that they are the same as the molecules that we are supplementing, as created by the body. This is important, as the body knows exactly what to do with these molecules. They unlock every lock that they are supposed to, and they do not unlock the ones that they are not supposed to. They are broken down just like the ones that the body makes, so there is no dangerous chemical waste floating around inside when we use them. Other hormones are modified by people to make them easier to use, or for some other purpose. These molecules are NOT the same as the body makes and may not perform the same job that the molecules that they are copied from. This means that they do some things like the original molecules, and they do some other things that those molecules do not do. The body is not designed to deal with these molecules, and bad things can happen as a result. We use molecules that are proven by science to improve the lives of our patients. We do not use any other ones.

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                  • Bladder Cancer Treatment and Quality of Life


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                    Dr. Shilajit Kundu, assistant professor in the department of urology and an attending physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital discusses bladder cancer, how it’s treated, and what Northwestern is doing to improve quality of life for patients.

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                    • IN THE WORDS of SERGE BECKER


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                      The Artist / Entrepreneur talks briefly to 15 Minutes director Sheba Legend, about some things that are important to him

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