1. Metatronics: The Quantum Physics of the Science of God


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    Buddha Maitreya the Christ explains how we can come to know and experience God through the blessing of the science of Metatronics - The Shambhala Healing Tools he provides for personal and planetary healing to establish Shambhala, Heaven on Earth, a planet ordained in the Holy Spirit. "If we imagine God being Etheric in the beginning - there was nothing. And then there was the Word - matter manifested - 'Let there be Light' and every single living thing was permeated with God's resonating Mind - the Monad. Metatron is the highest angelic energy that is an identical energy to God and as this Monadic energy of love created matter it went first into the embodiment of the electron. Geomancy manifests out of the electron creating sacred form. So everything is an emanation of God. At the center of each and every atom is God's resonating mind but we have to resonate a similarity, like a tuning fork, that resonates our oneness with the same vibration and it awakens the light within and that energy is what heals the Etheric field." Buddha Maitreya the Christ This video is taken from Buddha Maitreya's September UK Dharshan 2012 - available on DVD and Bluray. Learn more at www.buddhamaitreya.org and www.shambhalahealingtools.com

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      Quantum Dreams, aka How to Kill the Schrödinger's Cat to Death A nontrivial documentary series on the most challenging puzzles of reality. In production. Reality, life, the Universe - everything you know about them is... plain wrong! These are parts of the immense, surprising puzzle which is being rediscovered right now. They are being questioned by the new, fancy science called quantum information. So called reality does not necessarily exist. The essence of life and consciousness might be more sophisticated than anyone has suspected. The universe might be a giant computer. Do we have to reboot our knowledge about them? The boldest ideas of science are being reported by their very creators - colorful, charismatic first class researchers: David Deutsch, Seth Lloyd, Anton Zeilinger, Charles Bennett, Artur Ekert, Vlatko Vedral, and others. Every episode focuses on one major topic, and it is presented in a subjective manner, with personal idiosyncrasies of the protagonists/interviewees clearly visible. The audience is guided by a young, charismatic hosts (Dag Kaszlikowski, Vlatko Vedral, and others) who are deeply interested in the subject matter - they are scientists themselves. The intention of the series is to show that for the guests science is an intimate, personal affair. That is why the style will be informal, casual, cinema vérité like. The multicultural, vibrant aura of Singapore will be used as a metaphorical background to the story. More about the project: www.quantum-dreams.com CQT website: www.quantumlah.org

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      • The Uncertainty Principle


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        In this video, Janelle gives her impression of the Uncertainty Principle in quantum mechanics.

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        • Know Time


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          Perception is reality. Even love. In a story that juxtaposes the mysteries of love with quantum physics, we see how supposed knowledge of fate creates fate.

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          • Particle One resists Moment Zero


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            Quantum Shorts 2012 http://shorts.quantumlah.org

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            • Teaser do Filme "Antes do Fim do Mundo"


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              O doc foi exibido na 36ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo, e no festival de Jaipor na India. Licenciado para o Canal Brasil. Ultimamente falamos muito de 2012, como um fim de mundo ou como um começo de nova era. Mas isso é para quem segue o Calendário Maia. E as outras religiões? Os cristãos acreditam na segunda vinda de Jesus, o judaísmo espera o surgimento do Messias, os hindus tem o conceito da mudança de Yugas com a vinda do avatar Kalki, os budistas acreditam na chegada do Bodhisattva Maitreya. E a ciência, os ateus e os ambientalistas, no que acreditam? O filme aborda esses e tantos outros fins de mundo e seus diversos pontos de vista. Este documentário apresentar diferentes olhares sobre “o fim do mundo” e relacionar possíveis relações entre eles. Vejam o teaser do filme! E assista o filme no Canal Brasil _______ Presentation in english Lately we speak much of 2012, as the date of the end of the world or as a beginning of new era. But this is for those who follow the Mayan calendar. What about other religions? Christians belief in the second coming of Jesus, Judaism waiting the appearance of the Messiah, Hindus have the concept of change with the coming Yuga Kalki Avatar, the Buddhists beliefs in the coming of Maitreya Bodhisattva. Atheists, science, the environmentist, what they think about? This documentary aims to present different points of views about the “doomsday” and possible relationships between them. Watch the teaser!

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              • There has to be something wrong


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                A Chris Fuchs quote from his paper: "Quantum Mechanics as Quantum Information (an only a little more)". arXiv:quant-ph/0205039

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                • Helmut Rauch and Basil Hiley, Vienna 2011


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                  Helmut Rauch (Austrian experimental Physicist, Professor Emeritus. Vienna University of Technology. Atominstitut) talks about David Bohm's theory with David Bohm's co-worker Basil Hiley (British quantum physicist and professor emeritus of the University of London) A short cut from a talk during a break at the 5th International Heinz von Foerster Conference (EmerQuM 11), Vienna, November 11th–13th 2011

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                  • Holographic Universe, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe


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                    Do you remember the first time you saw the Matrix. Wow what a movie however I didn't understand the story behind the awesomeness of the movie. That was 12 years ago for me. I often wonder just how different that movie would have been if I would have understood the meaning at that time. Then I started thinking if my life would be any different right now if I had understood the concept behind the idea living in a Matrix 12 years prior to now. How advanced I would be in my studies, how enlightened my mind and spirit would be because for me once I saw that movie I wanted answers. Something inside me told me there is more to it than just a blockbuster Hollywood hit and that is when my quest started. I call it my "Spiritual Journey" it continues to this day. The holographic universe will open your mind to as many possibilities as you can handle. Take the journey and remember "man can not grasp what is beyond he. For that is beyond is empty"..

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                    • NNW10 - Existence: the Scientific Definition


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                      Dr Roger Hanson The early 20th century view of existence as described by Newton and Einstein, is merely the front-stage show in this Universe. Underpinning this is a more fundamental physics, quantum physics, operating back-stage, where the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Without quantum physics, living organisms, for example, could not exist. Dr Hanson will raise the curtain and reveal what is going on. Dr Roger Hanson has a PhD from Cambridge University. In 2011 he delivered a presentation on The Evolution of Universes to the Flamsteed Society at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich London. He is author of a book, The Cosmic Engine and writes a weekly science article for The Taranaki Daily News and The Marlborough Express. He is currently writing a less academic version of the The Cosmic Engine for the non-scientist. Roger's presentation is available here: prezi.com/mi5ptbvs40r7/

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