1. You The Bible And Health


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    Our web sites www.midwesthealthministries.com or www.vitalityplus1.com A class dealing with what the bible says about food, nutrition and health. This video is in 7 chapters. 1 is an introduction which includes farming practices. 2 is on food and drinks of the bible. 3 Other important things mentioned in the bible. 4 Meats - clean and unclean. 5 Disease - Cancer, heath disease, blood pressure, obesity, inflammation, prescription drugs. 6 My best and worst food list. 7 A final word.

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    • Discussion: “What Is Happening in Japan After 3/11”


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      Discussion: “What Is Happening in Japan After 3/11” October 23, 2011 @ Bluestockings, NYC In March 2001, amidst the blossoming of the Arab Spring, Japan encountered the nuclear catastrophe triggered by the earthquake and tsunami. Japanese society has since entered a new phase; facing the daily threats of invisible radiation, anti-nuclear protests are growing in the street and government offices throughout Japan. Women are leading autonomous movements to tackle everyday struggles under the effects of radiation. With three guest activists from Japan we will discuss how Japan is experiencing a historical opening for changing society and leading movements to abolish the global nuclear regime. Participants: Yoshihiko Ikegami (former editor of Gendaishiso, independent writer) Chigaya Kinoshita (political scientist, activist based in Tokyo) Ayumi Goto (historian, activist working with day laborer struggles in Osaka) Chris Williams (environmental activist, adjunct professor at Pace University, author of Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis) (interpretation) Manuel Yang (intro) Yuko Tonohira This discussion was a part of 4-day event series "Global Significance of 3.11 Fukushima" http://www.jfissures.org/todos-somos-japon-presents-global-significance-of-3-11-fukushima/

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      • The Day of The LORD Draws Near


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        On Sat. Mar. 12th I recorded another episode on ‘The End of the World’ series of programs with Pastorann of TKSCM Last days Radio. The information shared in this 2 hour program is vital for understanding the times we live in, on this program that can be downloaded as an MP3 from my website www.signsoftheend.net. This program is suggested listening for all believers who are aware that all is not right with our world, and the way disaster after disaster is hitting our planet, things are going to get a whole lot worse than they are today. In this short video I want to recap some of the major signs that we have been giving in scripture that we must watch for as ‘The Day of The LORD’ draws ever closer. ‘The Day of The LORD’ is not day of the Lord Jesus` return to Earth, it is a period of time of some years that precedes The Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It is a time unlike any in history is which the very heavens shall be shaken, and the earth will reel to and fro like a drunk man. It is a time when hearts will melt and all hands will shake uncontrollably, it will be a time of unprecedented destruction of both the planet and living beings on it, man and animal. As more and more `Signs of the End of the World` become visible, all doubt that `The Day of The LORD` is at hand will vanish. Therefore we watch and pray, but before we can do that we need to know what to watch for; that is the purpose of these teachings so that all who have ears to hear can understand what to look for, and how to prepare themselves for this time of gross darkness and sorrow for the world.

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        • DETOXIFICATION ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE with Mark Sircus Ac., OMD & Gabriela Segura, MD


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          The information being offered in this broadcast from 3/18/11 is absolutely essential for detoxification from Gulf of Mexico toxins as well as radioactive fallout detoxification. We were very privileged to have both Dr. Sircus and Dr. Segura discuss the proven and researched methods for naturally ridding our bodies of the lethal contaminates from our air and water. It's vital for everyone to read the latest IMVA updates Dr. Sircus is posting at International Medical Veritas Association http://imva.info/ as well as essential information Dr. Segura posts at Health Matrix http://www.health-matrix.net/ and Signs Of The Times http://sott.net. Detoxify or Die: Natural Radiation Protection Therapies for Coping With the Fallout of the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/226021-Detoxify-or-Die-Natural-Radiation-Protection-Therapies-for-Coping-With-the-Fallout-of-the-Fukushima-Nuclear-Meltdown International Common Law Copy Rights by Michael Edward, the World Vision Portal at http://www.worldvisionportal.org, and The Gulf Blue Plague at http://blueplague.org http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wvp Audio archive: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wvp/2011/03/18/gulf-blue-plague-update.mp3

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          • Finding Up in the Stream of Your Consciousness


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            The Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records have described this time as one in which "all will be tumbled", as if in a fast moving stream. As Their channel, Kelly communicates the best ways to adjust our awareness to shorten the time of re-centering and re-entering our own state of mastery and polarizing with the Truth embedded in the moment.

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            • Safecast Seminar at Loftwork, August 6th, 2011


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              Safecast Seminar at Loftwork about Radiation Meausrement. With guest speakers Joi Ito (MIT Media Lab ) and Dr. Kitano (Sony). Presenters: Kalin Kuzharov, Pieter Franken, Akiba, Robin Scheibler. Thanks to Chiaki, Nami and Kotatsu-san from Loftworks. Language: Japanese Recorded at Loftwork on August 6th, 2011 with a Lumix GH2 video camera. Thanks to http://www.loftwork.com/

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              • Barefoot Radiation-Exposed Person's Guidebook


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                Besides a vital need for detoxifying ourselves from Gulf of Mexico bacterial and chemical toxins, we now have airborne radioactive contamination to be concerned with. Our two guests from 4/01/11 have extensive worldwide experience in both environmental and industrial toxicology. Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1 is a renowned industrial toxicologist and author of the international bestseller Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Materials: Regulations, Monitoring, Handling and Safety. Her internet site is located at The Staninger Report http://www.staningerreport.com/. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN has a diverse background in geology, environmental science, environmental toxicology, fitness training and holistic nutrition. She is an OSHA Certified Environmental Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Specialist and Toxicologist. She can be found on the internet at JanetHull.com http://www.janethull.com/ and at The Detox Program http://www.detoxprogram.net/. Barefoot Radiation-Exposed Person's Guidebook: An Organic Kitchen Sink Of Radiation Detox Information Authors: Ben Colodzin, Ph.D, Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D, RIET-1, Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D, and Shoshanna Allison. http://worldvisionportal.org/wvpforum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1404&p=2993&sid=e39b0318879812c1b0c5e728d7909df1#p2993 Audio archive is at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wvp/2011/04/01/radiation-exposure-guidebook.mp3 International Common Law Copy Rights by Michael Edward, The Gulf Blue Plague at http://blueplague.org, the Living Light Network at http://livinglightnetwork.org, and the World Vision Portal at http://www.worldvisionportal.org. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wvp

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                • Safecast Year One Seminar


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                  Safecast seminar at the anniversary of the first year at Loftwork's FabCafe in Shibuya, Tokyo. March 25th, 2012. With Sean Bonner, Dan Sythe, Munakata-san, Akiba, Kalin, Levi Straus, Pieter Franken. With thanks to Chiaki Hayashi and everyone at Loftwork!

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                  • Yabu Shiro: “Japan’s Reconstruction Projects, Past & Present, and the People’s Struggle”


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                    Tuesday, October 9th 2012 @ New York University This talk considers Japan’s reconstruction after the devastation of Fukushima in 2011 from a historical perspective. Looking at past projects such as ones that arose at the times of Rice Riot (1918), the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923), the Peace Preservation law (1925), and the war (1931~1945), Yabu Shiro will discuss the social, political and cultural roles of these projects and the effect on political struggles of the people; from the ongoing experience after Fukushima under radiation, he analyzes the crux of the isomorphic effort to subsume the national body. Yabu Shiro has written extensively on social movements in Japan. His most recent publications include Contemporary Thoughts of Love and Violence (2006); Nuclear City (2010); and The 3.12 Ideas (2012). Organized by NYU East Asian Studies & Todos Somos Japon

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                    • David Icke


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                      Birth of a New Earth Radio - 5-24-13 -- Today, Jeanice is pleased to interview David Icke who has written numerous books and given many talks about the Illuminati control system and the deranged family bloodlines that have attempted to hijack our planet. During the show, David goes deep into explanations about the importance of consciousness, perception and frequency. Other topics include archons, the holographic universe, digital reality, the archonic control system, Saturn-Moon Matrix, human hybrids, Bill Gates, the Rothschild bloodline, Satanism, GMOs, Monsanto, radiation, Fukushima, and much more. Not to be missed.

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