1. Railfest 2009, Day 2: Jettison The Boosters


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    As the tank train faded into the distance towards Gallitzin the rain returned for an encore, forcing another temporary retreat to shelter. I was back trackside in time to record the rear of a westbound doublestack as it paused to drop off its helpers. SD40Es 6303 and 6311 beat a pulsing rhythm while a crewmember uncoupled the pair from their train and placed an end-of-train device in the coupler of the last car. The helper crew then moved to the cab of the 6311 and rolled east to enter the engine house yard as the stack train resumed its journey.

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    • Railfest 2009, Day 2: The Tank Platoon


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      What had been merely cloudy weather at Carneys Crossing was full-on rain by the time I returned to Cresson on the 28th. It wasn't really hot enough to be muggy though, and things did settle down eventually. On the bright side, the overcast sky allowed me to shoot from the near side of the tracks without aiming into the evening sun. The first train by after I was confident I could set up without getting soaked was this eastbound - 30-odd cars of general merchandise sandwiching a huge string of tank cars, all pulled by SD40Es 6300 and 6306, C40-8W 8416, and SD70M 2620, with SD40Es 6301 and 6313 shoving on the rear. The coal hoppers on the siding in the background were delivered from the RJ Corman Railroad the night before. RJ Corman operates a series of ex-Conrail (originally PRR) coal branches that join the Norfolk Southern mainline at Cresson, curving in to where the hoppers sit from behind the NS engine house (seen in the distance as the camera pans right).

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      • Going to Manhattan


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        This video was taken from the Long Island railroad going t Penn Station

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        • video triptych: trains


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          This was shot at the Union Pacific maintenance yard, located in the Port of Oakland.

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          • Railfest 2009, Day 2: Something Wicked This Way Comes


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            After the eastbound Amtrak passed, things got much quieter at Carneys Crossing. Birds chirped in the trees, occasionally a single car would cross the tracks, and the noise of the traffic on nearby Route 53 rose and fell like surf. It was this same traffic which frustrated my efforts at listening for an approaching train - was that distant rumble I heard just a truck winding over the hills, or was it something bigger? Twice I was sure it was the latter and rolled tape, only to shut the camera off again a few minutes later when it became apparent nothing was coming. The temptation to move on to Cresson was strong, but I stood my ground. After a while I could hear the rumbling again, this time it built steadily in volume. Any doubts I had about wasting more tape were erased when the crossing gates activated, and the birds who had been casually pecking around the ballast suddenly got far more agitated and in a panic to get out of the way of whatever was approaching. A soft yellow glow appeared on the rails, and my long wait was rewarded as C40-8W 8342 and C40-9W 9350 crawled into view, straining to pull a long train of 3- and 4-bay hoppers filled neatly to the rim with coal. The hoppers clanked out a cadence as they marched past, until the clanking was joined by a rumbling crescendo. In a thunderous finale, SD40Es 6302 and 6309 and SD40-2s 3354 and 3343 appeared around the curve, leaning into the last car, exhaust plumes punching straight into the air, working flat out to keep it all moving. The roar of their effort reverberated all around as the quartet faded into the distance toward Cresson.

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            • Railfest 2009, Day 2: Amtrak To The Rescue


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              P42 48 suffered a broken fuel pump while Amtrak's eastbound Pennsylvanian was still in Pittsburgh, so sister unit 166 was pulled off the Capitol Limited to help out. The train looked like it was making up time as it came whipping around the curve at Carneys Crossing with horns blazing.

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              • Railfest 2009, Day 2: A One-Hit Wonder With Two Backup Singers


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                The next train at Carneys Crossing on the afternoon of June 28th was rather unusual looking. SD60M 6771 appeared to be working alone on the point of a solid autorack consist, but turned out to have ample help in the form of SD40Es 6313 and 6301 on the tail end.

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                • Railfest 2009, Day 2: When Pigs Fly


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                  After leaving South Fork, I worked my way back east to Carneys Crossing Road (better known simply as Carneys Crossing) in the town of Lilly, PA, just west of Cresson. At this point in the journey to Pittsburgh, the railroad has begun its descent down the West Slope of the Alleghenies and westbound trains show a bit of speed. Eastbound trains however, are nearing the top of over 30 miles of 1% gradient, enough to still require helpers. The speed of the westbounds here is illustrated vividly by C40-9Ws 9650, 9724, and 9460 along with SD70M-2 2697 as they slam through the gates and around the curve with a fast intermodal.

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                  • Railfest 2009, Day 2: South Fork


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                    Between not getting in bed until 2am the night before and the uncooperative weather Sunday morning, it was a rather lazy start to day 2 of my Railfest '09 visit. Once the weather started to behave (slightly) better, I headed west to South Fork to see what I could see. There was nothing happening on the coal branch, but it wasn't long before C40-9W 9173 and still-blue C40-8W 8358 came marching around the curve with an eastbound stack train. The slow pace led me to believe there might be helpers, but in the end the 9173 and 8358 handled it just fine on their own. The next train was another eastbound intermodal, but this time trailers held a sold majority over containers in the consist. C40-9W 9201 and SD70M 2635 led the way. Shortly after the second train, the clouds parted a little further as C40-9W 9335 and SD70M-2 2652 led empty hoppers west. A little while later the tide had turned in favor of the clouds again, but there was still blue to be had in the paint worn by SD60Is 6718 and 6727, as they followed repainted sister 6730 on another westbound empty hopper train. Then, the sun made another heroic effort to shine through as C40-9Ws 9526 and 9135 wheeled another eastbound stack train around the curve. Finally, SD40E helpers 6311 and 6303 showed off their nice, clean NS 'Horsehead' livery as they ran light eastbound to their next assignment.

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                    • Railfest 2009, Day 1: Eastbound Coke


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                      ES40DC 7610 and SD60M 6767 are alone on the point of an eastbound coke train at Cresson, but helping out from the tail end are SD40-2s 3344 and 3374.

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