1. Long Exposure Tutorial


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    This is a comprehensive in-field tutorial covering long exposure photography techniques by Mark Gvazdinskas. He is an accomplished landscape and concert photographer focusing on extreme long exposure compositions. The following steps are reviewed in detail in the video to provide an overview of everything you need to do prior to taking a long exposure shot. Long Exposure Checklist: 1) Set camera to manual mode 2) Compose shot and grab focus before installing filter(s) 3) Take test shot without filter(s) to get an even histogram 4) Select white balance 5) Install filter(s) 6) Calculate exposure time with filter(s) installed 7) Turn vibration reduction or image stabilzation OFF 8) Make sure focus is set to manual 9) Cover viewfinder with curtain or gaffers tape For questions or to see more of Mark's work, please visit www.silentgphotography.com For production inquiries or to see more of John's work, please visit www.silentgproductions.com Equipment - Camera, Motion controlled equipment, tripods/ballheads and software by: Canon - 5D Mark ii and iii, 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8: www.usa.canon.com Nikon - D800, 16-35mm f2.8: www.nikon.com Formatt Hitech Filters: https://www.formatt-hitech.com Emotimo - TB3 Black: www.emotimo.com Dynamic Perception - Stage Zero Bundle: www.dynamicperception.com Really Right Stuff Tripods and Ballheads - www.reallyrightstuff.com DJI - Inspire 1: www.dji.com Red Rock Micro: www.redrockmicro.com Small Hd - DP7: www.smallhd.com Adobe - Lightroom, After Effects, Premier Pro: www.adobe.com LRTimelapse: www.lrtimelapse.com Granite Bay Software: www.granitebaysoftware.com Music by: Artist: J Kwiechert Song: 1000 Lies

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    • Our Pond 2015


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      Our little piece of nature in the yard. I used the Canon 16-35mm f4 IS and the 200-400mm with the 1Dx. I just picked up the Kessler Pocket Jib traveler, what a great piece of gear. Very well made. Very easy to balance. I used 5lbs of weight to balance the 1dx with the 16-35mm.

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      • Entre Nous


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        A brief look into the making of the photograph titled ‘Entre Nous’ by Dave MacVicar. Filmed in Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario.

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        • Hunter's Beach, a 360° spherical panoramic timelapse with exposure ramping from sunset to Milky Way to sunrise!


          from Aaron Priest Added 5,805 79 8

          For a little over a decade now I’ve been working towards a goal of shooting a 360° timelapse over a 24hr time period with a single camera. This is almost 9hrs of spherical panoramas, from 08:04 PM on May 20, 2015 to 04:51 AM on the 21st, of the Milky Way rising over Hunter’s Beach in Acadia National Park, Maine. I used a Nikon D810, shaved Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye (forced to FX format), Panoneed robotic panning head, Ramper Pro, Goal Zero Sherpa 100, and Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod, clamps, nodal slide, and camera L bracket. I took 832 photos until the Sherpa 100 battery was exhausted. The RAW files were converted to 16-bit TIFFs via Lightroom and LRTimelapse (www.aaronpriestphoto.com/lrtimelapse), and then stitched into 208 spherical panoramas via PTGui’s batch feature. At 30fps it makes an almost 7 second video. The Panoneed’s .xml positioning files makes alignment and stitching each panorama very accurate. The original panoramic frames are 10712 x 5356, for a 10K video. I animated the spherical panoramas as a 3D environment layer in After Effects with a virtual camera. Another thing I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time is to animate a transition between stereographic projection (little planet) to rectilinear (normal) view. This is the shot that looks like a fisheye of the full sky and unwraps itself to a normal view of the Milky Way over the ocean. To do this I used the Sub Blue Little Planet plugin here: http://2008.sub.blue/blog/2010/6/17/little_planets.html However, it relies on the Pixel Bender Toolkit which Adobe discontinued after CS5 in 2010. Recently, I discovered some developers created a new Pixel Bender Kernel Accelerator that runs on your GPU or video card and allows pixel bender kernels to work in newer versions of After Effects! http://aescripts.com/pixel-bender-accelerator/ While the Nikon D810 was shooting, I wandered around with my Nikon D700 and Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 shooting some shorter timelapses and some stills. Mike & Shelley Lawie stopped by for much of the night and we had a great time shooting star trails and the Milky Way. The short timelapse of comet trails over Hunter’s Brook was taken from 8:17 PM to 10:02 PM, shortly before the beginning of nautical twilight when stars were just becoming visible and the sky was still blue, until the end of astronomic twilight. I ramped the exposure with the holy grail feature of DslrDashboard and edited the 136 photos with LRTimelapse & Lightroom. To animate the comet trails I used intermediate frames from Advanced Stacker Plus, a Photoshop plugin, and rendered them into a timelapse with After Effects. All of the video was taken with my iPhone 6. The backpack is an f-stop Satori EXP with an XL Pro ICU and two large lens barrels on the sides. It easily holds everything! I gotta thank PhotoPills for all the planning that went into this shot, from the physical location to catch the Milky Way over the cliff, to the dates/times of civil, nautical, and astronomic dawn/dusk for programming the Ramper Pro. It's an amazing program that makes my life so much easier! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photopills/id596026805?mt=8&uo=4&at=11lLzC&ct= My next workshop is on night timelapses, coming up in a couple weeks in Acadia from June 21 to 25, 2015, with Acadia Images Photography Workshops. There are still two spots available. Visit their website for more details: http://acadiaimages.com/

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          • Really Right Stuff Camera Rotating Device


            from Kevin Ames Added 184 1 0

            Changing a DSLR from a horizontal to vertical orientation is now done more quickly than this can be read!

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            • Demo Reel - John Gvazdinskas


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              Demo Reel shot, edited and directed by John Gvazdinskas. See full portfolio at www.silentgproductions.com

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              • Gear Review: Roller vs Shoulder Camera Bag for Wedding Photography


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                Featured Gear RRS Gear: Monopod and Tilt Head @ 7:50 = http://goo.gl/MLt4bi Camera L-plate = http://goo.gl/4du7fO Hand Strap = http://goo.gl/trDrjv ThinkTank Gear: Urban Disguise 60 = http://goo.gl/uoHwwX Airport Security roller = http://goo.gl/LzrqEL Spider Holster Gear: Spider Pro Belt = http://goo.gl/jp3JSb Arca Swiss Adapter = http://goo.gl/xZPLRb Gary Fong Light Sphere = http://goo.gl/7Id6p6 Flash Battery Pack = http://goo.gl/FG8xJS Really Right Stuff's Pro Staff Photographer Erik Johnson shares his complete kit for wedding photography, featuring part one of "what's in my camera bag" as well as his favorite features of the gear he uses.

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                • Gear Review: F-Stop Gear Camera Bag for Landscape Photography


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                  Featured Gear RRS: Tripod = http://goo.gl/9MJCtJ Gimbal Head = http://goo.gl/FbySgC Leveling Base = http://goo.gl/s4642O Dovetail Adapter = http://goo.gl/T2hAFH Camera L-plate = http://goo.gl/4du7fO Tripod Bag = http://goo.gl/b4gXXb F-Stop Gear: Guru Backpack = http://goo.gl/ydqyox Small Shallows ICU = http://goo.gl/wE2O9t Small Pro ICU = http://goo.gl/TZjcFK Gatekeeper Straps = http://goo.gl/F889pN Filter Holder pouch = http://goo.gl/HpImHe Small Microfiber Towel = http://goo.gl/33UIX0 Remote Shutter Release = http://goo.gl/7wcg20 Really Right Stuff's Pro Staff Photographer Erik Johnson shares his complete kit for landscape photography, featuring part two of "what's in my camera bag" as well as his favorite features of the gear he uses. Here is a list of the lenses, filters, and other camera gear. Camera: Canon 5D Mark III - I use this body because of the full-frame sensor, the remarkably accurate 61 point auto-focus system, it's great low-light ISO performance, and for it's video capabilities as I also shoot videos for either weddings or here at work on occasion. Lenses: Canon 16-35mm/f2.8L II - This is my primary landscape lens. I love the extremely wide angle perspective for landscapes, and having the hyperfocus from 3'-infinity is an absolute must have in my opinion. The 17-40/f4 is also a great lens in this category, but I upgraded to the 16-35 for the 2.8 aperture for photographing star trails. Canon 24-70mm/f2.8L I - This is a great general purpose focal length lens, and is my primary wedding photography lens, but doesn't see quite as much use in my landscape photography. That said, I still bring it with me for it's Macro focus range and as a backup in case something happens to my 16-35. Canon 70-200mmf/2.8L II - This is my favorite lens I own, though somewhat restricting for landscape photography. I often use this lens when I am shooting Panoramas, especially multi-row panos. It allows you to get an absurd amount of detail in your photo once you stitch together more than 5 or so photos. It shares a 77mm filter ring size with the 24-70, and can accept my lee system perfectly. Filters: Lee 105mm Circular Polarizer - This is an absolute must-have if you want to shoot extremely wide angle and use ND filters in combination with a CPL filter. I still get vignetting in the corners until about 20mm, but this is the widest angle CPL solution I have found for my 16-35 and a 3 filter stack using the Lee 100mm system. Lee 10-stop ND filter - This was the first ND filter that I ever bought, and though it has seen a decent amount of use it is still working perfectly. That said, I found it to be a little TOO limiting for sunsets and sunrises, as I was getting 300 and 400+ second exposure times during sunsets (in combination with my CPL and a soft grad 3-stop ND), and at that big of a time commitment, you really only get one shot at getting the right exposure, and I seemed to miss it more often than not. I think that really makes it best suited for mid-day sun. Lee 6-stop ND filter - This is the newest addition to my kit and replaced a 5-stop ND filter I had from a different brand that gave me a horrible green color cast that was extremely hard to remove in post. The Lee filters do give a slight blue color cast, but that is infinitely easier to fix in post. 6-stops (in combination with my other filters) is absolutely perfect for sunsets and sunrises while still keeping your shutter times to a very reasonable 2-3 minute range. Lee 3-stop Soft Grad ND Filter - This is my most used graduated filter. I like to try and get as much dynamic range in my landscapes as I can in the RAW capture, and this does a great job at dimming a bright sky while leaving your foreground at your native exposure. Lee 2-stop Soft Grad ND Filter - I almost never use this filter unless I'm using it in addition to my 3-stop, either in the same orientation, or sometimes I'll use it in the opposite direction (upside down) so that I can position the brightest areas to land on my main subject matter. Lee 1-stop Soft Grad ND Filter - This came in a kit with all three of the LEE Soft Grad ND Filters, and I honestly think I've used this less than half a dozen times as it often isn't enough of a difference to justify the filter slot it takes up on my lee foundation kit. Filter Holder: Lee Filters Foundation Kit - This has been a great filter system holder, and I haven't ever had it fail me in the field. The main issue I have with it is that it's almost impossible to change the number of filter slots out in the field, as that would require your bringing a second set of different length screws, a screwdriver, and the filter holder inserts, plus you'd need room to take it all apart without loosing anything. That said, I still think it's the best filter system I've ever used. Remote shutter release: I use Canon's TC-80N3 timer/intervalometer shutter release for long exposures past 30 seconds.

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                  • Really Right Stuff BH-55 Unboxing


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                    Items included with the order of every BH-55 ballhead are a padded Cordura draw-string pouch, a 5/32" hex key and flathead 1/4"-20 mounting screw to remove or install a quick-release clamp, as well as a users manual with product specifications and use tips. The BH-55 ballhead is our full-sized general purpose tripod head that features a robust 50 lb load rating capable of handling any DSLR equipment on the market. All of our ballheads are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, made right here in San Luis Obispo, California. The BH-55 is made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts to provide excellent wear resistance as well as provide reliable performance in the toughest environments. The model shown in this video also features our patented Lever-Release clamp, which is self-adjusting and compatible with a wide range of Arca-style quick-release plates from numerous manufacturers.

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                    • Kvadrat Gear


                      from Anatoly IVANOV Added 1,075 7 0

                      A feature-length documentary about a documentary, Kvadrat Gear narrates a filmmaker's struggle against all odds to achieve the impossible in cinema. No money. No film crew. No jibs. No cranes. No dollies. No steadicams. But a desire to create a musical documentary like no other: Kvadrat ( http://vimeo.com/anatolyivanov/kvadrat-en ). A road-movie shot in 5 countries, a feature built of reality footage using fiction techniques, a hybrid devoid of documentary elements (no interviews, no explanatory voice-over, no facts, no figures)... In a brutally honest and painstakingly detailed way, the director / DP of Kvadrat shares his unorthodox methodology, radical gear selection, fearless do-it-yourself customization and other unusual tricks to inspire fellow filmmakers to question the status quo and realize their dreams. And in particular, the following gear pros and cons are discussed and reviewed in the context of independent filmmaking: • Kodak Vision 3 250D and 500T • ARRI Alexa • Sony PMW F3 • Canon 5D mark II • Canon 1D mark IV • Zeiss Ultra Primes • Zeiss Master Primes • Canon Cinema Primes • Canon CN 30-105 mm T 2.8 L zoom • Fujinon 18-85 mm T 2.0 zoom • Zeiss CZ.2 28-80 mm T 2.9 zoom • Canon EF 24-105 mm 4 L IS • Canon EF 70-200 mm 2,8 L IS II • Redrock microLensGear • Zacuto ZipGear • Schneider Optics 4x4" filters (neutral density, ND graduated, circular and linear polarizers, vari-ND) • Heliopan Vari ND • Redrock Micro 15 mm carbon fiber rods • Redrock MicroRRS clamp for Really Right Stuff • Really Right Stuff B2-Pro 60 mm screw release clamp • Really Right Stuff B2 LR II 60 mm lever release clamp • Really Right Stuff B1DMkIII plate • Redrock microShoulderPad • O’Connor O’Grips • Redrock Handlebar Clamp • Redrock Micro Grip Rods • Redrock microHandGrip • Chrosziel 206-01S follow focus • Redrock microHandle Plus • Zacuto Z-Mount Zwivel • Chrosziel 3025 DV balancer • Marshall Electronics V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT 7" LCD Monitor with custom hood • Redrock microMount with microSpud • Cables To Go Velocity 90° Rotating HDMI female to HDMI mini male Port Saver Adapter • Monster Cable HDMI 700hd High Speed Right Angle HDMI cable • Chrosziel CMB-R20 sunshade (mattebox) • Chrosziel C-102-13 fluid Zoom Drive • Anton Bauer Dionic HCX battery • Anton Bauer Twin 60-watt charger • Anton Bauer QR-SP400A Gold Mount Plate • Redrock microBalance Plus • Anton Bauer 1 male PowerTap to 4 female PowerTap sockets cable • Switronix PTXLR 28" Power-Tap to 4-Pin XLR cable • Canon ACK-E4 AC Power Adapter for Canon 1D • Switronix XP-DSLR-12C for Canon 1D • Switronix XP-ZOOM-5 Powertap ZOOM H4n Converter Cable • Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 3x • Zoom H4n • Zoom H1 • Redhead dead cat windscreens • Etymotic Research ER-4P headphones • Sony MDR7506 headphones • Gitzo GT3541LS Systematic 6X carbon fiber tripod • Gitzo GS5320V75 75 mm half ball video adapter • Sachtler FSB8 Shot in the end of 2012 and edited together in the end of 2014. More info at: http://IMDb.com/title/tt4264548/

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