1. "A Truncated Story of Infinity" - A Short by Paul Trillo


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    A look at the infinite possibilities within the everyday. Following a day in the life of Vincent, "Subject X" and his many variations that exist throughout the universe. The story begins to fracture into different threads when he follows a would be lover down the street. Winner of the 30 Under 30 Film Festival for Director To Watch award. This piece was created for the "Everyday Adventure" series originally commissioned by Nokia Brand Labs. This film was inspired by Brian Greene's "The Hidden Reality" http://www.amazon.com/The-Hidden-Reality-Parallel-Universes/dp/0307278123 and Douglas Hofstadter's "I am a Strange Loop" http://www.amazon.com/Am-Strange-Loop-Douglas-Hofstadter/dp/0465030793 Directed by Paul Trillo (paultrillo.com) Co Produced By Keith Ferreira Director of Photography Andrew Georgopoulos Sound Design and Score by Noah Cunningham Executive Producer Costas Syrmos (Nokia Brand Labs)

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    • RECURSION / Zhestkov.com


      from Zhestkov / Added

      | Full Screen recommended | Written and Directed by: Zhestkov CG / Sound design...... : Zhestkov Follow me on https://www.Facebook.com/ZhestkovMaxim

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      • Build the Cities


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        See http://ravenkwok.com/build-the-cities/ Build the Cities is a code-based generative music video I directed and programmed for the track Build the Cities (https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/build-cities-feat.-kerli-single/id970620931) by Karma Fields (https://soundcloud.com/karmafields) Feat. Kerli Kõiv (https://soundcloud.com/kerlimusic). The entire music video consists of multiple stages. The basic structure for each stage is a dynamic subdivided cubic cell, which is able to multiply based on a designated distribution pattern. For generating the animated singing figure (Kerli), the pattern is computed based on depth sequence of the original footage. Speaking of the footage, a Kinect, a camera, plus Depthkit (http://depthkit.tv/) were used to shoot both the RGB and depth footage simultaneously. Since I was not using Depthkit’s built-in visualizer, an additional program was later developed to post-sync the two footage based on the milliseconds tags of the depth sequence. For generating the cityscapes, I programmed another separate generator to produce images of random aerial views of buildings, using brightness to indicate each block’s altitude. The images were later imported and read by the system the way similar as Kerli’s depth sequence. The mapping of the pattern is also affected by each host cubic cell’s “gravitation mode”, which changes the pattern’s facing direction. The entire music video is programmed and generated using Processing, with a few slight radiant blur effects done in Premiere during composition. ____________________________________________________________ Mar.2015, featured on Billboard. (http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6487581/monstercat-karma-fields-twitch-kerli-build-cities-video) Mar.2015, featured in Depthkit projects. (http://depthkit.tv/projects.html)

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        • 1194D


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          See http://ravenkwok.com/1194d/ 1194D is originally a tweak of 115C8 (vimeo.com/45569702), one of my "Algorithmic Creature" series based on recursive triangle subdivision. The idea and complexity of the work started to go beyond the initial expectation after I decided to experiment with multiple "creatures" co-existing within the environment. So I created this grid with regular tetrahedron as its unit cell, put these triangle-based "creatures" into this environment and tested their mutation and combination in various ways. The entire work is programmed and generated in Processing, with a few scenes using some blur and blend modes in Premiere during composition stage. The soundtrack is "mac os and windows (re​:​interpretation)" by + (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/_2810/FugaYK/mac_os_and_windows_reinterpretation). ____________________________________________________________ Sep.2013, featured on Artnau. (http://www.artnau.com/2013/09/1194d/) Feb.2014, 2nd Place Award at Reykjavik Visual Music Punto y Raya Festival 2014, Reykjavík, Iceland. Mar.2014, screened at Animuza, Animator 2014, Kino Muza, Poznań, Poland. Apr.2014, screened at Resonate 2014, Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, Belgrade, Serbia. May 2014, screened at Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria. (http://www.viennashorts.com/en/program/competitions/detail/c_/Program/p/animation-avantgarde-2-2014/) May 2014, featured on Studio 360. (http://www.studio360.org/story/algorithmic-creatures-dont-bite-raven-kwok/) Jun.2014, screened at Cinéma d'animation, Cinémathèque québécoise, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (http://www.cinematheque.qc.ca/en/programmation/projections/film/1194d-%E5%A3%B9%E5%A3%B9%E7%8E%96%E8%82%86%E7%8B%84) Aug.2014, featured on VJs TV. (http://www.vjstv.com/1194d-raven-kwok/) Aug.2014, screened at Waterpieces 2014, AB Dambis, Riga, Latvia. (http://www.noass.lv/udensgabali/) Aug.2014, screened at IMAGINA Festival of Contemporary Animation, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Lima, Peru. (http://espacio.fundaciontelefonica.com.pe/event/seleccion-lo-mejor-del-festival-punto-y-raya-2013/) Aug.2014, screened at Electronic Language International Festival 2014, Centro Cultural FIESP, Cerqueira César, São Paulo, Brazil. (http://file.org.br/file_sp_2014/file-sp-2014-video-art-74/) Nov.2014, exhibited at Code Unbound: 2014 International Youth New Media Art Exhibition, LANNG Art Center, Beijing, China. Dec.2014, screened at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany. (http://zkm.de/en/event/2014/12/best-of-punto-y-raya-festival) Feb.2015, screened at Tripoteca Festival 2015, Cinéma Utopia, Toulouse, France. (http://tripoteca.com/toulouse-2015) (Expected) Apr.2015, screened at Visible Bits Audible Bytes, Phoenix Square, Leicester, UK. (Expected) May 2015, exhibited at FIBER Festival 2015, A LAB, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (http://2015.fiberfestival.nl/festival/programme/1194d/)

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          • It's not all Black and White


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            'It's not all Black and White' - a paean to the grey space in-between our certainties. In terms of the genetic data that we spring from, there is an almost imperceptible difference between 'black' and 'white' people. Then of course, we have all those in-between shades of brown, olive, and so-on... When you stop to think about it, it is kind of amazing that we choose to differentiate ourselves based on such a (literally) superficial, trivial, trait. But we do, and there you have it - one of the scourges of our existence, the never-ending, futile, fruitless, senseless and hopeless conflict between races. This little piece, 'It's not all Black and White' is just a simple meditation on the grey spaces that we really inhabit. Grey is the true color of our existence, not in terms of drab, dour or sad, but in terms of uncertainty, ambiguity, and subtlety. As I get older, I see fewer hard edge lines, just gradients, blends, and smears of mixed colors and tones. I don't see things in black and white very much at all. 'It's not all Black and White' is another excerpt from my up-coming installation work, '26 Suicides'. 26 Suicides is a 27 chapter, non-narrative new media installation art work. It is the personal and intimate testimony of my synesthetic life. The 26 Suicides installation uses surround sound and multichannel video to deliver an enveloping, synesthetic experience. The videos here on Vimeo are excerpts. They are single channel video with stereo audio, offering a taste of the installation. Watch them if you are not afraid of dangerous modern art. http://vimeopro.com/user15810786/26-suicides https://soundcloud.com/bkk-5 https://bkbk.bandcamp.com Sound and visuals by BK. All rights reserved, all rights waived.

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            • EDF0


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              A piece from my Algorithmic Creature series based on a recursive morphing hexagon created using Processing. The soundtrack is "Guardians Of The Flame" by Arabian Horses (http://www.myspace.com/arrabianhorses) Update 10/20/2013: The source code is now available on OpenProcessing (http://openprocessing.org/sketch/116516)

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              • 18F44


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                See http://ravenkwok.com/18f44/ 18F44 is a further study based on EDF0 (https://vimeo.com/43752422), the recursive structure was first extended to three dimensional protrusion based on a regular hexagon as 18F44 demo (https://vimeo.com/52062612). In this version, the base regular hexagon is replaced by a group of six intersecting planes to provide more complexity. In addition, I create a more flexible controlling mechanism which allows me to separately play with each child on each level of the structure. You can see processes of "growth", "mutation","protrusion" and "disintegration" in this movie clip demonstration. The whole visual image is generated real-time in Processing. My friend and collaborator, Wack Wang (http://wackwang.com), composed this amazing soundtrack for this piece of work. ____________________________________________________________ Apr.2013, featured on Gizmodo. (http://gizmodo.com/5994704/the-weirdest-thing-on-the-internet-tonight-18f44) Apr.2013, featured on Directors Notes. (http://www.directorsnotes.com/2013/04/16/18f44/) Apr.2013, featured on Graphic Design NYC. (http://graphicdesignnyc.net/2013/04/18f44-3d-animated-mathematical-geometry/) May 2013, featured on Dataisnature. (http://www.dataisnature.com/?p=1779) Apr.2014, exhibited in A-EYE 2014: An Exhibition of Art and Nature Inspired Computation, Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK. (https://sites.google.com/site/aisb14aeye/accepted-artworks) Aug.2014, featured on VJs TV. (http://www.vjstv.com/18f44-raven-kwok/)

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                • Telefon Tel Aviv — Stay Away From Being Maybe


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                  This is a demonstration of an application I wrote. It's built with processing.org. I've been reading TYPE+CODE (http://www.yeoahn.com/typecode/) and thought my first endeavor would be to give Form Conspiracy's (great designer http://cargofolio.com/formconspiracy) typeface pyramid some motion. You can find his free typeface at http://justmytype.org/fonts/pyramid.zip — He made the typeface about a year ago. The video starts by going through the alphabet and then drifts back in forth between recognizable type and abstract patterns. Also, Telefon Tel Aviv is probably most favorite electronic group. They got me into electronic music. Some moments remind me of Viking Eggeling's Diagonal-Symphonie. If you'd like the app to play around with you can message me and I'll send it to you. At the moment It requires Java 5 and JSyn (Snow Leopard has Java 6, so it won't run). To interface each key is its corresponding letter. You can click and drag where the X axis is how drastic the degradation is on the typeface and the y axis is the scale. Can you distinguish all the letters of the alphabet? Finally, because of the nature of the typeface coupled with compression I recommend viewing this video in full screen.

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                  • boxsplit


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                    • I am a Very Strange Loop


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                      In the end, we self-perceiving, self-inventing, locked-in mirages are little miracles of self-reference. - Hofstadter I am a Very Strange Loop is my take on recent developments in the science of consciousness, our never-ending quest to understand ourselves as ourselves, and the way in which modern technologies such as the Internet are shaping our 'selfs'. Consciousness Hofstadter's work makes much of recursion* as the basis for consciousness. Reflecting (pun intended) and bastardizing the thesis in the book I am a Strange Loop (Hofstadter), this video is comprised of a series of interlocking and recursive sounds and animations. My work is, in effect, a literal exposition of Hofstadter's notion of recursion, with both sound and vision closing in on themselves and repeating, yet never quite simply 'looping'. Ourselves Some would have us believe that our self-awareness is a trick being played on us by a simple underlying physical reality. They say that our internal dialogues are not being driven by a homunculus or other self-aware element of our existence, but rather, we are merely an accumulation of a relatively simple set of recursive memories. I'm not so sure. Then again, I'm not very sure about any of these things, hence making the art, as part of my way of trying to understand. Selfies Our modern, hyper-connected selfs are experiencing a kind of accelerated, technologically enhanced recursion. In the olden days of the 20th century, we might listen to the radio, where we would be exposed to both the familiar and the novel - nowadays we only really ever experience the familiar. We take selfies of ourselves, then post them on line for our friends to look at, they do the same, and our spiral into a vortex of self-self-self admiration and self-observation accelerates. We go to forums and websites that have the things we like. These sites have links to more things like the things we like. Then we click on like buttons. (Go on, click on the like button for this video, you know you want to.) Again, we spiral inwards, into a kind of self-reenforcing sense of self, rarely venturing beyond what we already know and like. I am a Very Strange Loop is my meditation on these three ideas, and how the Internet is much more than a cultural phenomenon or object - it is forming part of the basis for 'ourselves'. I am a Very Strange Loop will be shown at the Brunswick Street Gallery, from March 20 - April 2 2015, in an exhibition titled: 'The Internet Is A Cultural Object'. www.brunswickstreetgallery.squarespace.com This video is an excerpt from one chapter of an installation in which I share some of my synesthetic experience of sound and vision: http://vimeopro.com/user15810786/26-suicides *Definition: For 'recursion', see 'recursion'. Or, in other words, to understand recursion, you must first understand recursion. Or, recursion is a hard concept wrap one's mind around.

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