1. The Red Flag Campaign HD


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    Would you know what to say to a friend if you saw red flags for dating violence in their relationship? The Red Flag Campaign helps college students learn about warning signs for dating violence and how to help. Say something. www.TheRedFlagCampaign.org

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    • 5 Red Flags of Pronation


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      {Script} There are Five Red Flags or signs of Pronation. If these signs are ignored and left untreated, foot problems can adversely affect the entire body. This is a perfect example of how pronation can affect the entire body. Moving from the ground up, a person who shows signs of pronation can have imbalances throughout the body including internal knee rotation, pelvis tilt, and dropped shoulder. This imbalance can lead to larger issues like pain. Foot Flare All pronators walk with foot flare or toe out. The reason for this is that pronation is developed slowly over a period of years, where the everters become dominant over the inverters. Internal knee rotation When the feet are flat on the floor the lower extremity has its greatest distortion with the feet bilateral and asymmetrically pronated internal tibial and femural rotation. Therefore if the foot, knee, and hip were in their optimal alignment, one could drop a plum-bob from the middle of the patella and it should hit the second toe. But in an excessively pronated foot, that plum-bob is medial, to the medial longitudinal arch. Bowed Achilles Tendons From a p-to-a view, the ankle and foot appear to roll inwards, causing a bowing of the Achilles tendons. These tendons will plastically deform over time. Flat Foot At mid-stance, where the heel and toe are both in contact with the floor, the patient will demonstrate the greatest degree of pronation. At mid-stance, all three arches of the foot have decreased their height, creating a longer, wider, and flatter foot. Uneven Heel Wear In the typical, bi-laterally asymmetrically pronated foot, the heel strike will be uneven, creating uneven or asymmetrical heel wear. Start looking for these 5 Red Flags in all your patients; they’ll be glad you did as you address problems causing them discomfort or pain.

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      • SEC Approvals & the "Wolves of Wall Street"


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        This week, Alex leads off with FINRA’s Naughty List. Also being discussed, FINRA cracks down on failed disclosures, the SEC approves FINRA’s new public arbitrator rule, and Stratton Oakmont wolves still roam the industry.

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        • Video 2: Red Flags (Interthinx - AZ)


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          FAMS Training Video

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          • The Daily Echo: Red Flags Green Flags; June 18, 2014


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            In today's episode I talk about something Dave Blanchard, CEO of the Og Mandino group has shared with me. In scroll #2 of The Greatest Salesman in the World we are given council to, "Greet this day with Love in my Heart". It is such an incredible scroll, I would highly recommend it's reading to everyone. In this scroll we are told to love everyone. In fact we are told whenever we see someone to say to ourselves we love that person. This is very difficult to do if we are constantly judging those around us. I know I am guilty of it and I am not proud of it. The game red flags green flags is about how we see others. For the next week identify if the person you are seeing gets a red or green flag. Red is negative and Green is positive. Really take this seriously and at the end of each day keep score. You might be surprised at how many red flags you are giving out. The idea of this is to first recognize the problem and then begin to correct it. If you have even one red flag that is one to many. This is very tough work to do. In many cases this is a life long habit of judging others and it will take some time. So go ahead and play this game. Give me some feedback I would love to hear your experiences.

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            • Red Flags Be Damned! Full Steam Ahead!


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              Most of us are so desperate for relationships to happen in our lives, when red flags appear that suggest there might be trouble in paradise, we ignore them, overlook them, tell ourselves they won't be a problem. But they usually are a problem that will eventually explode in our face. Best thing to do? Pay attention to the red flags and save yourself a lot of time and heartache.

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              • A Closer Look at Kid’s Hearing


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                No one is more in-tune with your child than you. Many times it’s parents who actually pick up the signals that something doesn’t sound right. “Absolutely,” says Lee Memorial Health System pediatrician, Dr. Pierre Loredo. “A lot of things are intuitive when you think ‘gosh I think something is wrong with my child’s hearing. You call to them they say ‘what’, look at me a little confused.” In the first few years of life, hearing is a critical part of a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Even a mild hearing loss can affect their ability to speak and understand language. Babies are given their first screening at the hospital. Some require on-going attention. “There are a lot of red flags. An intra-utero infection meaning when the baby was in the womb had an infection, family history of hearing loss, certain medicines they are on, these things can put us at risk for hearing loss and so those are the ones you really want to make sure to screen,” Dr. Loredo says. Not all hearing loss is the result of a birth defect. Sometimes it is acquired, the result of infection, trauma or exposure to extreme noise. There are ‘milestones’ for measuring a baby’s hearing, like a startle response to loud sounds and reacting to their parent’s voice. Regardless of age, there are ways to test a child’s hearing. “We have different tests, we have auditory brain stem response. We also check your hearing during your regular health supervision visits and they also check at most schools.” It pays for parents to keep their eyes and ears open too. The earlier a problem is detected, the better the treatment options View More Health Matters video segments at leememorial.org/healthmatters/ Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we’ve been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Visit leememorial.org

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                • No Fly List In Alaska Part 3


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                  Published on Feb 26, 2014 On You Tube. Suz receives a message from TSA after she booked a international flight.

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                  • Acute Abdominal Pain (2) : Diagnosis and Management


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                    In this second video exploring the "Approach to Acute Abdominal Pain" we discuss differential diagnosis dividing causes into three groups : Common, Life Threatening, and Not to be missed and identify Red Flags or clues to the presence of serious illness in the patient with acute abdominal pain. In contrast to the challenges of diagnosis management of acute abdominal pain is relatively straight forward and includes assessment of the circulation (to identify circulatory shock), IV fluids especially in the patient with vomiting and /or dehydration or where a surgical cause is likely and the administration of analgesics and/or antiemetics. In some patients the early administration of antibiotics will be required especially where sepsis or perforation is considered a possibility. The video outlines some of the issues and pitfalls associated with the assessment of acute abdominal pain in the elderly patient and emphasises the need to have a low threshold for investigating these patients for serious disease.

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                    • Acute Abdominal Pain (1) : Clinical Assessment


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                      In this first video exploring the topic of "Acute Abdominal Pain" we discuss the critical elements to clinical assessment focusing on the most useful aspects of the patient's history and specific examination findings that may assist the clinician to identify or exclude serious illness. Factors to consider in the history include age, onset and duration of the pain, whether the pain preceded vomiting, past history of similar episodes of pain and the importance of asking about previous abdominal surgery. In the examination it is always important to begin by considering the patient's vital signs and examination the regions either side of the abdomen including the chest and inguinal regions and in a male consider the possibility of testicular torsion.

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