1. Euroopa ühise varjupaigapoliitika väljakutsed / Challenges of the Common European Asylum System


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    Konverents “Euroopa ühise varjupaigapoliitika väljakutsed” toimus 20. märtsil Tallinnas Eesti Pagulasabi ja Eesti Inimõiguste Keskuse ühisprojekti “Huvikaitse võimendamine varjupaiga- ja pagulaspoliitikas” raames, mida rahastab Avatud Eesti Fondi vahendusel Vabaühenduste Fond. 0:00:00 Kristina Kallas, Eesti Pagulasabi juhatuse liige 0:03:25 Kari Käsper, Eesti Inimõiguste Keskuse juhataja 0:10:00 Cecilia Malmström, Euroopa Komisjoni siseasjade volinik 0:25:30 Michael Diedring, European Council of Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) peasekretär 0:43:40 Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR Euroopa büroo direktor 1:05:30 Urmas Paet, Eesti välisminister 1:22:40 Paneeldiskussioon (Cecilia Malmström, Michael Diedring, Vincent Cochetel, Urmas Paet, modereerib Kari Käsper) 2:01:20 Vaheaeg 2:28:58 Paneeldiskussion varjupaigataotlejate töötamise õigusest, moderaator Ingi Mihkelsoo 2:36:30 Eero Janson, Eesti Pagulasabi 2:46:58 George Joseph, Rootsi Caritas 2:59:15 Triin Raag, Sotsiaalministeerium 3:01:55 Arutelu: Eero Janson, George Joseph, Triin Raag, modereerib Ingi Mihkelsoo 3:43:40 Paneeldiskussioon varjupaigataotlejate kinnipidamisest, moderaator Anni Säär 3:45:26 André Møkkelgjerd, Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers 4:01:30 Villem Lapimaa, Tallinna Halduskohtu esimees 4:15:15 Liis Valk, Politsei- ja Piirivalveameti välismaalaste talituse juhataja 4:26:15 Ben Lewis, International Detention Coalition 4:42:25 Arutelu: André Møkkelgjerd, Villem Lapimaa, Liis Valk, Ben Lewis, modereerib Anni Säär 5:12:40 Vaheaeg 5:22:10 Poliitikute debatt pagulaspoliitikast: Marko Pomerants (IRL), Olga Sõtnik (KE), Jevgeni Ossinovski (SDE), modereerib ajakirjanik Urve Eslas. Vt lähemalt http://humanrights.ee/2014/03/konverents-euroopa-uhise-varjupaigapoliitika-valjakutsed/ The conference “Challenges of the Common European Asylum System” took place on 20 March in Tallinn it was a a part of the joint project of the Estonian Refugee Council and the Estonian Human Rights Centre, funded from the NGO Fund of EEA Grants which is operated by the Open Estonia Foundation. More information: http://humanrights.ee/en/2014/03/conference-challenges-of-the-common-european-asylum-system/

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    • FORUM: movement beyond borders


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      It seems like every day we hear of some new tragedy at sea. We hear about Operation Sovereign Borders extending into Indonesia and Malaysia. We see slave-like conditions created by cruel visa rules. Every day people's hopes and attempts at a future are destroyed by Australia's shifting border practices. These are moments in an ongoing and brutal assertion of sovereignty by a regime built on stolen land and the ongoing dispossession of Indigenous peoples. A lot of us are feeling hopeless about the state of politics around the Australian border. It is now, in this moment, that we want to organise, think, and speak together. The border is not a natural or inevitable thing. What can a cross-border, a no-border, a pro-refugee and migrant politics look like in Australia, today? Whose actions have come to count as political? Which actions, movements, and struggles are being ignored? How can we break from the language that defines the discussion now? – 'genuine refugees' 'economic migrants' 'dodgy international students' and '457 workers taking Aussie jobs' We don’t have the answers: this forum is about discussing these questions and building solidarity and the potential for resistance. CONTACT: beyondborderscollective@gmail.com facebook.com/beyondbordersmelb SPEAKERS: Lia Incognita is a Shanghainese/Melburnian writer, performer and mediamaker who co-hosts Queering the Air on 3CR Community Radio. Dawood arrived in Australia in 2011, having lived illegally in Quetta, Pakistan, for many decades, where he was a politically active Marxist. Dawood is an Afghan Hazara who arrived in Australia by boat and was subsequently recognised as a refugee. Ruben Blake is a co-ordinatior of the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua, an unprecedented act of creative resistance that challenged the borders between Australia, West Papua and PNG in many directions. Kaneez Raza is a student from Pakistan. She is here on a scholarship (endeavour award) from the Australian government and is now studying Nursing. She is a Hazara by ethnicity. Angela Mitropoulos (University of Sydney) was a founding member of xborder in 2000, and involved in producing noborder media for Woomera2002 and the Flotilla to Nauru in 2004. She has written extensively on borders and some of her most recent writings can be found in Contract and Contagion: From Biopolitics to Oikonomia (London: Minor Compositions/Autonomedia). Her current book project is titled Infrastructures of Uncommon Forms. Held in Trades Hall, Melbourne.

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      • Challenges of the Syrian Opposition


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        As the Syrian uprising approaches its third anniversary, the conflict is far from resolved and has entrenched tensions at the local, regional, and international levels. The crisis has grown increasingly intractable in the face of the political stalemate, continued violence, and the mass exodus of refugees to neighboring countries. At this juncture, what are the organizational problems of the Syrian opposition and how will these challenges shape the conflict? Panelists: Steven Heydemann – United States Institute of Peace Zachariah Mampilly – Vassar College Wendy Pearlman – Northwestern University Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl – University of Virginia Moderated by: Marc Lynch – George Washington University

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        • To America


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          "To America" is a documentary feature that was commissioned by CBS Television for the Bicentennial of the United States in 1976. It was nationally broadcast as a CBS Movie of the Week. The film tells the true stories of three refugee families who have escaped illegally from Eastern Europe, through the Iron Curtain, to an imposing refugee camp near Vienna, Austria. There are 1,000 refugees in this Camp Traiskirchen, nearly every one of them waiting, hoping, for America. "To America" follows three admitted families from Poland, from Czechoslovakia and from Bulgaria, for their first months in Los Angeles, in Fredericksburg, Texas and in New York City. They manage to survive, but the first months are harrowing. ( Alan Arkin, the old man at Ellis Island, is the only fictional character in the film)

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          • We Are here Cooperative | Wij zijn hier coöperatie


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            Live stream recording - friday 6 december 2013 http://www.debalie.nl/agenda/programma/wij-zijn-hier-co%C3%B6peratie/e_9397984/p_11137852 https://facebook.com/WijZijnHier http://wijzijnhier.org This programme is in english | De voertaal van dit programma is Engels. Iets meer dan een jaar geleden organiseerde een groep van uitgeprocedeerde vluchtelingen zich in Amsterdam. Wat begon als een tentenkamp van zeven bewoners in de tuin van de Diaconie groeide in enkele maanden uit tot een waarachtige politieke organisatie, die de naam ‘Wij zijn Hier’ verkreeg. http://wijzijnhier.org/who-we-are ‘Wij Zijn Hier’ ontwikkelde een voorstel voor een coöperatie in het centrum van Amsterdam: een gebouw waar 200 kunstenaars en 200 vluchtelingen gedurende drie jaar samen zullen leven en werken. Dat deden zij in samenwerking met de New World Academy, een nieuwe school die als doelstelling heeft politieke groepen samen te brengen met kunstenaars. Het project, met de naam ‘Wij Zijn Hier Coöperatie,’ biedt een oplossing voor leegstand in Amsterdam en draagt collectief verantwoordelijkheid voor onderhoud. Daarnaast vormt zij een oplossing voor een tekort aan woon- en werkruimte voor kunstenaars en, het belangrijkste, een structurele oplossing voor uitgeprocedeerde, niet uitzetbare vluchtelingen. Als zodanig bepleit zij een wederzijdse culturele integratie van kunstenaars en vluchtelingen, om de tragiek van het huidige asielbeleid te beantwoorden met een even ideëel als pragmatisch voorstel. Dit programma in de Balie vormt de start van een maandenlange campagne die financiële en logistieke steun voor het plan mogelijk moet maken. Keynote spreker is ‘Wij Zijn Hier’ woordvoerder Yoonis Osman Nuur, gevolgd door een presentatie van de coöperatie door het actiecentrum We Are Here to Support bij monde van Elke Uitentuis en Savannah Koolen en We Are Here vertegenwoordiger Thomas Philip Guya, waarna onder leiding van dichter Quinsy Gario een debat plaats zal vinden met vertegenwoordigers van politieke partijen en woningbouwcorporaties, met onder meer Marieke van Doorninck (fractievoorzitter GroenLinks Amsterdam), Maartje Terpstra (asielrecht advocate) en Maria Hlavajova (artistiek leider BAK, basis voor actuele kunst Utrecht). Beeldend kunstenaar Jonas Staal die in samenwerking met BAK de New World Academy oprichtte, verzorgt een inleiding op de avond. I.S.M. BAK, de New World Academy en Wij Zijn Hier (Een deel van de toegangskaarten is een donatie aan de Wij Zijn Hier Coöperatie) Over de ‘Wij Zijn Hier’ groep ‘Wij Zijn Hier’ brengt de fameuze slogan ‘’I Am a Man” in herinnering, die de Afrikaans-Amerikaanse gemeenschap met zich meedroegen tijdens demonstraties in Memphis in 1968. De slogan is geen eis, maar een feit, en vraagt van de Nederlandse samenleving erkenning van gelijkwaardig bestaan van illegaal verklaarde vluchtelingen. De inmiddels tweehonderd leden van Wij Zijn Hier hebben verklaard in geen geval uit elkaar te gaan tot een collectieve oplossing voor hun gehele groep is gevonden. We Are Here Cooperative werd mede ontwikkeld door: Tawfik Adhman; Patrick Bernier; Younes Bouadi; Charlie Dance; Asieh Dehghani; Coco Duivenvoor; Emily Fahlen; Gerjanne van Gink; Robert Glas; Eleni Gogou; Fotini Gouseti; Thomas Philip Guya; Ernst van den Hemel; Ran Hoogerwaard; Robert Kluijver; Savannah Koolen; Louis Liu; Olive Martin; Jonathan Offereins; David Ortiz; Yoonis Osman Nuur; Marthe Prins; Kim Schonewille; Tommy Soro; Jonas Staal; Lara Staal; Thomas; Elke Uitentuis; Janna Ullrich; Benedikt Weishaupt; Chui (Cain) Yong Jian. Met bijzondere dank aan Martijn Stronks. http://wijzijnhier.org http://www.debalie.nl

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            • Prioritizing Women: Adapting Refugee Health Services for 21st Century Health Challenges


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              Columbia Global Centers | Turkey and Studio-X Istanbul are pleased to invite you to a special panel discussion, the first of a series of public events designed to elaborate on the issues and themes of "The Good Cause: Architectures of Peace" and the "Vocabulary of Hospitality" exhibition. International Women’s Day, first celebrated in 1911, recognizes the achievements of women while calling for gender equality. With this in mind, we invite you to explore the intersections between gender rights, public health and migration together with distinguished scholars from the Mailman School of Public Health and Istanbul University. Women and children comprise the vast majority of the Syrian refugee population in Turkey. What do we know about the circumstances women refugees face, and what approaches, services and policies should be developed to address their needs, grounded in human rights and gender equality? At the same time, we will hear about recent trends in the explosive growth of non-communicable chronic diseases globally and in the region. How should health services, for vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations alike, adapt to confront these new threats? How are these developments compelling us to rethink humanitarian emergencies and responses, particularly in our region? Istanbul University scholars Zeynep Kıvılcım and Nurcan Özgür Baklacıoğlu will present findings from fieldwork recently conducted in Istanbul with Syrian women and LGBTI refugees as well as an assessment of the legal framework in Turkey, which sets the basis for the protection of refugees and their ability to fully access their rights. Lynn P. Freedman, Wafaa El-Sadr, and Miriam Rabkin are leading scholars of the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, who will offer insights on questions of public health and the right to health for refugee populations, with a focus on women.

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              • 11.04.2008 - Die Jugo-Schweiz


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                Leben live special - zum SRG Schwerpunkt "wir andern" live aus einer stillgelegten Fabrik in Schlieren ZH. Mit 200 Studiogästen, Musik & Fussball. - (c) SF 2010

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                • Panel 1: Forced Migration: Refugees and Economic Migrants


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                  March 22, 2013 - Part of the Migration: Past, Present and Future series sponsored by the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Boston College.

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                  • JORDAN IS PALESTINE - Dr. Arieh Eldad, Member of the Knesset


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                    Member of Knesset Dr. Arieh Eldad discusses his crystal clear and logically compelling answer to those who demand the creation of a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel. Specifically, a Palestinian state already exists---namely, Jordan. Dr. Eldad will explain why Israel should formally annex all of Judea and Samaria, and why the Arabs living there should become citizens of Jordan. Jordan is the Palestinian state, and there is no need or reason to create another one. Dr. Arieh Eldad, a member of the Knesset, is an M.D. specializing in the treatment of burn victims, a Brigadier-General in the Israel Defense Forces (Reserves), and for 25 years has been the chief medical officer and senior commander of the IDF Medical Corps. Dr. Eldad addresses the critical issues now facing Israel. Sunday, September 18, 2011 Temple Ner Maarav 17730 Magnolia Blvd. Encino, CA 91316

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                    • Unaccompanied Minors and Their Journey through the US Immigration System


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                      In this Migration Policy Institute (MPI) event, experts focus on the causes of the increase in unaccompanied minor migrants, the situation these minors face once detained or apprehended, and the challenges confronting both nongovernmental organizations trying to provide aid and the US government agencies responsible for processing minors through the US immigration system. Speakers include Wendy Young, Executive Director of Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) (00:02:41); Jessica Jones, Equal Justice Works Fellow, Detention and Asylum Program (00:21:11), Women's Refugee Commission; and Michelle Brané, Director of the Detention and Asylum program, Women's Refugee Commission (00:34:49). Kathleen Newland, MPI Co-Founder and Director of the Refugee Policy and Migrants, Migration, and Development Programs moderates the panel (00:00:02). Fore more on MPI's Refugee Policy Program, visit www.migrationpolicy.org/research/refugee.php.

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