1. Blaze Master Mysterium of the Universe 2010 audio-book


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    Blaze Master Mysterium of the Universe written by Stanisław Giers (me) A Polish styled Science-fiction,mixed with an intense hollywood action,taking place beyound you're wildest imagination. If you're a fan of an un-ussual aproach to both Story telling and Science-fiction,than you'll love listening to this

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    • Stories VOD


      from Wanderlust Productions / Added

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      From disc 3 of the Father of Lights Deluxe Edition comes over 4 hours of some of the most incredible stories ever put to film. Get the full story of Ravi, Mike & Deena, Majed, Shawn Bolz's brother, Jack Deere's son, Marc Ford & The Black Crowes, the reunited persecuted family, and the anatomy of the Father of Lights song by Jesus Culture.

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      • Contemplation In Islam


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        Osman Nuri Topbas - English Audio Book İslamda Tefekkür Kitabı (İngilizce) en.osmannuritopbas.com

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        • Refuge of Lies


          from House of Jacob Bible Study Class / Added

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          The Refuge of Lies - Brother Rico 12/26/2011

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          • Christian Apologetics


            from shirley rose / Added

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            This video series was done by Doug Powell. Powell defends Christian apologetics and the existence of God and Christianity through arguments and evidence using philosophy and science. Furthermore, he shows how irrational atheism is. Here Powell defends the cosmological argument, the teleological (or Design argument - sometimes known as the Fine Tuning argument), the transcedental argument, and the moral argument. Furthermore, he answers typical questions by skeptics and atheists, like "Isn't faith blind?", "Isn't science against religion?", "Are there arguments and evidence for the existence of God?", "How do you know that Christianity is the only true religion?", "If the Universe had a beginning, how do you know it was made by God?", "Doesn't evolution prove the universe was not designed?", "If God is good, why is there evil and suffering in the world?", "Is the Bible reliable?", "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?", etc.

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            • Biblical Creation Seminar - Part 2 - Rev. John Duerr


              from Hope Lutheran / Added

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              Rev. John Duerr of Hope Lutheran Church, Warren, Michigan (check out hopewarren.org for more information) provides us with a great lesson on the topic of creation, in a Biblical perspective. Recorded on March 7, 2009. Part 2 of this series.

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              • Cafe Enigma-ALIENS


                from Dreagus Productions / Added

                Reviewing, updating and follow up classic TV and radio shows that deal with: #TMV_CAFE, X-Factor Radio, BMore Radio Network, #abductions, #ancientpeople, #GTN, #creature, #crop_circle, #crop_circles, #cryptozoology, #divination, #entertainment, #forgotten_people, #forgotten_places, #supernatural, #giants, #government, #investigation, #labyrinths, #legend, #lost_cities, #lost_cultures, #monster, #monsters, #mystery, #myth, #occult, #paranormal, #conspiracy, #psychic, #religion, #reptilians, #ruins, #science, #strange, #UFO, #unexplained, #unsolved, and #variety. Shows like "In Search of hosted by Leonard Nimoy", "Unsolved Mysteries", and many more will be cited for topics

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                • Everything Else VOD


                  from Wanderlust Productions / Added

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                  With more teachings and interviews than can fit in Finger of God, Darren packed this part of the Deluxe Edition with nearly 4 hours of extras including words of knowledge from Ian Andrews, Heidi Baker preaching in Ephesus, visions beyond the veil, Heidi Baker's testimony, Canon Andrew White and Yassir Arafat, Sid Roth's testimony, Harold and Kaye Beyer and the manna, and lunch with Randy Clark and Heidi Baker.

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                  • LC-BA-DM-MP-AW Turing Church Online Workshop 2


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                    Turing Church Online Workshop 2 Lincoln Cannon, Brent Allsop, Dan Massey, Mike Perry, Andrew Warner See http://telexlr8.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/turing-church-online-workshop-2-videos/

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                    • Alan Watts


                      from John Allen Bell / Added

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                      합리 1  합리적인, 도리에 맞는(reasonable)(↔ irrational). a ∼ plan 합리적인 계획. act in a ∼ way 합리적으로 행동하다. 이성적인, 분별 있는, 양식 있는; 이성을 갖춘; 제정신의, 정상인(sane). a ∼ statesman 양식 있는 정치가. Man is a ∼ animal. 인간은 이성이 있는 동물이다. The criminal was surprisingly ∼. 그 범죄자는 놀랄 만큼 정상이었다. 추리력의, 추론의; 이성에 근거한, 논리적인 cf. REASONABLE 1. the capacity for ∼ thought 논리적인 사고 능력. ∼ behavior 논리적 행동. the ∼ faculty in man 사람의 추리력. 數〕 유리(有理)의(↔ surd). a ∼ number 유리수.   합리적인 것; 합리[이성]적인 생물, 인간(human being). Racional منطقيّة Λογικός Rationeel Racional Рационально Rationellt Alan Watts Watts d'Alan Alan Watt Watt del Alan アランのワット 알랜 와트 阿伦瓦特 Vatios de Alan 阿倫瓦特 ألان [وتّس] Alan Watts Alan Watts Watts de Alan Ватты Алан Alan watt: ..."Most people seem certain any hope for the perfectibility of man must await intervention by the Creator yet cannot fathom its up to MAN to open the door. For a rescue of mercy, long overdue, we must demonstrate our mettle to the universe with another renaissance movement of the highest order, perhaps to be known as 'Mnemosyne's Age of Enlightenment' to honor this mother of the Muses. And, to maintain a consistent theme... with Hercules dead WE must clean those Augean stables instead, our governments! Tasks no doubt for the Illuminati and warrior poets to begin the process..." Gobbledygook is not a recent problem. Gobbledygook is language that is so pompous, long-winded, and abstract that it is unintelligible. Some 200 years ago, opponents of Benjamin Franklin argued that to vote, a man had to own property. Franklin's supporters disagreed and stated their case as follows: [It cannot be adhered to with any reasonable degree of intellectual or moral certainty that the inalienable right man possesses to exercise his political preferences by employing his vote in referendums is rooted in anything other than man's own nature, and is, therefore, properly called a natural right. To hold, for instance, that this natural right can be limited externally by making its exercise dependent on a prior condition of ownership of property is to wrongly suppose that man's natural right to vote is somehow more inherent in and more dependent on the property of man than it is on the nature of man. It is obvious that such belief is unreasonable, for it reverses the order of rights intended by nature.] Franklin agreed with this argument but knew that people wouldn't be moved by such pompous oratory. So he explained his position as follows: [To require property of voters leads us to this dilemma: I own a jackass; I can vote. The jackass dies; I cannot vote. Therefore the vote represents not me but the jackass.] Revelation Paradox, Living Paradox, Awareness Paradox, Language Paradox, Choice Paradox, Self Paradox, Human Paradox, quid pro quo Paradox, Personal Development Paradox, Age quod agis – Do what you do [best] ; 理性的

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