1. Our First Love


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    A sermon on Revelations 2:1-7 Rev. Jeremy W Scott discusses how the first century church, their challenges and opportunities, mirror our own today. They struggled to remember why they do what they do, the same struggle many churches have today.

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      more music by Lorn: soundcloud.com/lorn video edit by jacob spencer jakespencerofficial@gmail.com soundcloud.com/rickbobb

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      • 4 Blood Moons


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        Over the past 524 years, Four Blood Moons have coincided with significant points of history for the nation of Israel. In 1493, the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, then again when the Jews returned to their homeland from 66 nations in 1948, and again during the 6 day war between Israel and Egypt. Now, in 2014 and 2015 the four blood moons return, each with a coinciding lunar eclipse and each falling on the Jewish holidays of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015. God is getting ready to speak once again. The message is clear if you've been watching current world events and if you are familiar with your bible. The last blood moon is Sept. 28th of 2015. After that, prepare yourself. Get saved. God Bless.

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        • Apocalypse Experience Promo


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          The Four Horsemen of the book of Revelations!

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          • True Trailer


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            Here is a sample, of our next video.

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            • Rise Of The Rider


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              A song I dedicate to Wotan, who is the Rider from Revelations 19

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              • Rider's Milieu


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                • Revelations are God's help towards ascent....


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                  My loving care has applied to you for eternity, for you have been distant from Me for eternity already and therefore unhappy. During your earthly life you are oblivious to the infinitely long time before your embodiment as a human being because it lies behind you and thus it has been surmounted.... And now you are taking the path across earth as a human being, unaware of the fate you are approaching.... unaware, until you voluntarily take the path to Me.... Only then will the danger have passed of descending again and having to cover this infinitely long path once more. And since all My love applies to you I constantly exert My influence in order to motivate you to hand yourselves over to the Power which brought you into being. For it only requires your free will during your earthly progress.... It can lead you back to supreme happiness but it can also result in your renewed downfall, for only your free will decides your fate in eternity.... As long as this will was constrained, as long as your soul had to go through the creations of earth in a state of compulsion there was no risk of a descent, for My adversary had lost all authority over you and My love constantly pulled you higher.... But now.... as a human being.... you are free, and My adversary therefore also has the right to influence you again, and thus you voluntarily have to resist him, you voluntarily have to take the path to Me, and then you will have passed your final test of earthly life and can be liberated from every external shell. Since My love called you into being, and since this love has never diminished nor will it ever diminish, I will also always help you, I will fight for your will just like My adversary does.... And I shall let all happenings approach you such that your thoughts will be directed towards Me, for as soon as I achieve that you recognise Me as a Being of supreme perfection Which loves you and only wants your happiness I will also have won you over for Myself.... Thus I also have to reveal Myself to you, I must try to achieve that you are informed of a Power Which gave you life, and I have to enlighten you about the nature of this Power.... I have to provide you with the information about this Being's reign and activity and your relationship with It. Since you are blessed with intelligence, with the faculty of thought, I also constantly stimulate you to think, and I enter your thoughts Myself.... I direct your earthly fate in such a way that you will be able to think of Me.... Hence I try to influence your will in every way so that it will turn to Me and hand itself over to Me.... For I Am motivated to do so by My great love for you which would like to unite itself with you again and this requires your free will.... After your long development before your embodiment as a human being you are now in a state of maturity which only requires you to make use of the blessings of being human in order to achieve your goal.... For every day will also offer you the opportunities to attain knowledge about your God and Creator, since every day will give you the opportunity to practise love, when you are able to carry out deeds of love, which will also guarantee you correct thinking and grant you the recognition that you have to fulfil a task on earth.... And considerable information about the reason for your earthly existence can be made accessible to you, and through this knowledge you can also be pushed towards Me, Who is imparting the information to you Himself, because you must learn to recognise Me in order to then also strive consciously towards Me. My love will do anything so that you will bring the course of development to fruition, which shall return you to Me for good.... But one thing even My infinite love cannot do: it cannot force you to return to Me against your will.... You have to take the path of earthly life in absolute freedom, but you will be and remain infinitely happy if your will makes a free decision for Me. You will no longer need to fear regression; for once I have won you for Myself I will hold on to you and never ever leave you to My adversary.... But in earthly life he is likewise struggling for your souls, and you should know this so that you can make a conscious choice, so that you will offer him resistance and take your path to Me in order to help you.... so that you will lay claim to the blessings of Jesus Christ's act of Salvation, in Whom I Myself came to earth in order to pay the purchase price for your souls.... For you belonged to My adversary as well, since you had followed him of your own free will....

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                  • Is the Bible completed ....New Revelation


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                    Is the Bible completed.... How misguided you are to assume that with the Scriptures, the Book of the Fathers, My Word has come to an end.... that I Myself have set a limit in so far as that I now do not communicate anymore, that I do not speak to people any longer.... Who gives you the authority to make such an assumption?.... Who will deny Me to speak time and again as Father to My children? Who gives you the right to make the assertion that the Bible is sufficient on its own, that you humans need no other Word?.... Those of you who reject every new revelation are still confined in the darkness of spirit.... And in this darkness you will not understand the Bible either, thus it is still a closed book for you because you do not understand the spiritual meaning of the letters, or you would also find the references concerning My continuous revelations in this book and the working of My spirit would be comprehensible to you.... But as long as your spirit is still unenlightened you cannot grasp the meaning of the Word which I Myself spoke to My disciples while I lived on earth....You humans would be unfortunate if you had to content yourselves with a book which can no longer be checked by you yourselves for changes in its contents.... if you were not repeatedly offered the pure truth from above as a guiding principle as to whether you yourselves are living in truth.... Those of you who only accept the Book of the Fathers have not yet penetrated 'the Word' yourselves, you have only read it intellectually but not allowed the spirit within you to speak, who instructs you and explains to you the spiritual meaning of the Word....You adhere to the letter and do not understand its meaning.... And when I Myself want to guide you into truth you deny My activity, and you suspect My servants of associating with My adversary.... you question My will and the power to speak to those who devoutly offer their service to Me and who are thus also able to hear My voice within themselves.... And you stubbornly hold on to your opinion that My Word is concluded with the Scriptures, which you acknowledge as the only book through which I have revealed Myself....And that is your loss, because by rejecting My Word from above you prove yourselves to be mere dead Christians, because living Christianity is an 'activity of love', and this would result in your spiritual enlightenment and thus also in an understanding for My exceptional help in times of spiritual hardship.... Then you would also comprehend the Bible words, the promises, which I Myself gave to you and which point out that I will reveal Myself to those who keep My commandments.... So how do you intend to interpret My promises, if you deny every 'New Revelation'?.... Do you want to call Me a liar when I announce My 'comforter' to you who will 'guide you into every truth....' How do you understand these Words which have to come to pass, because every promise I gave to people during My life on earth fulfils itself.... And why do you not want to believe? Because your spirit is arrogant, because you lack inner life, spiritual awakening, and thus you believe that you are able to determine and limit Me and My activity as it suits you.... But you are mistaken, even if you believe that you have acquired knowledge through your studies which entitles you to reject My Word from above....You are spiritually arrogant and therefore you can never receive a revelation from Me yourselves, because I only bestow My grace to the humble, and you are lacking this humility.... And thus you still walk in darkness, and you will not be able to penetrate it since you avoid the light which could give you insight if you wanted to step into its radiance.... My love for My living beings will never end, and hence I will never fail to speak to you humans wherever the conditions to do so are met. And My Word will always sound in those who are of good will, to whom the Father can speak like to His children and who have a living faith in Me. And to them I will give evidence of Myself, and My Own will recognise My voice because I can be present with them.... I can reveal Myself to them as I have promised.... Amen

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                    • Rachel Angel - What I Want


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                      "What I Want" by Rachel Angel off her debut EP, "Revelations" (2014). More Rachel Angel: http://rachelangel.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/RachelAngelRevelations?ref=hl https://soundcloud.com/rachelangelrevelations https://twitter.com/RachelAngel33 https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelAngel33

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