1. Shoulder Release with Myofascial 5-Pack


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    For more information or to purchase soma system® self-bodywork tools: www.somasystem.com Fitness wear provided by Yumiko http://global.yumiko-online.com

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    • Advanced Scapula Stabilization


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      Purpose: To challenge shoulder girdle stabilizers with dynamic as well as static resistance in multiple planes of motion. 1. Wrap band around hands. 2. Lean on wall bearing weight through hands. 3. Keep one arm on wall while sliding opposite hand in several directions stretching band. http://www.therapeuticexchange.com

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      • Neck and Upper Back Stretching Exercises: Occupational Physiotherapy - Physio Med


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        There are certain activities in the workplace that may contribute to developing a sore neck. These could include repetitive activities at work, sitting or standing for long periods of time, lifting objects or operating machine tools. To read our full article or download our infographic, click here: http://physiomed.co.uk/exercises/don-t-suffer-from-a-pain-in-the-neck The nature of these activities can, if not addressed lead to the gradual build up of tension and stiffness in the neck, upper back and shoulder area. These exercises have been designed by our team of Chartered Physiotherapists to assist in preventing the onset of the tension and stiffness or to ease any pain if it occurs. For more information, please feel free to get in touch: Visit: www.physiomed.co.uk Tel: 0113 229 1300 Email: customerservices@physiomed.co.uk

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        • Body Weight Rows


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          Body Weight Rows strengthens the muscles in our back. http://www.reids-workouts.com/

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          • Resisted Shoulder External Rotation, Retraction, and Depression


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            Purpose: To strength rotator cuff, scapula retractors and depressors. 1. Hold band at tension allowing for full movement. 2. Keeping elbows at sides, stretch band pulling shoulder blades back and down. *Do not shrug shoulders. http://www.therapeuticexchange.com

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            • Scapula Retraction and Depression


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              Purpose: To create motion in the shoulder blades using retraction and depression 1. Reach both arms back and down as if to touch floor with finger tips. 2. Unless otherwise instructed spine movement to increase distance of the reach is ok. *Do not shrug the shoulders. http://www.therapeuticexchange.com

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              • Scapula Protraction and Retraction


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                Purpose: To achieve movement of the scapula through protraction and retraction. 1. For protraction the shoulders round forward as you reach out in front. 2. Retraction is the action of "pinching" the shoulder blades down and back. *Do not shrug shoulders during either motion http://www.therapeuticexchange.com

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                • Prone Scapula Retraction


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                  Purpose: To strengthen the retractors of the scapula including the rhomboids and mid trapezius 1. Lie face down arms off sides of plinth. 2. Raise arms outward drawing shoulder blades together and down. *Do not shrug shoulders. http://www.therapeuticexchange.com

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                  • Seated Tricep Extension and Seated Row with Dumbbells - Senior Fitness


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                    http://facebook.com/coachlana This is a basic seated tricep extension and seated row that is great for seniors and beginners. Please be sure to check with your doctor to make sure these exercises are appropriate for you. I'm not there to monitor you and I don't know your medical history. Workout smart. Be sure to also do a warm up, cool down and stretch as part of a safe workout. Never do any exercise that causes sharp pain. This exercise requires a chair and some light, easy to grip dumbbells. Be sure to sit with your feet securely planted on the ground, pull your belly button in to have an active contraction in your abdominals to help support your back. Lead with your chest open to keep the spine in good alignment. We slightly hinge forward and use our other arm for support on our thighs, this helps to take stress off the back. The weighted arm hangs by our side and we lift from the elbow for the seated row. With each lift, feel as if you are squeezing between your shoulder blades in your upper back and then gently lower the weights. Never move in a quick ballistic manner. Always move with control. The same goes for the seated tricep extension. Lift the weighted elbow as if you are doing a seated row and then straighten the arm behind, bend the arm back and lower gently. You should feel the muscle behind the upper arm working. Be sure you don't feel tension in your lower back, shoulders or neck. I hope you enjoy these exercises. Please let me know if you have any questions or have comments.

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                    • Standing Bilateral Dumbbell Row


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                      This exercise is designed to target your rhomboids and your lats. Ensure abdominal bracing when performing this exercise and full range of motion during the exercise.

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