1. A Brokedown Melody - Film Trailer


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    "A Brokedown Melody" follows swell through South America, Polynesia and Jamaica. Documenting in 16mm film the surfing of Kelly Slater, Gerry Lopez, Jack Johnson, Mike Todd, Mark Cunningham, C.J. Hobgood, The Wilmots, The Malloys and Rob Machado.

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    • A day at Lowers


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      An afternoon with Reef Ambassadors #Justpassingthrough Lowers on a fine Spring Day. Includes Rob Machado, Mitch Crews, Taylor Knox, Liam Gloyd, Micah Crozier, Caleb Crozier, Tia Blanco and Mike Lossness.

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      • Andy Irons, Pat O'Connell, Rob Machado in Mexico!


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        Dudes surfin' in Mexico.

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        • An Evening at Seaside


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          A glimpse at San Elijo in the fall of 2009. Shot, Edited by Troy Brajkovich www.MindzEyeMedia.com Song provided by The Julian Temple Band Buy their new album www.juliantempleband.com

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          • a pure source. LIGHTNING BOLT


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            • a quickee for access hollywood


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              • A Teen Dollars // The Greenhouse Effect Los Angeles "Big Teen Dollar$" @ Jango_Radio_Airplay // Bmi Music.


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                324,094 Views - Youtube Video 2006 - 'The Greatest Teen Anthem Achievement in the History of 35 Years Of Pop Music and Brought to you by Nike Shoes, Coca Cola, and Fender Guitars" was recorded Gleefully By Clark Hagins on September 3,4, and 5, 1992 at Jet City Sound Studios in El Segundo Calif. as he played and Over-dubbed all the instruments as assisted by Engineer "Wild" Billy Krodel and a back-up vocals session-man addition that included a "Who Who" of South Bay Musicians ! Today, Haggins gets his airplay World Wide at internet Radio Stations Like Jango and Pandora and Last.FM 'Powerplay' and often he has found most success mixing in his Greenhouse-Effect-Songs with the Likes of Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj !! "Pop music fans of really Lame music seem to Love my band ,...and we can work along side Muse and Eminem as well as Nicki Minaj ,...G.e. more than gets by well !!!" Says Guitarist and all around music tradesman Clark Hagins. "We're trying to get our songs played at weird places now like Fox News Red Eye and "The Five" and CNN ,...EVERYWHERE YOU CAN GET AIRPLAY IS IMPORTANT." HAGINS Scored a special deal that got his song "Brandy" Played around North America at Shell Gasoline Stations and 24 Hour Fitness Work out Centers but getting onto highly watched places like Fox News is a goal; "Nobody really watches CNN or MSNBC ,...It would almost be a complete waste of time to get played there,..But I'll take it" Says Hagins. "Brandy" has worked out extremely well for Greenhouse Effect and their 'Clay Marzo Surfing Video' has been a smash hit at Vimeo and Youtube as well as many others; "Getting any kind of airplay is Mega-important for bands,..Our band is everywhere,...other bands email me and want to be buddies ,..but often I will go check out and hear these groups and they suck ,..and they sound Like just all the same weak emo fucking shit ,...I Like stuff that's different" Says Higgins. Hagins says that he hates Coachella and the SXSW Like system that music is in in 2011 and 2012. "It was much better back in 06' and 05' ,..things were more way wide open when Myspace was big ,..but now it has died,..I hear it's making a comeback though ,..(Laughs)" Greenhouse Effect were offered a $2000.00 Payday and a Side stage set at Coachella in 2008 which Hagins frantically tried to play but couldn't assemble his band which disbanded in 1992; "I called Marty Silva and Phil Keegan,..and they were both Like WTF ????,....I HAD no band ,..in reality,...We're a cyber "Internet band' ,..we're not a real Group anymore,...we just entertain people and make people Laugh today as a document of what a band was in 1988 through 91/ 92',...it was way way Long long time ago - we're Like BubblePuppy now,..or the Glass Menagery with Fredrick Jordan ,..we're Gone" Says Haggins. "I think in 2008,..A lotta people thought we were back ,..and that we were serious again ,..I would want to be,...But I can't get anyone to jam anymore" Says Haggins. Still, Greenhouse Effect are now Legends of the internet with the Classic "Brandy" and a new generation of throngs of fans World Wide keep Ge in their browsers for Haggins daily; "Maybe I'll come back and play,..maybe I can someday put together a band,..But I'm turning 47 Years old,...this is hard now" Says the Guitarist. Being Played constantly along side Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift keeps Hagins interested and Laughing though ; "I don't like that kinda music but people say that we have a weak Pop angle sound and style to us,..I think that's why Pop People like us,..it's like Big Star was with Alex Chilton in 73'" says Higgins. // Teen Dollars // The Greenhouse Effect Los Angeles "Big Teen Dollar$" - Jango_Radio_Airplay // Bmi Music. // Los Angeles MEGA-Band Greenhouse Effect have used Jango Radio Probably better than any other Band and Clark Haggins swares by it as he has now Landed his music into Cable and Satellite TV !! "Jango Radio is the easiest thing to use ever - it is much easier to use than Pandora or Last.FM or any of the others ,..they are clumsy and often too confusing for bands,... if you gotta few hundred bucks sitting around and a hit song or two , you can get your music played all over the planet pretty cheaply too ,..." Greenhouse Effect's "Brandy" and 'White Black Thang' have earned quick success world wide on internet radios and especially with the so user friendly Jango; "Bands love Jango ,..it's a God-send !!!,...it can Over-night make your band very popular with thousands of people ,..but I would watch out for poor imitators" Says Haggins. Hagins has tried his hand at Pandora, Last.Fm and paying to play to get on Live 365 and others,.."If you have thousands of Dollars to burn ,..there are ways that any band can get onto Kroq FM in Los Angeles and hundreds of more stations - there are agencies all over Santa Monica and the Midwest that can do it !!,...but who has that kinda money - Not me !!" Says Hagins. Hagins says that Hollywood Record Labels and often very rich touring bands themselves can literally buy their own airplay and destiny quite easily with their touring money and he sites Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters as a Prime Example; "Dave Grohl and RCA Records can just sit there for ever if they want and buy up as much Airplay as they want for all of his Lame songs that all sound the same - believe me - it's all at their disposal ,....it's the reason why we hear nothing but Green Day, Foo Fighters, and Lady Ga Ga all day and all the time - they basically 'OWN' THE AIRWAVES through these middle men agencies that are out there,...so technically, it's not really PAYOLA ,....SUPER WEALTHY ARTISTS HAVE the money to stay in the public eye and by the way - stay super wealthy too ,..but sometimes it backfires,...Look what ALMOST happened to the Who in 1979/ 80',..right after Keith Moon Died,...they had to do those big tours to catch up to all their Promotion budgets,....but 'thats' why they're the Who !! They got Promoted the BIGGEST - AND ULTIMATELY BY THEMSELVES !!" Hagins calls the Music industry and the "Way it is" very unfair to thousands of bands out there who strive hard and often fail more than succeed; "Everybody knows my band now because I fucking sit here til four Am every night ,..I am ultimately my own record Label - and from my home Computer,..Sure, buying up Googles ads helps and is key ,..but shit man, I would kill to be able to get on the real Fm Dial where all that crap like Coldplay is ,..because I could blow them off the air with my songs - My shit is way high quality and Professional music ,...If I could get some Gazillionaire to Promote me and all my shit, I would take Over !!!" Hagins says that most of the music coming out Post 1991 is Quote unQuote " A Hunk of shit "; "You hear all these bands and they all suck and sound the same like clones - it's gotten pretty pointless to even make music now today - People can't tell what good or bad is ,..and a lot of it is because it's all fucking bad - there's a lotta fucking Lame shit out there,..and if YOU wanna see it - all you have to do is go to Coachella ( Laughs )" - - Jango Jukebox G.e. ?? Fuck Yeah - That's Where G.e. Rox 24-7 #Vimeo #Marzo #Seo #Jango @Twitter #Greta - jango.com/music/Greenhouse+Effect?l=0 // DIRECT TV 8 TRACKS CHANNEL AND GREENHOUSE-EFFECT-BRANDY 2012 !!!

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                • Bajan Dreaming --- Director's Cut


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                  Some images from a shoot I did for Reef last year in Barbados. This is a just a cut to showcase some of the imagery we got while there. Good times as always with the Reef Ambassadors. Directed by: Russell Brownley Cinematography by: Nic Mclean and Russell Brownley Edited by: Noah Carlson Creative Director: Mark Tesi Stylist: Kira Shepphard Stylist: Troy Kingman Surfers: Rob Machado Taylor Knox Luke Davis Adam Bennetts Nic Rosza MIkala Jones Tia Blanco Paige Maddison

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                  • balcon in bali


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                    the quality is shit, the sound is terrible, but this man is a rock star. for balcon.

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                    • Bali Dreaming June 5th - 12th 2010


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                      Living the dream in Bali for my first week. Waves were firing and the surfing was even better. Enjoy!

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