1. Harland Braun on Media Mayhem Episode 4


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    SHOW DESCRIPTION: Media Mayhem is a weekly show hosted by Allison Hope Weiner, a lawyer and journalist who's covered Hollywood for more than fifteen years. The show gives the audience a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in the media world. Through interviews with journalists, lawyers, writers and other people who work in the world of media, Allison reveals why certain stories are published, why others are never told and how the conflict between the advertising and editorial sections of a company often determines content. This show is an effort to give viewers the information so they can become more discerning and discriminating consumers of media content. EP 3 RECAP: On this week’s episode of Media Mayhem we have one of the top criminal attorneys in Los Angeles as our guest, Harland Braun, to talk about his trials of the century and how he used media coverage to help his clients. Harland shares stories about his involvement with The John Landis/Twighlight Zone trial, representing the police officer in the Rodney King case (while representing rapper EZ-E) and his strategy in the Robert Blake case. Also covered is the role the media and paparazzi play in these high profile cases and how Harland has handled the press under such a public eye. ADDITIONAL LINKS ETC: Harland Braun http://www.braunlaw.com/ http://articles.cnn.com/2010-10-04/justice/celebrity.lawyer.braun_1_v... Mayhem Round Articles http://gawker.com/5843908/anonymous-leaks-personal-details-of-cop-who... http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-coliseum-20110925,0,4119441.s... http://www.crschools.net/blog/20-trials-of-the-century http://blog.al.com/live/2011/09/bay_minette_alternative_senten.html SHOW RECAP: 1:00- 4:00 Introduction/Current events: Iran released hikers: (disappeared in the media after one press conference) Occupy Wall Street: also missing. Mainstream media is avoiding these stories and burying them for certain reasons, encourage the public to look for alternate sources to see what is going on. 4:00- 5:20 Introduction of guest HARLAND BRAUN (clients include Robert Blake, John Landis/Twighlight Zone case, Cop in Rodney King case) 5:20 AHW: Can you give viewers a sense of how coverage has changed? 5:40-6:37 HB: there was no celebrity coverage whatsoever years ago, The Twighlight Zone trial (in which 2 children were killed in a helicopter accident...actor Jon Landis on trial for manslaughter and represented by Harland Braun)...HB: coverage on TZ case not even close to what it would be today. It was/is important to limit press 6:50 HB: you have to make decisions on how you handle it based on the fact that they still have to have a public career after the trial 7:15 HB: We needed the public to know that the TZ case was an accident. With Robert Black needed to let the public know just who the victim was. 8:00 HB: I represented Robert Blake until he did an interview with the press against my advisement/request not to do so. I was convinced in that case that Bonnie would have had RB killed eventually....The judges are often impacted more than the jury in these cases 9:15 AHW: WHEN YOU GO TO THE PRESS, DO YOU PICK MEDIA OUTLETS BASED ON WHO WATCHES WHAT? 9:45 HB: Robert Blake went to DIane Sawyer behind my back...within hours of dropping RB case he was advised to fax letter of resignation before Hollywood and mainstream media could say he was fired 10:10 HB: “HOLLYWOOD IS A TRIP THROUGH THE SEWER IN A GLASS BOTTOM BOAT” 11:20 AHWL YOU HAVE DECIDED TO BE SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT COMMENT ON OTHER CASES, WHY? 11:45 HB: I learned during the OJ Simpson trial the significance of putting something in print ...I was unfair to some of the lawers in that case in some comments in LA TImes. I will comment on generic issues but not on ethics 12:50 (AHW to viewers : be aware of people commenting without acutally being involved in or following the trials going on, “experts” are often asked to comment on things they haven’t even seen) 13:30 HB: always questions the terms “criminal lawyers “ and “former presecutors...they always seem false/made up...(insert GRAPHIC “win an expert”) 15:30 Rodney King case...federal prosecution discussion 16:12 HB I was representing rapper Eazy-E at the same time I decided to represent the cop in the Rodney King case, I called him to get his feelings on it prior to taking on the case. Eazy-E got to know the client and eventually supported him and his family through the trial 17:15 HB: Eazy E was more interested in whether it was a racial case or not (which after many views of the tapes we determined it was not, cop would have reacted the same regardless of race) 17:33 AHW: DISCUSS THE PUBLIC ATMOSPHERE IN SOME TRIALS (ie Bev Hills high murder) 18:34 AHW : People come out of the wood work when it is high publicity 18:45 HB: it is dangerous b/c people will come forward pretending to be witnesses OR when there is so much publicity the actual witnesses will NOT come forward 19:30 HB: defending the surfers in the malibu attack 20:00 HB: paparrazzi get 150k for a photo so Paris Hilton crying in a cop car, so it is cutthroat 20:21 AHW: WHY ARE YOU AGAINST CAMERAS IN THE COURTROOM? 20:38 HB: the critical thing in any case are the witnesses. they are often the people most effected by the presence of cameras (not the judge, not the jury, not the lawyers...). the witnesses may become shy or reticent OR want to become famous like Kato Kailin. CAMERAS CAN DISTORT THE FACT FINDING PROCESS 21:30 AHW: HAVE YOU SEEN IT CHANGE IN ANY CASES? 21:40 HB: Yes and many judges are starting to agree with me 23:10 AHW: CASEY ANTHONY CASE: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE COMMENT ABOUT PROSECUTORS DOING A GREAT JOB IN MANY HEADLINES? 23:50 HB: that case was fact specific. there was no who/why what 24:07 AHW AND NANCY GRACE’S COMMENTS? 24:09 HB: That is a tool of the prosecution playing on people’s fears and dislikes 24:30 AHW: AND WHEN IT ENDED NGrace WAS CRITICIZING THE VERDICT...WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT PUBLIC FLOGGING BY THE TALKING HEADS? 25:00 HB: Rodnery King case was the only time I went to court with an armed gaurd, I received scary racist letters from the south supporting me....scariest thing about the RK case was that it was not racial (but the media played it out to be) 26:30 AHW DO YOU THINK PEOPLE WERE DESENSITIZED BY THE VIDEO BEING SHOWN SO MANY TIMES? 27:00 HB when you watch it many times you see that there was no racial motivation, it was a case of if you knew what happened it was a justified use of force. Gates made every liberal like me believe it was def. a racial case...RK is now a code word for racial violence.. 29:00 AHW Image of Press conference PROPOGANDA DURING A CASE 30:35 HB: you would be a jerk if you walked right by the press conference.. 31:00 AHW WHAT ABOUT WHEN LAWYERS TALK TO THE PRESS AT EVERY BREAK? 31:00 HB That is vanity 32:00 AHW Lane Garrison case in Bverly Hills with affluent people protesting, it was a drunk driving accident...not going to be able to bring back the victim... 32:55 AHW WHAT ABOUT YOUNG STARLETT TRIALS (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton?) 33:19 HB: they often end up being punished more than the average person for their crimes because of the profile and the public eye on them. It is important to be able to slide through the system with a low profile (not an option for celebrities) 34:15 AHW HAVE YOU BEEN APPROACHED BY ANYONE BASED ON THAT? 34:20 HB IN LA I would tak it on, In some place like Ventura I would not. A celebrity in small town will get much more attention than here where there are so many. 34:40 AHW: WHAT IS YOUR DAY LIKE WITH CLIENTS BESIDES CELEBRITY CLIENTS? 35:20 HB: I don’t like any case where I have to visit people who are in custody , try to avoid those 35:45 AHW: WHAT IS IT LIKE TO REPRESENT A LAWYER?(in reference to Mansen family prosecutor) 36:30 AHW: DID HE TELL YOU WHAT TO DO? 37:10: HB: no, he had the advantage of being innocent 37:10 AHW: JUDGE COOLY HOW DO YOU RELATE TO HIM? 37:15 HB: His only question is what is the right thing to do (even though he is a right wing conservative) 38:00 AHW: 3 STRIKES LAW, WHAT IS YOUR SENSE OF IT AND WILL IT EVER BE CHANGED? 38:00-40:00 HB: 3 strikes discussion...if public understands what it costs and how it effects people it could be changed 40:20 AHW: IS THERE A SPECIFIC THING THAT THE PUBLIC DOESN’T GET THAT A CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAYWER DOES?/DO THEY THINK YOU ARE A SOME SLEAZY DEFENSE LAWYER WHO IS LYING? 41:50 AHW: HOW DID YOU ESCAPE DOING THE OJ TRIAL? 42:48 HB: my wife would never forgive me for defending a man who slit his wife’s throat. 42:50 AHW DON’T PEOPLE LIKE THAT DESERVE TO BE REPRESENTED? 42:54 HB Yes but not by me. after the Rodney King case I was recognized in public, it would have been so much worse with the OJ case 44:00 HB: there is a fascination with Hollywood and criminal law together. You have to deal with the papparazzi because of it. What is scary with this is the idea of jurors getting on the interet 45:47 AHW: DO JURORS HAVE TO BE MORE RIGOROUS IF ON DISPLAY (CAMERAS IN COURTROOM)? 46:55 HB: If you have a big case as a DA it is unlikley you will get another 47: 20 HB: In the Phil Spector case I didn’t represent him becaus i had talked with the chauffer in confidence about what happend prior to Phil coming to me. Phil Spector had nothing to lose by trying it. 49:00 - 52:00 AHW PELLICANO CASE/RUPERT MURDOCH CASE 52:00 MEDIA MAYHEM ROUND 52:50 youtube video mention of “Harland Braun is my lawyer” being shouted by guy getting beaten by a security gaurd 54:00-56:30 HEADLINE ONE: OCCUPY WALL STREET (discussion) 56:30-58:13 HEADLINE TWO: LA COLLISEUM, TAXPAYERS MONEY TO PAY FOR GAS (discussion, HB representing someone in the Bell County case w/inflated salaries...you have to prove the person knows it is illegal...AHW: So much more behind these stories than people realize 58:13: HB discusses involvement on Bell case 59:13 - 61:00 HEALINE THREE: ACLU/3 Strikes law (discussion) 61:08 HEADLINE FOUR : TRIALS OF THE CENTURY (HB= not for the defense, people don’t realize the impact being charged has on a person)... 63:28 Nick: ANY TRIALS THAT FASCINATE YOU? 63:45: HB so many normal cases that aren’t known fascinate me....currently representing an Armenian guy charged with kidnapping who is being set up and the prosecution is cheating....I’ve represented an eye surgeon and learn all about that... 65:00 WHAT IS IT LIKE REPRESENTING A CELEBRITY WHO HAS AN ENTOURAGE? 65:30 HB all of those people are important (manager, publicist etc) so everyone has to be involved. A normal client is far more one on one which is easier. 66:22 HB: story of drunk driving case where a couple was injured. the defendant fled as a fugitive but paid $100k to the couple (very moral person to have done this, but could not face sentencing) case was tried and he is now on probabtion for what he did. 66:52 HB there are certain cases I could not handle (murder or rape of a child ….) 67:14 WRAP UP EPISODE

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