1. A Greater Horror - Bastard


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    Our "cover" of Tyler the Creator's track 'Bastard'. And by "cover" I mean very subtle quoting/homage. A Greater Horror is: Rodrigo Constanzo - keys+electronics Mauricio Pauly - electric bass Alex Tod - drums Filmed by Angela Guyton For more info/music check out: http://www.agreaterhorror.com http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com http://www.mauriciopauly.com http://www.angelaguyton.com

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    • and truth, and not


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      What has been captured on this video was improvised: the vocalizations, the camera work, and the light movement. Danishta Rivero - voice Angela Guyton - camera Rodrigo Constanzo - lights http://www.danishtarivero.com http://www.angelaguyton.com http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com

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      • Bankley


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        March 30, 2012 Manchester, England Bankley Gallery Reverb Exhibition event I had asked the other exhibiting artists (which are also my peers on the MA course) if they could film our performance. I let them know that they could film as much or as little of it as they wanted, and also let them know how I was planning on editing the footage together. This is that movie.

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        • C-C-Combine - Play anything with anything


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          C-C-Combine is a corpus-based audio mosiacing application, built in Max/MSP, based on concatenative synthesis. Concatenative synthesis is a technique for synthesizing sounds by concatenating short samples of recorded sound. It is essentially a type of granular synthesis that, instead of playing back grains based on position/windows, plays back grains based on analysis of incoming audio. In order to do this you must have a corpus (the pre-analyzed body of sounds) and an input sound source (either incoming audio or file playback). For more info and to download the patch visit: http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com/combine http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com http://www.angelaguyton.com http://www.samandreae.com

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          • Frantic Party Mix (FrantaBit Pedal Review....)


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            FrantaBit bit-crushing pedal in a review turned into techno jam.... Shot and edited by Angela Guyton http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com http://www.ironether.com http://www.angelaguyton.com

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            • Glitch Beat


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              a "battle piece" by Strike-through Me & You (Sam Andreae and Rodrigo Constanzo) filmed by Angela Guyton www.strikethroughmeandyou.com

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              • ialreadyforgotyourpussy.com


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                ialreadyforgotyourpussy.com is a piece for amplified wind instrument and amplified snare drum composed by Rodrigo Constanzo performed at the CD release party of Amp/AL by Richard Craig and Rodrigo Constanzo. Filmed by Angela Guyton For more info visit: http://richardcraig.bandcamp.com http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com http://www.richardcraig.net http://www.angelaguyton.com

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                • Monolase (monome app)


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                  My second monome app! From the description: 8-bit modulated delay/sampler based on the ciat-lonbarde Cocolase. Features: Two 8-bit sampler/delays being modulated by a “Sidrassi” brain, consisting of five oscillators which can be audiorate or LFO, and triangle or square. These modulation sources can be patched to different parameters (as well as each other) to create complex patterns. There are an additional three “rambrains” which are some of the oscillators sampled at the rate of other oscillators, for even more complex waveforms. Each delay/sampler has control over input, feedback, and pitch. You can patch the modulation sources to “flip” which controls playhead direction, “skip” which controls playhead position, and “afec” which controls playback speed. Instructions: Top Row are modulation sources. They are variable rate oscillators that can be LFOs or audio rate and triangle or square. They can be patched to themselves or to various parameters of each cocolase module. The parameters are “flip” (changing direction), “skip” (jumping position) and “afec” (playback speed). You can adjust the “ip” to control how much flip/skip are effected, and “afec” to control how much the speed is effected. Unordered List ItemRows 2-7 are the parameters for modulation. Row2 - flip for cocolase2 Row3 - flip for cocolase1 Row4 - skip for cocolase2 Row5 - skip for cocolase1 Row6 - afec for cocolase2 Row7 - afec for cocolase1 Row8 contains the playback controls. These are two identical sets of 4 buttons. Button1 - cocolase engage Button2 - play/stop Button3 - sound/silence Button4 - delay/sample The sound and functionality are modeled after the hardware Cocolase (which I own) and it would help to read the manual linked below to get a handle on the device a bit more. Things that will get added: Arc2 functionality. Arc stuff everywhere! Upsampling of core samplers to allow for more extreme modulation without digital artifacts.

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                  • 576-ORGY


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                    Cast Morton/Robert Estlinbaum Necklace/Jeannie/Maritza A. Rosa Operator/Cristine Brache VHS footage by Diane Marie and Cristine Brache Music by Rodrigo Constanzo, Domingo Castillo, and Cristine Brache Written, edited, and directed by Cristine Brache Sound mastered by Miriam Valdez Miami 2010 Synopsis An operator individually guides two callers to confront their innermost desires on television by selling them jewelry and realizations. The first caller realizes she is a dog, and the second caller intimately explores his obsession with a Necklace. Reviews "The video integrates and laces words and images so they occupy the same space, and yet the dialogue is always fracturing language, undoing it, and there is a tension in the primacy of the image over the word, as the word becomes again and again an image, but the words always stretch the images power dynamic, exposes it, makes it raw " -C. Stuart “…Tranquil music and the soft, sensual voice of a televised jewelry operator…who guides her callers through both construction and deconstruction of the self…She talks her callers through a hypnotic-like trance…while sublimating their fears onto the objects she sells. The voice of the operator often echoes, creating a reverberating message against a background of elevator 90's techno music. To relay these idiosyncratic feelings on television, to a jewelry sales associate is probably counter-productive, but there is something redeeming about the operator. She takes the obstructive nature of these people and helps to confront the pandemonium of opposition that each of us, in some way, struggles with…We have become attached to our consuming wants, and in fact, become slave to material objects.” -K. Arsham "Self enlightenment, mixing with commercialism, mixing with this idea of selling information? Our ideas…our pasts…these things are being used for misguided purposes…the idea of talking to work out our problems to people who are trying to sell us something. Is that all we want? To transpose some of our memories onto different people? To connect with what made us happy as kids, to replace these new figures with representations of our old ones? I suppose that’s where we formulate our entire opinions and feelings about the world. '576-ORGY' mixes these things together, in a fish bowl, I hear the ocean-- this kind of mind merge…that we don’t realize is going on, we perceive all things as being black/white, logical, scientific, safe." -F. Lubin

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                    • Peter Blasser + Rodrigo Constanzo


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                      Peter Blasser and Rodrigo Constanzo perform together at Hub in Manchester during Peter's first workshop visit to the UK. The instruments being played by Peter are: Cocoquantus Tetrax Organ Shnth (new!!) For more info: http://www.ciat-lonbarden.et http://www.shbobo.net http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com

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