1. Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay


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    Scott Weaver's amazing piece, made with over 100,000 toothpicks over the course of 35 years, is a depiction of San Francisco, with multiple ball runs that allow you to go on "tours" of different parts of the city. It will be on display in the Tinkering Studio until June 19th! http://tinkering.exploratorium.edu

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    • "ORIGINALS" Part 4: Alex Broskow


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      CREATE ORIGINALS™ presents an online team video series, "Originals". The fourth chapter, Part 4, highlights Create pro team rider Alex Broskow, who resides in Kansas City Missouri. Filmed in Boston & Kansas City. Edited by Sean Kelso createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... customshop.createoriginals.com

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      • CREATE ORIGINALS™ Introduces Montre' Livingston To The 2010 Pro Team


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        CREATE ORIGINALS™ welcomes and introduces Montre' Livingston to the 2010 Pro Team. Montre' spent a few days filming with us and we announced his arrival to the team at the new Pier 62 skate park in money makin' Manhattan. We put together an edit of not just what went down at the park but a bunch of street footage as well. Once again welcome to the team Montre' and happy birthday! We are honored to have you join the ranks of the BADDEST team in blading! CO 2010 The 2010 Pro Team - Sean Kelso, Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, John Bolino, Colin Kelso, Billy O'Neill, & Montre' Livingston http://createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... http://customshop.createoriginals.com

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        • CREATE ORIGINALS™ Introduces Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer To The 2010 Pro Team


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          CREATE ORIGINALS™ welcomes its two newest riders Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer to the 2010 Pro Team. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and we wanted to welcome our new riders to the team with open arms. So when Chris Farmer and Alex Broskow were ready to make the commitment and join the ranks of the Create Originals Pro-team we felt we had to go the extra mile. We could have just had them send in some footage but we felt it was just as important to get hot footage as it was to get everyone together and skate as a team. Airline tickets were booked, the Kelso cruiser was fueled and arrangements were made for our team to have the 50,000 square foot Rye Airfield Skatepark all to ourselves for not 1 or 2 but 3 CO only sessions. Here is some more of what went down... ENJOY! On another note spring is almost here and we at Create Originals have been working hard to get you a new line of frames to keep you looking fresh into these upcoming warmer months. We now have the ability to manufacture WATER PROOF and tear resistant graphic inserts IN HOUSE. What this means is that we are now unlimited in our options... there is going to be an explosion of new graphics coming. Starting with our new line of signature frames from everyone on our team... Sean and Colin Kelso, Billy O'Neill, John Bolino, Chris Farmer, Alex Broskow, Franco Cammayo, Austin Paz, Mark Wojda and our NEW team member. This new line is set to release at the Bitter Cold Show Down and we will announce the new rider there as well. Along with the new line of frames there will be a new shirt line, 3 NEW COLORS of G-Blocks(only limited amounts available at BCSD), bandannas, dog tags and PRINTABLE BLANK GRAPHIC INSERTS. The Blanks are awesome! They are pre-cut inserts attached to sheets that allow you to either hand draw or print from your computer on them and then simply pull your graphic right from the page and insert them into your Create Originals frames. NO CUTTING REQUIRED! We will be posting images of all these new products in a few days on our website. For now you can check out a sneak peak at the new line of frames via the site... http://createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... http://customshop.createoriginals.com

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          • Bicycles, Rolling Stops, and the Idaho Stop


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            The Oregon legislature is considering passage of a law that would allow bicycle riders to treat stop signs as yield signs. These "rolling stops" would allow bike riders to preserve some of the momentum they depend upon for efficient travel, just so long as they don't infringe on the safety and rights of others. The law is based on one that's been successful in Idaho for the last 27 years, so it's come to be known as the "Idaho Stop" law. There's some controversy - and whole lot of misunderstanding - surrounding the proposed Idaho Stop law. I thought I could clear some of it up with the magic of animation. Music: "Celebrated Shoo Fly Galop" by W.L. Hayden, performed by Lucas Gonze (soupgreens.com and gonze.com). Used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. UPDATE: This particular piece of legislation failed to make it to a vote: http://bikeportland.org/2009/04/20/no-idaho-stops-in-oregon-law-fails-to-win-necessary-support-17477 However, the notion of lightening regulation on bikes hasn't gone away entirely, most recently turning up in the "gut and stuff" placeholder language of a law that would allow people on bikes to proceed were a stoplight not to sense them: http://bikeportland.org/2011/02/02/false-alarm-on-idaho-stop-law-47209 And the idea of Idaho Stop has proven popular all over the world, as is indicated at least in part by the continued spread of this video, which was originally meant only for the eyes of Oregon legislators and citizens, to convince them of the common sense behind this law.

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            • "ORIGINALS" Part 1: Sean Kelso


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              CREATE ORIGINALS™ presents an online team video series, "Originals". The first installment, Part 1, features pro team rider Sean Kelso. Filmed primarily in Boston, Philadelphia, and Kansas City Missouri. http://createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... http://customshop.createoriginals.com

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              • "ORIGINALS" Part 5: Montre Livingston


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                CREATE ORIGINALS™ presents an online team video series, "Originals". The fifth edition in the series showcases Create pro team rider Montre Livingston, who is from the city of Charlotte North Carolina. Filmed during the Fall of 2013 in Boston MA & Charlotte NC. createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... customshop.createoriginals.com

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                • CREATE ORIGINALS™ Mark Wojda 2010 AM Team Summer Edit


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                  CREATE ORIGINALS™ Mark Wojda 2010 AM Team Summer Edit "Last summer Brian and Hakeem let me crash at the C.O. house for a while...basically all summer. I really love skating Boston, the scene's full of good spots and cool, well-rounded skaters. Just staying with Brian and Hakeem gave me a ton of time to film and test new products, especially during the beginning of the summer when I was healthy and just juiced all the time because school was out and weather was perfect. I wasn't just testing new frames, but ended up messing with different skates and frame sizes as well. Unfortunately, after injuring my knee on a vacation in Colombia I had to chill for a while. But, while on vacation there I met some of the nicest, coolest people and did things I never thought I would ever do- like paraglide over the beautiful mountains in Bucaramanga and chill in Medellín. Before my trip new frames just came in and I immediately noticed a few differences with the new mold... The strength of the new mold is amazing and nearly impossible to break. I love the side-walls, they wear down perfectly and make it so less of your wheel-or none-get flat spots when you decide to do the ill cess-slide...they slide and wear smoother in general...I'm really juiced on the improvements Brian, Hakeem, and Billy came up with for sure. Big thanks to the C.O. owners/team/and the Boston crew for a great summer." - Mark Wojda http://createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... http://customshop.createoriginals.com

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                  • Goodbye Jello! Hello Sony A7S APS-C vs Full Frame. Also some 720p 120 FPS.


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                    http://vimeo.com/102244108. My latest a7s video!! So Sony A7S - at full frame your rolling shutter looks all jello-y. But hey there's a little buried menu option to switch to APS-C crop. So thanks to dvxuser.com I did it - I switched it and look at that smoothness. Even while just holding the camera and nothing else - no rig, no nothing!! Now you are even more useful to me and many more people who would also like to steal shots with it or use it really quickly to get a creative small or different angle. The first half of this video is APS-C, the 2nd half full frame. Also I am grading this video better - less contrasty, a softer grade. So less heckling from the world, I hope! Camera settings: 24 FPS. 1/50 shutter. +3 o4 +4 color phase. sharpness -7 . s log gamma and s gamet color space. Using Orisis Impulz Lutz for generic log footage - I modifired slightly the kodak 5219 profile. Nothing is perfect on the grade - again I don't have much time - I'm doing all this between jobs. But it's less goofy and less cartoony - lower contrast and still quite cyan in the shadows but that's a nice look that I enjoyed for this fun test. The results I found is that APS-C mode has a lot less rolling shutter issues but it appears according to others to increase some noise? Still at 3200 ASA in daylight I found it quite clean. Curious with more lower light situations. Those are questions for real tests. Not these ones that are subjective and kind of useless like this one. Thanks for watching! Ed www.kittyguerrilla.com Music: John Stockton Slow Drag by Chris Zabriskie (http://chriszabriskie.com)

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                    • Gimme Shelter | Playing For Change


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                      “Gimme Shelter” is a track that we have wanted to record for years, and today we can finally share it with you. This song expresses the urgency we all face to unite together as a planet, and offers us wisdom with the words “War, children, it's just a shot away... Love, sister, it's just a kiss away.” It really is that simple. This track is the newest Song Around the World from our upcoming PFC 2 album CD/DVD release that drops May 31st. You can pre-order your copy here: http://store.playingforchange.com/

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