1. The Fourth Question 2015 Official Trailer


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    CCLProduction's The Fourth Question Movie Trailer, from CCLProductions http://www.cclproductionsandtalent.com/ccl_productions_and_talent/CCL_Productions.html and Talent & JBH Video http://www.jbhvideo.net/ ,is a short Christian film about a young man who stands up to high school bullies, and how that effects the lives of all around him. Visit us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheFourthQuestion

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    • Break the Fight! Premier 25.3.2015 @ Hurraa! Festival in Helsinki.


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      Break the Fight! Performance deals with power games and power struggles. What separates us and what brings us together? Styles of the performance include elements from street culture such as b-boying a.k.a. breaking, rapping and DJing spiced with contemporary dance and video animation. The stage performance is a part of Break the Fight! Breakdance Against School Bullying Campaign 2014-16. We give breakdance workshops for 13-28 year old junior high and vocational school students. The workshop encourages to work together and to act against school bullying. We want to raise awareness and spread the word of anti-bullying. www.breakthefight.com

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      • Donate now to StopBullying.Tilt.com!


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        The Ad Council is launching its first crowdfunding effort leveraging the Tilt platform to raise the funds necessary to continue its national Bullying Prevention campaign. The program kicks off today and will run through mid-December with a goal of raising $100,000 to fund the production and distribution of new public service ads (PSAs). Promotional partners for the Tilt program include Change.org, Participant Media, Element Associates and PR Newswire. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to: http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7357251-ad-council-tilt-be-more-than-a-bystander-bullying-prevention-campaign/

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        • BREAK THE FIGHT! Breakdance against school bullying - battle at Helsinki City Hall. www.breakthefight.com


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          Break the Fight! Breakdance against school bullying campaign 2014-16. You can get us to your company event and sponsor our cause against school bullying. www.breakthefight.com/yrityksille

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          • Axe Peace - Break The Fight & Uniikki 2014


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            Break The Fight! Breakdance Against School Bullying -project won Axe Peace One Day 10 000 € Charity Campaign 2014. Breakdance was an alternative for violence among youths in Bronx New York during early 1970’s - why couldn’t it also be an alternative for bullying today? Arja Tiili has developed a breakdance workshop for 13-28 year old junior high or vocational school students. The workshop encourages to work together and to act against bullying. It gives tools to address school bullying in a motivative way and also gives a voice for those students who need an alternative way to express themselves. Campaign site: www.breakthefight.com Break The Fight! Breikkaa koulukiusaamista vastaan-hanke voitti AXE Peace hyväntekeväisyyskampanjan! AXE Peace ja Break the Fight! julkaisivat tänään videon, jossa nähdään myös rap-artisti Uniikki. Muusikko halusi lähteä mukaan edistämään koulukiusaamisen vastaista työtä. "Break the fight! on mielestäni hieno esimerkki siitä, miten koulukiusaamista vastaan voidaan taistella yhä monimuotoisimmin keinoin”, Uniikki kertoo. “Oli mukavaa päästä ojentamaan sekki aidosti hyvän asian puolesta.” Kampanjasivut: www.breakthefight.com #breakthefight #koulukiusaaminen #axepeace #axepeaceoneday #uniikki

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            • Student Unity Project


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              The wonderful Adam Wilkinson explains how high school students can make money by working with the Student Unity Project. Visit www.studentunityproject.com to send your resume.

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              • Bullying at Schools


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                This video shows what bullying is, its types and how to stop it.

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                • Protecting Children from Bullying and CyberBullying with Pam McMurtry and NoBullying.com


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                  http://nobullying.com/what-is-bullying-2014/ The interview begins with - the following questions: I’m Pam McMurtry, I’m a parent of seven, author and artist. I’ve worked with children for many years, as a volunteer in the schools and church and as a child advocate, I’m concerned for the well-being of all children. I have two children who have the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome and have experienced exclusion and bullying. As I’ve studied behavior, I wondered if teaching tolerance and respect might be a proactive approach to helping end bullying. Bullying is defined as the use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Habitually cruelty to others who are weaker · StopBullying.gov : Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Pamela Layton McMurtry Is bullying as big an issue today as it was say 10 years ago? The NCVS (Justice Department) says that physical and property assaults have declined, but psychological and cyber bullying have increased. But 1 in 10 high school students have been involved in a fight on school campus. The scope in our culture has broadened from schoolyard cruelty to date rape, corruption in the courts and business and I believe the hyper-competitiveness of our culture has caused the problem to escalate. Studies have proven that violent music lyrics, such as rap and violent games and movies have influenced an increase in aggressive behavior. Do you see a difference in how bullying happens today – for example social media, mobile phones? Bullying has become more extensive and sophisticated. As the connections between people and the nature of relationships have changed, the opportunity and equipment to involve a larger “audience” has increased. Parents should set boundaries for tech equipment. Know who their kids friends are, where they are and who they are with. Follow them on social media sites and know their passwords. With current media coverage on Bullying and Cyber Bullying is the situation improving? Since the schools have worked to reduce bullying, physical attacks have gone down, but cyber-bullying has increased about 83%. I think parents need to become more involved in teaching their children to stop these behaviors. How do people bully others today? I think we see a lot of it in sports, unfortunately parents are sometimes guilty, and in competitions when people try to “psych” out or physically attack competitors. Remember the skater who was attacked a few years ago? We see it in business, with illegal contracts, people taking advantage and computer hacking. In libel and slander and as our laws are broken by both the public, judges and officials, and in the media. Our children learn from watching their parents and other adults. Unfortunately kids in school still pick on those who are different or don’t have adequate social skills or insulation. As problems in the world escalate, you see bullying between economic classes, ethnic and gender groups and others. Some forms of bullying include: physical attacks, destroying property or clothing, calling names, starting rumors, cyberbullying. Read more here - http://nobullying.com/pam-mcmurtry-defines-bullying/

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                  • Dealing with School Bullying with Heather Case and Nobullying.com


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                    http://nobullying.com/modern-age-school-bullying/ Heather Case: My name is Heather Case. I live in Indiana, United States and in Indiana I am a licensed mental health counselor as well as a licensed guidance counselor. So, I have worked with families for well over a decade now predominantly with children and adolescents, mostly high school students, but I started my career working with younger children in pre-K (prekindergarten) through 5th grade here in the US and I’m also the parent of a child who was pretty mercilessly bullied and have lots of experience in both public and private school settings, working with children on academic and social issues. Ciaran Connolly: Excellent. Thank you very much for taking time out to talk to us today. It will be great to get your experience and insight into bullying and what’s happening today and what we can possibly do to try and protect our children. Do you think that bullying is as big an issue today as it was 10, 20, 30 years ago? HC: I think there our awareness of the problem of bullying has significantly increased with media attention. I’m not sure that the problem of bullying has gotten any better. In fact, in some ways I think it has gotten worse because children and adolescents have access to so many more ways to influence others with social media and internet access. So, I think maybe it has gotten a little worse but you know, hopefully, we are intervening and doing something differently that will help to turn that trite thing. Our Vimeo Experts CC: Of course and as you mentioned social media, you see a difference then in how bullying happens today with all the social media, the internet, mobile phones and text messages? HC: Absolutely and I think the biggest difference is that it’s so easy to type, text, record, take pictures of stuff and send it to what would be an almost anonymous user. I mean obviously you know who you are targeting and you know who you are sending the message to but we can say things through electronic media that we wouldn’t have the guts to say face to face and so it’s so easy to type and hit send and then you know the kids are off to the races and other people can sign in where before social media you had the actually you and your friends had to be there in the present to actually harass, intimidate other students but now everybody can sign in from wherever they are all over the world and it can pounce the problem significantly. CC: Of course and there is a lot of media attention on bullying and cyber bullying at the moment. Do you thinks this is helping things? HC: You know I’m kind of torn on that. I think certainly the media attention may help raise awareness of parents and adults who can appropriately intervene and help try and stop the behavior but it also sends a message that this is acceptable behavior to our children and adolescents you know because they are like “Well, so and so is doing it. So, I don’t want to get left out”. So, I’m kind of torn on that. I think if we take the information that we were receiving through the media and begin to really take it seriously and intervene appropriately, the media certainly can be a positive influence in changing the behavior and how we treat one another. CC: Of course and if you don’t mind, I will just go back to some points you mentioned which were quite interesting. You have obviously worked with children of all ages throughout the whole spectrum. Do you think bullying impacts children at different ages in a different way? http://nobullying.com/heather-case-on-bullying/

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                    • Bully Awareness with Judi Lirman and Noullying.com


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                      http://nobullying.com/protect-our-kids-through-anti-bully-awareness/ Judi Lirman is a Marriage and Family Therapist who is in practice in the San Fernando Valley. In her own words she introduces herself “When someone in the family has a problem, the entire household has that issue. Life brings bumps, curves, and rough spots. As a psychotherapist, I respect the courage and strength it takes for you to come to counseling. I seek to build an empathetic and respectful relationship with my clients. Everyone comes to the table with strengths and weaknesses. We use your strengths and skills to move forward into a happier, more productive, and fulfilling life.“ Below is a transcript of her interview with Ciaran Connolly, Co-Founder of NoBullying.com Judi Lirman:Good morning Ciaran, it’s nice to meet you; I’m Judi Lirman and I’m a marriage, family therapist in California, my office is in San Fernando Valley which is the LA area. I’m a bit of an expert in bullying; I have been a licensed marriage, family therapist since 1983 and prior to that I was in the public schools, I was a junior high school teacher for 13 years and I got to see bullying and have continued to see bullying up close in personal, it is a major problem in The United States and unfortunately it shows not much transitive signed out for quite some time, I can tell you quite a bit about it, when would you like me to begin? Ciaran Connolly: Excellent, well I guess if we would start with asking; is bullying as bigger issue today as it was 10 or 15 years ago? Or when you were a teacher and working in the schools, do you see a difference today than it was back then? Our Vimeo Experts JL:Yes even more problem now than it was, when I was in school myself when I was teaching social media had not come into play, I stopped teaching back in 1983 and there was a great deal of bullying on campus, kids would be teased by others on occasionally would have been thrown at them or (nasty words said) to them but now it’s increased with all the social media because it follows the kids home, there is no way to get beyond it, it’s also because our society is changed become more brutal than it used to be, on occasion it would be initially, it would be name calling, it would be a little shoving, it would be dumping things on the floor but now some of the things that people say are truly horrendous is suggest they kill themselves, they tell them everybody hates them and they get bombarded by everything and everybody and instead of just being one or a small group it becomes the whole community and as we know with the internet it’s certainly once it’s out there it’s there forever so it’s much more vicious, it’s much more light spread and it’s not just the people who know the child so it’s there all over the place. CC: Amazing so you see a big difference today with social media and with mobile phones and how people are bullying and what’s happening to our young people? JL: Very much so and we have many kids who resort to take in step to trying stop it. Unfortunately a lot of people in authority positions don’t know what to do and kids who bully and sometimes adults who bully are very secretive about it, they watch for when people are looking at them or they know that they can get away and say something that’s very different or very hurtful, do things that are very hurtful. The schools are trying to do a great deal about it but it’s very difficult to stop because nobody admits to the fact that they are doing it and on occasion sometimes administration doesn’t step in at all doesn’t see it as a problem. When I was teaching, when I was a child I saw that an awful lot of people thought the bullying was just a normal part of growing up but the way it is now; it is not normal bullying and it’s truly an uncomfortable thing in the world. To read more, click here : http://nobullying.com/judi-lirman-on-bullying/

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