1. theater morgenstern: Ein Weihnachtslied nach Charles Dickens


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    Weihnachten - Humbug! Mit dieser Einstellung hält sich der Geizhals Scrooge alle Menschlichkeit vom Leibe. Sein Schreiber muss bei eisiger Kälte mit Schal und Weste arbeiten, um Heizkosten zu sparen. Ein liebevoll überbrachtes Geschenk wird zum Fenster und ein Spendensammler zur Tür hinaus geworfen. Doch dann schlägt es Mitternacht. Der Geist seines verstorbenen Geschäftspartners Marley erscheint und zwingt ihn, ihm zuzuhören. Weitere Geister kommen, die Scrooge mächtig zusetzen. Plötzlich sieht er sich längst vergessenen Ereignsissen aus seinem Leben gegenüber. Er erlebt fröhliche Weihnachstfeiern anderer Menschen, und er ahnt seinen eigenen einsamen Tod. Zutiefst erschüttert beginnt Scrooge sein Leben zu ändern. Zum Schluss heißt es von ihm, dass wohl niemand so gut Weihnachten feiern könne wie er. "Ein Weihnachtslied" ist eine der schönsten und berührendsten Weihnachtsgeschichten der Weltliteratur und in ihrem Plädoyer für menschliche Wärme von ungebrochener Aktualität. ab 9 Jahre 4. - 6. Klasse Regie: Daniel Koch | Schauspiel: Selim Çinar | Ulrike Kühn| Alex Schmidt | Musik: Radu Nagy

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    • Auswahlworkshop "Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte" von und nach Charles Dickens


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      Hier ein paar bewegte Eindrücke unseres Auswahlworkshops für "Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte". Probenstart: 10. September 2015 Premiere: 1. Advent 2015

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      • Santa's S.W.A.T.


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        Christmas Spirit has been foiled by the evil Scrinch. And in a pinch Santa must call for his SWAT task team to restore christmas cheer before it is too late.

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        • A Christmas Carol: the musical (2005) Act 2


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          This musical version has been performed and hailed the world over and is 98% true to the original Dickens classic. For performance rights (either with orchestra or accompaniment tracks), please visit: www.mtapublishing.com Separate songs from this show are also available at: sheetmusicplus.com * jwpepper.com * musicaneo.com

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          • The Mysterious Gift


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            In this mini-movie, the narrator brings a mysterious present to a Scrooge-like man who needs a profound transformation. Here is the story-poem that is read by the narrator: Somehow everyone seemed to know About the gift that I planned to bestow Upon an unpopular, ill-tempered fellow Who was very loud and often bellowed. Everyone had an opinion to share. “Do not go there! However, if you do go, take care! That man is selfish, petty, and mean -- By far the worst person we’ve ever seen. Girl Scouts selling cookies, he chases away! If you park in his spot, he’ll make you pay! If you disagree with him, he’ll ruin your day!” I heard all their warnings, But I still wanted to go. Perhaps I was foolish. I do not know. I was determined to go there. I could not be deterred. The cynics, skeptics, and doubters Need not say a word. I gathered my courage and buttoned my coat, Then ventured forth like a sailor with no lifeboat. I set out upon my way, Eager for the challenge of that day. Upon reaching the man’s house, I rang the doorbell. There seemed to be no one about As far as I could tell. But then I knocked on the door; I knocked loud and clear. I wanted him to know that I was here. In the doorway, he finally did appear With an expression that would cause much fear. “What do you want?” He declared angrily. “Why are you here to bother me?” As I started to explain My reason for being there, He cut me off. He did not care. The details I’ll spare you. There’s no need for those. Let’s just say that he was mean From his head to his toes. The man was a scoundrel. Let’s tell the truth here. Because of the truth, We need never fear. His expression was unpleasant. His eyes were quite beady, Revealing a character sinister and seedy. I wanted to run. I wanted to flee As far from this villain As I could be. However, some hunch told me to remain, To give it another try, That my efforts were not in vain. Firmly in one spot I stood And bore his insults as best I could. I ignored the awful things that he said And thought of pleasant things instead. I thought of geese flying over the lake. I thought of Christmas morning after I would awake. I thought about kind grandmas and funny dogs. I thought about a fireplace with burning logs. I recalled my favorite heroes, writers, and saints. I remembered a picture that I tried to paint. The man’s insults I did not heed. Such venom I did not need. He ranted and raved about this and that And glared at me like I was a brat. Finally, at last, after speaking so long, He ran out of breath. I felt like singing a song. As I looked at him, I managed a smile. I’m sure that he had not seen one for a while. He sighed and said to me: “Why don’t you walk away? Is the effort too much? Are you lazy? Or maybe you’re a little bit crazy?” “Everyone is a little crazy. You should know that by now,” I told him, maintaining my smile. “And some days, I’m lazy, But that’s good, too. If we didn’t rest and play, We’d all be sad and blue.” “Get to the point! I don’t have all day!” The man said, stamping his feet, His face turning as red as a beet. Before he exploded, I replied, “The point, sir, is that I want nothing from you, Not your money, nor possessions, nothing at all. That is not why I came to call. In fact, I’m here to give you a gift. Perhaps it will give your spirit a lift.” I held up the present That he had not previously seen And, in his eyes, there appeared a wondrous gleam. Just for a moment, I could see A glimpse of what this man could be. However, his reply showed suspicion of me. “You bring me a present unasked for, just out of the blue. There must be something in it for you! I will not be fooled by this deception and lie. To you, I say ‘goodbye!’ ” The front door slammed in my face. Clearly I was unwelcome in this place. It was really quite rude, But I was not discouraged by his bad attitude. I placed the gift on his porch, Then departed and went on my way. I had done all I could On that bright, happy day. I left a gift unexpected, unsought, unforeseen, Yet it was a gift fit for a king or a queen. Before I traveled too far down the road, I heard something back at the man’s abode. I heard a door open with a loud click. Perhaps my imagination was playing a trick. But when I looked back, I was pleased to see The man on his porch looking at The unwrapped gift with childlike glee. The opened gift seemed to glow with a radiant light In the hands of a man who was now a joyful sight. He appeared to have mysteriously been made whole With charity and generosity filling his soul. Perhaps the man had been transformed Like the Grinch and Scrooge on Christmas morn. Perhaps that happened on this day, Although, with certainty, I cannot say. I do not know. I hope and pray that it is so.

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            • A Christmas Carol: the musical (2005) Act 1


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              This musical version has been performed and hailed the world over and is 98% true to the original Dickens classic. For performance rights (either with orchestra or accompaniment tracks), please visit: www.mtapublishing.com Separate songs from this show are also available at: sheetmusicplus.com * jwpepper.com * musicaneo.com

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              • Evan Michael Voiceover Commercial Reel


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                Evan Michael's talents can not only be seen, but heard! Here are some highlights ranging from a radio play to voiceover spots to a commercial lead. For more, check out www.evan-michael.com

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                • A Christmas Carol


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                  Firm Foundation Ministries presents, A Christmas Carol... a new telling of a timeless tale.

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                  • Scrooge Clip


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                    This 1935 British film version of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic stars Sir Seymour Hicks as the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, who scoffs at the yuletide spirit around him. But on Christmas Eve, he embarks on a journey led by three spirits who convince him to mend his ways and embrace the joys of Christmas.

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