1. Vincent und Emily v2


    from Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler / Added

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    Love in the automation age: Two self-willed robots are in a bizarre conflict between each other and their surroundings. ‘Vincent and Emily’ show the viewer the solitude of a partner relationship and simultaneously the involvement of the partners in society and their impulses. Analogue to human relationships, the two creatures stand for themselves and have to draw the line towards the outside.   As humans are only able to communicate their thoughts and emotions verbally and through their actions, likewise the two robots depend for their communication on their sounds via loudspeakers and motions controlled by their motors. The two technical creatures capture sounds and movements via sensors and react on those signals with own expressions. Just like in each human relationship it comes to misunderstandings: If Vincent sends positive signals by up and down movements, it is possible that Emily interprets even those signals as negative. Disagreement is preprogrammed. The unpredictable interaction and interplay between Vincent and Emily, caused by their tense relationship, trigger the viewer's individual projections. Intuitively he will be searching for similarities to particular patterns of human behavior. The movement of the robots is realized by a pulling system, consisting of three motors whose rotation is transformed into a linear motion via gear wheels and gear racks. Due to the elasticity of the moving metal shafts, the actions of the couple become at the same time smoother and increasingly unpredictable, which results in an additional momentum of its own and a lightness and ease within their interactions.

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    • AeroSIM RC - Simulador Aeromodelismo Radio Control Flight Simulator


      from Manuel Guillen / Added

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      Características del simulador AeroSIM RC (www.aerosimrc.com) Simulador de Radio Control para aprender a volar aviones de Radio Control.

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      • Maya + Python + Arduino + Servo (Part 1)


        from Dan Thompson / Added

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        This is step one in opening an affordable, modular pathway between Maya and Real World Devices. Step two... Build a Giant Killer Robot to take over the world!!!

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        • GLORY II paleidimas


          from Ernestas Kalabuckas / Added

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          Ernesto Kalabucko kosminis projektas GLORY. Lietuvos nuotraukos iš kosmoso. Daugiau informacijos: http://www.glory.lt

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          • SOBEaR v02 :: the responsible robot bartender


            from jmsaavedra / Added

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            SOBEaR is a bartender for people who don't know their limits, or have trouble controlling themselves while drinking. User breathes into SOBEaR's face, watches status lights display their current alcohol consumption, and then a drink is poured with the strength appropriate to their current drunken state. vodka cranberry, anyone? http://jmsaavedra.com/weblog http://hackduino.org

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            • Twitchie Scorpion


              from Make: / Added

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              I made this scorpion toy with a Twitchie Robot Kit. I'm really afraid of scorpions where I live in Arizona, so I thought a friendly toy would help me get used to them. I made his plush body from some fabric I had around, aiming to make him look like an Arizona bark scorpion, which are tan/yellowish/translucent. Twitchie is Arduino powered and comes pre-programmed, so it's an excellent kit for beginners in robotics, because no programming is required! You can download and modify the code if you want, and it's pretty light on the soldering, too. I'd recommend Twitchie for young makers (boys & girls, too!) interested in robotics or moving plush toys. Music is "At the Crack of Noon" by Shuutobi, shuutobi.com

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              • DIY Motorized Igus Slider - Introduction


                from Tim Nitsch / Added

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                This is just a video showing the Motorized system I build for my Igus Slider. I saw a few different ideas that I liked but I just wanted a super simple version. So I used a string.... Can't get much simpler that that. The continues rotation servo has a spool on it and it simply winds up the string. Not quite as convenient as a belt driven design because it cant really go in reverse but hey I'm not complaining. If anything I can reset the carriage faster by hand then a belt can... Anyone can build this too. The belt drive design takes a little more work to get running but it is a little nicer. I think eventually I just end up getting one of the really nice ones once I save up some money but first I just wanted to see if Id really use something like this and if its worth all that money. Oh yeah And I did this with Zero modification to the slider itself. I mounted the servo to a aluminum plate then mounted the plate to the slider using the hole that was already drilled. The consensus?.... Im going to need some money :D [UPDATE] Since a few people have been asking how I did this I decided to do a parts list. Ok for the servo there are a few different places you can order from. I got mine from here. servocity.com/​html/​hsr-1425cr__continuous_rotatio.html You could try here: robotshop.com/​parallax-futaba-continuous-rotation-servo.html or here hobbypartz.com/​12exiseb1.html But, someone said this one will only do 3 revolutions even thought it says "Continuous revolution". You could always send it back. I got this riser to get the spool to the right hight. http://servocity.com/html/servo_shaft_attachment___375__.html And Here is the spool I got: http://servocity.com/html/pulley_wheel__futm2045_.html For the Servo Controller there are also a few places you can get them. I got mine from Here: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXWGJ7&P=7 But theres also Here: http://servocity.com/html/dual_servo_driver.html and Here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=6554 I know for a fact that mine is reversible. Im not sure about the other two. And to power it I got this. pololu.com/​catalog/​product/​1159 its very inexpensive, it uses AA's so its cheap, quick, and easy to replace the batteries. It also has a switch built in so thats your on and off. You need the 4 cell version because the servos run of 6 volts. 4 cells X 1.5 volts (per AA battery) = 6 volts. I think you might be able to get away with 7.2 volts but rather then risking burning out the servo I just stuck with 6v for reliability. You also can get rechargeable battery packs from Here: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0093p?&C=MFB But you also would need a changer. To wire it all up I got a few of the futuba versions of these: http://servocity.com/html/female_servo_leads.html and these: http://servocity.com/html/male_servo_leads.html and for the cable running from the controller to the servo I got one of these: http://servocity.com/html/48__servo_extensions.html I got the super duty version because I thought this would take the most abuse. Any questions please ask! -Tim

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                • Fermid


                  from Behnaz Babazadeh / Added

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                  Fermid is a kinetic sculpture that uses technology and parametric design principles to explore the natural movement that can be found in living organisms. More info, BehnazBabazadeh.com Special Thanks to Alvaro Soto. Music by Essay | Love + Air Spring 2011 Major Studio Final | Parsons New School for Design

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                  • Canon Rebel T4i and EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Hybrid AF Video Test


                    from Chad Soriano / Added

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                    http://www.chadsorianophotoblog.com/2012/06/canon-eos-rebel-t4i-verdict-and-video.html A 1080p video shot with the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D and the EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens at 29.97fps. Edited with Final Cut Pro 6.0.6 and used a hacked Canon E-1 Movie Plugin to transcode to AppleProRes422. I used Compressor to export the timeline for a 281mb h264 video file. For audio capture, I used a Senneheiser MKE400 shotgun microphone. For support, I used a Manfrotto 701 HDV video head and Benro 3580 tripod legs. Canon's Rebel T4i/650D features a new Hybrid AF system for video and the first LCD touchscreen for Canon DSLR's. The Canon Rebel T4i/650D replaces the 16 month old Canon Rebel T3i/600D with added and removed DSLR functions. The Canon Rebel T4i/650D most notably does not have 1080p 3x to 10x Digital Zoom video capture and the "AF Quick" mode for video focusing. The new Hybrid AF system of the T4i/650D allows objects or people to be continuously tracked in focus during video recording. In conjunction with Canon's new EF STM or stepper motor lenses, the Hybrid AF system allows smoother lens focusing when compared to USM and non USM EF lenses. Stay updated with future Canon Rebel T4i/650D and Canon EF STM lens Video Tests by Becoming a Fan on my Facebook Fan Page and following me on Twitter! http://www.chadsorianophotoblog.com/2012/06/canon-rebel-t4i-and-ef-40mm-f28-stm.html http://www.chadsorianophotoblog.com/2012/06/canon-eos-rebel-t4i650d-video-test.html

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                    • Olars


                      from Carl Rasmus / Added

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                      Olars is an electronic interactive toy inspired by Karl Sims' evolved virtual creatures. Having thousands of varieties in movement and behaviour by attaching different geometrical limbs, modifying the angle of these, twisting the body itself, and by adjusting the deflection of the motorised joints, results in both familiar and strange motion patterns. Music by 'Toy'; "Golden Fish in Pool" Collaborative work with Ola Vågsholm Oslo School of Architecture and Design, spring 2010

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