1. #OnSet - Being a Cinematographer Parody.


    from Adam Khamis / Added

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    A light-hearted look at the role of the Cinematographer. With respect to the original video - Being a Cinematographer - this is a parody of the original done in good fun with no harm intended. Just a bit of fun and hopefully a few laughs. Enjoy. @adamkhamis Here is the link to the original: https://vimeo.com/100096260 Adam is a director/editor at The Forge, Sydney www.theforge.net.au Thanks to Steve Saunders for the sound mix. Written and voiced by: Adam Khamis

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    • Mandelbrot Fractal Set Trip To e214 HD


      from teamfresh / Added

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      download the original @ http://www.hd-fractals.com/downloads/ see the latest deep zoom by teamfresh here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foxD6ZQlnlU Here is a nice deep zoom into the Mandelbrot set. The words "nice" and "deep" fall a bit short actually. "Mathematical Porn" is a better description. After watching this video things in my room started to bend and breathe!! I hope you enjoy the trip!! The final magnification is e.214. Want some perspective? a magnification of e.12 would increase the size of a particle to the same as the earths orbit! e.21 would make a particle look the same size as the milky way and e.42 would be equal to the universe. This zoom smashes all of them all away. If you were "actually" traveling into the fractal your speed would be faster than the speed of light. You might like to know that this animation took me about two days to set up. My computer then rendered day and night non-stop for just over a month to produce the animation. The resulting twenty-eight anti-aliased 1280x720 AVI files (each just under 2GB) were each watermarked at full frames (uncompressed) Then I stitched them all together uncompressed. I also added the audio track at the same time. This was all done in Virtual dub. (except watermarking) The final watermarked Avi with audio is a whopping 46GB - Then I compressed it to 495mb so I could upload it onto vimeo. I think it still looks fairly crisp With the compression settings adjusted to achieve the highest quality, the resulting file size was about 1.5GB and looks absolutely sweet! (Once vimeo plus is here I may well upload it!) **edit** highest quality version is still too big for vimeo even after vimeo plus has arrived but it is available for download from http://www.hd-fractals.com/downloads/ love fractals? want to chat about them? fractalforums.com

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      • Damsels in Distress


        from Sharptail Media / Added

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        My wife and I were fly fishing with friend/guide Dean Whaanga in New Zealand when a combination of bad weather and good timing resulted in a fish giving us the experience of a lifetime. I crawled on my stomach with my camera to the water's edge, hit record, and watched what was one of the coolest moments I have ever witnessed. Thanks to Orvis for the support. The song is "Translation" by Tim McMorris.

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        • Last Lights On - Mandelbrot fractal zoom to 6.066 e228 (2^760)


          from teamfresh / Added

          88.6K Plays / / 67 Comments

          download the 1.8GB mp4 @ http://www.hd-fractals.com/downloads/ What can I say? how about the bare facts. I will let you make up your mind about the animation itself and hope you leave a comment. so here are the facts… Two days to set up, and then six months to render, resulted in around forty 1.9GB uncompressed .AVI files. I added watermarking, fx and time remapping, before multi-pass encoding the 80GB video in h264 (32,768 kbit/sec) and the audio in AAC. The final result is a very high quality 13m44s 1.77 GB (1,903,726,592 bytes) .MP4 can be downloaded instantly from my blog here http://www.hd-fractals.com/last-lights-on/ then I compressed again to a very watchable 1GB (10,000 kbit/sec) for vimeo. then I remapped the video from this and remixed another audio track to create A 10 minute version for youtube. actually the audio really is something special on this. special thanks to record label http://90watts for this one! A decent stereo/ headphones are seriously recommended for this deep tech house sound. a two track mix by yours truly – teamfresh. track one is tonu su tonu by ivan masa (pablo rez remix) Quote “Pablo Rez surprised us with this strong tech house remix. A track you almost can drop any where, any time” track two is soul survivor by solar brothers ft sherry dyanne (moog mix) Quote “This version will fit you well, if you’re into the current tech-house sound that is. Expect thick and thumpy synths and basslines. Appropriate for later progress in the evening as well as taking it down a notch, whilst sustaining the energy level. You also want to play this, to make people start bouncing if they’re reluctant somehow” The final magnification of the Mandelbrot fractal is 6.066e+228 (2760) want some perspective? 1E6 Vancouver Island 1E9 Jupiter’s radius 1E12 Earth’s orbit 1E18 distance to Alpha Centauri 1E21 Milky Way galaxy 1E30 large doesn’t cover it! 1E42 size of electron to the universe 1E228 incomprehensibly big…but we did it! For the record, 1 to 6e228 is like expanding a proton to 7000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times the size of the visible universe. (i.e. mindrape) (Proton has 1 femtometer diameter, universe has 93 billion light year diameter) If you were actually traveling into the fractal, you would be moving faster than the speed of light. location on the complex plane. Real number: -1.768,573,656,315,270,993,281, 742,915,329,544,712,934,120,053,405,549,882, 337,511,135,282,776,553,364,635,382,011,977, 933,536,332,198,647,808,795,874,576,643,230, 034,448,609,820,608,458,844,529,169,083,285, 379,260,833,581,131,961,323,480,667,495,949, 838,043,253,626,912,240,448,884,745,364,662, 832,495,906,454,3 imaginary number: -0.000,964,296,851,358,280,000,176,242,720, 373,819,448,274,776,122,656,563,565,285,783, 153,307,047,554,366,655,893,028,615,382,795, 071,670,082,888,793,257,893,297,692,452,344, 749,770,824,889,473,425,648,018,389,868,316, 458,205,554,184,217,181,589,930,525,084,269, 263,834,905,711,879,329,676,832,512,425,574, 656,3 Please comment. Enjoy! oceans of love teamfresh love fractals? want to chat about them? http://www.fractalforums.com

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          • Illusion LABS: Töken Experience


            from Töken Illusion / Added

            728K Plays / / 60 Comments

            gran plataforma multitáctil usando la aplicación "emulator" töken es muy estable, versátil, muy baja latencia y 100% funcional. más info en: www.tokenillusion.com large multitouch plataform using "emulator" software. töken is very stable, versatile, very low latency and 100% functional. more info in: www.tokenillusion.com enjoy it ;)

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            • "Set Your Sights" Official Trailer


              from Toy Soldier Productions / Added

              58.3K Plays / / 54 Comments

              Toy Soldier Productions spent the 2010/2011 winter exploring the Northwestern United States with some of the best up-and-coming talent in the ski & snowboard world. Though differing in their aims, they’ve found themselves on a similar path, brought together by the winter and her storms. "Set Your Sights" chronicles this journey. While mostly shot in Montana, the crew also filmed in Utah, California, Washington, South Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming and Whistler, B.C. Set Your Sights features Shay Lee, Karl Fostvedt, Sandy Boville, Finn Anderson, Dash Kamp, Luke Tanaka, Mack Jones, Pat Cowan, Brock Paddock, Josh Anderson, Cody Perin, Austin Torvinen, Noah Wallace, Pete Arneson, Jake Doan, David Steele, John Kutcher and more. For more information, including tour dates, please visit http://www.toysoldierproductions.com. Song: "Wolves" by the Good Natured

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              • "Side by side": "Soirée I-R-L" (Paris, 18/01/14) Extrait


                from Dorianne Wotton / Added

                EXOMENE / DORIANNE WOTTON / MARIE BARTHELEMY / ALEXIS OCHIN : "Side by side" "Performance corporelle avec images et musique en direct et interactive. VJing" Le collectif L:ED s'est associé aux danseurs Marie Barthélémy et Alexis Ochin pour une performance live... et surtout totalement inattendue. A commencer pour ses interprètes. Dans le cadre dela soirée I-R-L, Exomène, Dorianne Wotton , Marie Barthélémy et Alexis Ochin ont interprété la performance "Side by side". Une performance totalement improvisée, puisqu'il s'agissait concrètement de la première rencontre de deux duos: Exomène et Dorianne pour la partie audio et Vidéo; Alexis Ochin et Marie Barthélémy pour la partie "danse et expression corporelle". Deux duos, la fusion du digital et du corporel. Cette performance mêle le réel et l’imaginaire par la mise en relation de deux performers et de leur image grâce à une captation live de la performance projetée sur l’espace où ils évoluent. Dorianne assure un mix vidéo en live, au rythme de la musique (toujours en live) d'Exomène . Une expérience singulière donc, où nous avons laissé libre cours à notre créativité pour titiller votre imaginaire. Dorianne Wotton: www.dorianne-wotton.com Exomène: www.exomene.com L:ED: http://www.l-experiments-digital.com/

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                • Set-extension and Virtual Planes Demo


                  from Stargate Studios / Added

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                  Demo reel of Set-extension and Virtual Planes.

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                  • Playgrounds 2011 'The Live Titles Show'


                    from HeyHeydeHaas / Added

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                    Live Titles Show for Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival 2011. Playgrounds Festival asked us to create a title sequence for their 2011 edition. The brief was basically this: please make the titles for Playgrounds 2011 but do it in such a way that it's more than just a video - it needs to be a 'you-should-have-been-there' moment. Together with Playgrounds we came up with the idea of a live show wherein the speakers at the festival -without knowing beforehand- would perform their own titles. We can safely say this performance/ video is one of the weirdest and most stressfull things we did so far. We're really happy with the end result and the fact that everybody, from audience and speakers to our janitors seemed to enjoy these crazy 5 minutes. THANKS! Leon, Joris, Fons, Heerko, Diderik, Bram, Sander, Wessel, Wouter, Brecht, Bram, Emma, Jonas, Jeroen, Rik, Koos, Bas, David, Niek, all the Playgrounds speakers and the audience. Opening animation by Heerko Groefsema Music by Studio Takt Brass Band De Koppersnellers Camera students Zoomvlietcollege

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                    • Databe(nd)ing


                      from Dorianne Wotton / Added

                      Human as a raw material. Human born from digital. Human part of digital. Human as a data being. Here is "Databe(nd)ing". A live and interactive audio/visual performance. All the footages have been captured with a GoPro and mixed live with a VJing software (Modul8). For this video clip, the editing has been made with Final Cut. During, the live performance, some artefacts were unpredictable and "built" the aesthetic. The movements of the "human" , confronted to the machine, have deeply influenced the result. The music was composed by Exomene (www.exomene.com) and the VJing / Video Mix was made by Dorianne Wotton (www.dorianne-wotton.com).

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