1. SnowVhite Exercise "O MI TUO FO"


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    Exercising ZEN in the early morning.

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      • Official 2011 Dirksen Derby Video


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        This Year's The 5th Annual Dirksen Derby Was The Best Yet. The 3 day weekend long event was an action packed fundraiser for Tyler Eklund. Friday started off with practice runs in the two run course. Each course had 12 burms, with the Red Course proving to be more fluid and the Green Course proving to be more radius challenging. Friday night was the Dirksen Derby Broken Board Fundraiser held at the cozy Poet House. Packed House. Saturday was Qualifying for the stacked field, ranging from, Terje Haakonsen to Jake Blauvelt to Desiree Melancon to Macy Price. After the sunny qualifying day the 300+ mass headed down to the Seventh Mt. Resort for the premiere of Aaron Robinson's "Manifest" movie. Epic! Sunday was the finals day for Sit-Ski-, Splitboard, Women, Men, and the Older and Wiser. Check the video to see all the action at Mt. Bachelor in beautiful Central Oregon.

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        • Life as a side effect


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          A Survivor made film exploring the effect of psychosis and medication on the quality of life of those experiencing it. This film shows how it can affect every corner of life, even simple things like answering the phone. This film follows Stu Adams, a man with the experience of schizophrenia. A walk in the park is not simply a walk in the park....

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          • Side Effect


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            "Side Effect" stars Tru Time's very own Neil Casey, as the lead actor, and Lindsay Ianna as director and editor. The film is based around a young man that seeks to discover normalcy.

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            • Asperger misdiagnosed as mental health disorder


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              The story of a young man with Asperger syndrome who struggled for 10 years in mental health services for being misdiagnosed with a mental health disorder. As told by his mother Janette.

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              • Kristen's Story: Prescription-Drug-Induced Aggression


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                Kristen Bellows, 24, was prescribed Alesse, a low-dose oral contraceptive, at age 17. During the six years Bellows was taking the prescription drug, she hadn’t experienced any of the uncomfortable side effects listed on the information leaflet, such as nausea, vomiting or weight gain. “I actually thought I was fairly symptom free,” Bellows said. “If you look at the common side effects, I really wasn’t experiencing any of them.” But around the time she started the prescription drug, Bellows mood began to change. Prior to taking Alesse, Bellows was being treated for depression. But now she felt persistently angry and agitated, which would sometimes lead her to harm herself and others. “It was basically like I had adrenaline pumping through my body all the time,” Bellows explained. “If you looked at me in a way that I perceived as threatening or said something I didn’t like, I would immediately go into a huge rage. It was really exhausting being that charged all the time.” Bellows believed this aggression was the result of a psychiatric disorder, and after unsuccessful attempts to calm her fiery mood through counseling and relaxation techniques, she decided it was time to visit her general practitioner (GP) to talk about pursuing a chemical solution. But when Bellows mentioned to her GP she was taking Alesse, her appointment took a surprising turn. The doctor informed Bellows that other patients taking Alesse were also experiencing aggression, which cleared up upon discontinuing the prescription drug. So Bellows also agreed to discontinue Alesse for two months to see how her body would respond. “I didn’t have a problem coming off the Alesse, because I wanted to know if I could avoid using another medication to deal with this,” Bellows said. And sure enough, after being free from Alesse for three weeks, Bellows charged mood began to subside. “Probably by the third week I noticed I wasn’t feeling charged anymore,” Bellows said. “I didn’t feel angry all the time.” Bellows returned to her GP after the two month mark for a follow-up appointment. “When I came back to [the GP], she was like, ‘so how’s it going?’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not angry anymore!’ Bellows said with excitement. “I was sort of angry that all my anger was caused by something that was just supposed to prevent pregnancy, and I guess I sort of felt stupid that I didn’t notice. But she explained that you don’t need to feel bad, you didn’t know and you went through all the right steps.” Bellows reported her findings to RxISK.org, the first free independent website for researching and reporting prescription drug side effects. “I suddenly felt validated that there was a website that understood that medication isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that the medication you take can do severe things to your body,” Bellows said, recalling the first time she stumbled upon RxISK. “When you experience certain side effects that are outside the common ones – especially if they are really scary ones – a lot of people don’t want to acknowledge it, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening,” Bellows continued. “So it’s important to have a place where people can report their experiences, and then people can be educated on every single possible thing that could happen to them [on their prescription drug], so that we can make an educated decision in our health care.” Bellows said filling out the RxISK report helped her to organizer her thoughts and understand her experience on Alesse. “It was really good to get everything down in one place and, if I chose to, having something that I could then hand to my doctor or hand to whoever wanted to see it was also really good.” For more information about prescription-drug-induced aggression visit the Violence Zone at RxISK.org

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                • 2011 PUSH Art Auction - Bend Oregon 2/25/11


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                  www.divisionstreetskatepark.org 3rd Annual PUSH auction. A benefit to raise money for a free public cement skatepark in Bend Oregon. Huge turnout with tons of off the hook art , free food and beverages . Music - The Octopus Project

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                  • SIDE EFFECT - An interactive installation art


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                    http://www.flostanger.de SIDE EFFECT is an installation art with one table, many white cubes and a shiny ball. The game is easy: a ball, a hole - the ball has to be navigated into the hole. Just how? And that's what the visitors have to find out themselves. SIDE EFFECT is an installation art that forces people to communicate to achieve the goals. To create a room in which the visitors can move freely we combines two technical challanges. To detect the people in the dark room we constructed and installed a infrared trackingsystem. Together with our controlling software programmed in VVVV and three projectors the visitors can enjoy a wonderfull video mapping experience. And SIDE EFFECT will make you move! ------ More detailed informations in german: ------- Über Kommunikation und Gruppenverhalten Nachdem ein Spieler entdeckt, dass er selbst die Steuerung des Spiels ist, beginnt der spannende Effekt der Installation: Der Besucher muss mit seinen Mitspielern in Kontakt treten. Er teilt ihnen seine Gedanken mit und die Gruppe beginnt gemeinsam zu agieren. Um sich auf eine Strategie zu einigen wird Kommunikation im Raum entstehen. Nur gemeinsam können die Besucher herausfinden wie die Steuerung des Raums funktioniert und mit einer gemeinsamen Strategie die Kugel in das Loch manövrieren. In verschiedenen Spielrunden variiert die Spielsteuerung. Die Besucher der Installation beeinflussen die Kugel dabei über ihr Verhalten im Raum, ihre Positionierung oder ihre Bewegung. Die Besucher müssen jede Runde aufs Neue herausfinden wie die Kugel gesteuert werden kann. Welche Strategie wendet die Gruppe an? Übernimmt ein einzelner die Führung der Gruppe? Oder besprechen alle gemeinsam wie agiert wird? Die Lösung ist eine ebenso simple wie wichtige: Manche Ziele können nur gemeinsam erreicht werden. Zur technischen Umsetzung: Infrarot Tracking Um eine möglichst brillante Projektion zu ermöglichen findet SIDE EFFECT in einem abgedunkelten Raum statt. Dies macht jedoch die Erkennung der Personen im Raum mit Hilfe einer normalen Kamera unmöglich. Um diesen Widerspruch zu überwinden, musste ein System entwickelt werden, welches es der Kamera erlaubt ein helles Bild des Raums aufzunehmen obwohl dieser dunkel ist. Durch die Verwendung von Infrarot Licht konnte das für den Menschen sichtbare Licht von dem für die Kamera sichtbarem Licht getrennt werden. Dies wird erreicht indem die Kamera nur für den infraroten Wellenlängenbereich des Lichtes empfindlich gemacht wurde. In Kombination mit reinen Infrarotlichtquellen erhält man die gewünschte Trennung der beiden optischen Systeme, Auge und Kamera. Während der Raum für uns Menschen also komplett dunkel erscheint, sieht die Kamera die Personen im Raum als ob es Tag hell wäre. 360° Echtzeit Mapping Ebenfalls in VVVV wurde ein 3D Model des Raumes mitsamt dem Tisch und den Kuben erstellt. An der Decke des Raumes befinden sich drei exakt angeordnete Projektoren die den kompletten Tisch rundum bestrahlen. Mit Hilfe der Körper im virtuellen Raum ist es möglich die Verzerrungen des von den jeweiligen Beamern zu projizierenden Bildes so zu berechnen, dass eine, für den Beobachter unverzerrt wirkende, Projektion auf die Seitenflächen der Würfel geworfen wird. Durch die Positionierung der Beamer in den Raumecken und dem unsichtbaren Charakter des Infrarottrackingsystems bleibt der technische Hinterbau der Rauminstallation für den Besucher unsichtbar. Die Personen können sich frei in der Installation bewegen. Um einen abgerundeten visuellen Raumeindruck zu generieren passen sich Helligkeit und Farbigkeit des leuchtenden Tischs situationsbedingt an. Er ergänzt die Ästhetik der Projektion und fungiert als Spielelement. Realisiert wurde dies durch im Tisch verbaute LED Panele, welche von der Software in Echtzeit gesteuert werden.

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                    • The Mark Hasiuk Show: Half of BC Health Workers Reject the Inject


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                      Mark Hasiuk asks why the government of British Columbia is so upset that approximately half of the province's health care workers are refusing to get flu shots. Is it that health care workers don't fall so easily for the rhetoric and lies that push these drugs on an unsuspecting population? Is the general public aware of the dangers of these unnecessary flu shots, and their relative ineffectiveness? Are they aware that the government and makers of these vaccines are not liable for the damages you may experience? Are they aware of the ingredients of these vaccines, and that some are considered poisonous and life-threatening to children?

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