1. Class of 84- Reunion and Silver Jubilee Celebration


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    Friday, 13th February, 2009, Raina Auditorium

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    • Silverton Oregon City Council Meeting Dec. 6th 2010 #1


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      Be patient as the intro plays for awhile.... we have stop signs, intersection troubles & general money woes.

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      • Gleaning Vine Refining Silver


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        Gleaning Vine Refining Silver | Show ID#rp-040913-glean-vine-refine-silver Gleaning Vine Refining Silver a timely message which asks this question, what happens when the warnings don’t work and the refining has failed? R—U—Ready for Gleaning and Refining? Admonished to go to Jerusalem to flee the trouble in the land, the people now find themselves being told to flee out of Jerusalem. Many, however, did not listen and the siege of Jerusalem was horrific with plagues, pestilence, starvation, cannibalism, and death. Gleaning: The law required that farmers leave the corners of their plots to be harvested by the poor Refining: H6884; tsâraph tsaw-raf' A primitive root; to fuse (metal), that is, refine (literally or figuratively): - cast, (re-) fine (-er), founder, goldsmith, melt, pure, purge away, try. As a fountain casteth out her waters, so she casteth out her wickedness: violence and spoil is heard in her; before me continually is grief and wounds. (Jer 6:7) Be thou instructed, O Jerusalem, lest my soul depart from thee; lest I make thee desolate, a land not inhabited. (Jer 6:8) Thus saith the LORD of hosts, They shall throughly glean the remnant of Israel as a vine: turn back thine hand as a grapegatherer into the baskets. (Jer 6:9) Biblical resources on the WIBR/WARN sites: www.warn-usa.com, www.warn-radio.com, www.wingswatchman.org, www.warn-usa.com/watchman-network/ www.ddayforamerica.com www.dday4america.com

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        • Starlingear - The Collaborators


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          A look into Starlingear and all the amazing collaborators. Film by Kimo Easterwood Yes,this video is long. No,I do not expect that everyone will watch it all the way through. Please refer to the time markers below to skip around. Enjoy! INTRO : 0:00 - 4:25 KNIFE MAKER/ARTIST HIDETOSHI NAKAYAMA : 4:25 - 13:40 LEATHER FABRICATOR GREG EVERETT : 13:40 - 19:48 CUSTOM GUITAR BUILDER STEVEN MCSWAIN : 19:48 - 27:26 LENSLIGHT FLASHLIGHTS : 27:26 - 34:17 CO FOUNDER STARLING / HISTORY OF STARLINGEAR : 34:17 - 38:10 STARLINGEAR FOREMAN JADE MARSH : 38:10 - 41:56 LEATHER BRAIDER ISH RENTARIA : 41:56 - 48:44 LEATHER FABRICATOR ROBERTO : 48:44 - 54:40 JAPANESE PINSTRIPERS : 54:40 - 1:04:14 INTERLUDE RYK : 1:04:14 - 1:06:24 GLASS BLOWER GARRETT BREBES : 1:06:24 - 1:13:52 MASTER ENGRAVER TAKEUCHI : 1:13:52 - 1:25:45 ARTIST / PINSTRIPER GREG HIGGINS : 1:26:05 - 1:33:32 STRIDER KNIVES : 1:33:32 - 1:44:38 JEWELRY DESIGNER BRANDI LEIGH : 1:44:38 - 1:51:11 VIDEO AND PIX KIMO E: 1:51:11 - 1:55:07 SUMMARY : 1:55:07 - 1:58:47

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          • Work it Out: New World Order survival guide


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            Many market analysts are predicting the dollar to collapse in 2011. All US dollars are borrowed into circulation and the interest money to pay the total debt has not been created. This is a PONZI which is doomed to collapse! The "petrol-dollar" is the only reason it has lasted as long as it has. We must all make preparations for much higher prices and lower standard of living. Savings will we wiped out of any dollar denominated asset regardless of where it is held. This video IDENTIFIES the interests who will benefit and are purposely managing this controlled demolition of the United States. "Que Bono?" Who benefits?

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            • Silverton Oregon City Council Meeting 11/1/2010 Mr. Till and our trees, The cost of our website


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              Be patient, the intro music goes on for 5 min. or so.

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              • Detlev Schlichter on “Paper Money Collapse - The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown"


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                On Monday the 11th of October 2010 Detlev Schlichter gave a talk on “Paper Money Collapse - The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown" to the Libertarian Alliance in London. Detlev is a long-standing libertarian who has worked for almost 20 years in the financial industry as a trader and portfolio manager. He has recently completed work on a book of Austrian Economics aimed at an audience in the City and the world of finance.

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                • #041 Who In Heaven Do You Think You Are?, Pt 3; Guest Timothy Martin - Proof Of Extra-Terrestrial Life!


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                  If you want to keep up with the latest updates on the Prophetic Words from the LORD and George's Prophecies, be sure to sign up for our newsletter at www.witts.ws (left hand side of page.) --FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN HELP THE PLANET, STOP BEING A SLAVE TO 'BIG OIL', CLEAN UP THE TRASH, and FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF! --JOIN WITH US! www.witts.ws ! --(SIGN UP for our WITTS NEWSLETTER on the left-hand side of the front page of www.witts.ws) ====================================================== Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Who In Heaven Do You Think You Are?, Pt 3 Guest: Timothy Martin - Extra-Terrestrial Life Guest Topic: Extra-Terrestrial Life Further Discussion: All pictures from tonight's show were gathered using commonly available internet search engines, or some of the many popular mars pics websites, of which there are hundreds. Happy hunting! There's much more interesting stuff we didn't have time to show! ================================================================================================= Greetings, Brothers and sisters in The Name of or Lord Jesus! Warning; Tonight's program is one that may be too astounding for some, to handle. (Too awakening) So, if you are uncomfortable with learning things outside your day to day realm of experience, or hearing any evidence that may shake your long held paradigm, you had better skip this whole program. However, for those who enjoy learning and discovering new truth, this is a opportunity to learn, as you never learned before! We have had many brothers email us and tell us, "Thank God! I feel that I have finally been awakened to what is going on on this planet! Thank you so much for your ministry!" See testimonials page. www.witts.ws We had several requests to learn "The rest of the Story" about our dear brother, The Apostle John. Sir Timothy, will be sharing the rest of the story and the legend of this great man of God, the Apostle John. So, this will be covered in his teaching this evening. (3rd part of "Who in Heaven Do You Think You Are?") Also, we shocked the world, a few weeks ago, by showing a real video of one of the live, extra-terrestrials that survived his ship being shot down by the USA military. (1947 Roswell crash). Since we aired that, we have had many requests to further expose the truth about extra terrestrial activity and the extra terrestrial cover up that has been going on simultaneously, on many levels. (Including organized religion) We will be showing you many pictures, of what is really going on around the Solar System, and through out the Galaxy. If you enjoy learning about reality, This is a program you wont want to miss! What does it all mean? Why the cover up? Why is the media and corrupt government now, after a 50 year cover up, almost admitting that extra terrestrials are real? How does God and the angels fit into all this? And where do unclean spirits fit into the picture? Why do some people have a terrible aversion to the "Greys" and other want to welcome them as our space brothers? Join us tonight, and learn about reality as you never have learned about it before! The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Topics so astounding that most ministries are afraid to tell you the truth. Covered here, tonight! God is so good! Blessings and honor in Gods kingdom, to you all! From, HIS servants, And HIS children, the World Improvement Team.

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                  • Silverton Oregon City Council Meeting 1/3/2011


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                    It's a packed house! Oaths of office and honors given. Mr. DeSantis' rant about the Censure and flyers around town and the peoples reaction. Local town heros come forward to speak their minds. Palmer and Cummins show their true colors.

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                    • #093 The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing!; Guest Kyle Smith - Spheres, Orbs, and various "Signs and Wonders!"


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                      http://www.witts.ws for more information. Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing! What is the single biggest hurdle to getting healed? Guest/Topic: Kyle Smith - Spheres, Orbs, and various "Signs and Wonders!" - Lots of pictures of orbs in church services, some CLEARLY dispelling myths that they are merely dust spots on the lenses! References & Links: Youtube of the Glory Cloud from Bethel Church in TX, posted by SisterLydia sisterlydia: This is the best ministry in my opinion with regards to healing- its www.tlsm.org and go to the teaching called " the tongue", speaking Gods mighty word!, for your healing....its legit. Great Quotes from the Broadcast: – “Our experience with faster-than-light-travel is limited to wormholes and teleportation, but…” – Sir Timothy Thrapp Further Discussion / Questions & Comments: Additional info on 'Prophet Yahweh' to be posted once Sir Timothy has had a chance to speak to him personally. There's lots of negative info out there on the internet about him, so Sir Timothy would like to try and get in touch with him personally. Q: What do you think of the Bob Beck four step healing protocol? (oxygenator for water, magnetic pulser, colloidal silver) Q: How do you recommend to deal with a spouse who is telling you not to talk about God to others, and is constantly fighting me about trying to teach her how to be healed by Jesus Q: Why do you think the orbs make the crop circles in great britain? Q: What do you recommend for lyme disease? Q: Prayers for Janice...: Are you praying for people tonight? My husband broke his finger last night. His whole hand is swolen & black & blue. » He is in a lot of pain. =========================================================================== Greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Join us to bring REAL World Improvement! Help change our world for the better! Tonight Sir T starts off a new teaching series: The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing! Our guest will be Brother Kyle Smith who will be discussing the topic of Spheres, Orbs, and various "Signs and Wonders!" As our regular viewers know, WITTS Ministries doesn't shy away from subjects that are often seemingly avoided by other organizations. In past shows we've talked about everything from UFOs & Extraterrestrials, corrupt government and banking, to quantum energy and anti-gravity transportation. Join us for the broadcast and learn with us as we explore this interesting subject. We'll even have a short video of a man who can summon UFOs and ends up surprising a local news channel reporter who didn't expect what showed up! Submit your questions live, in chat or at the email address below! Another exciting program that you won't want to miss! If you can't be with us live, check out previous shows on our website, http://www.witts.ws/category/advanced-technology-teaching-archives, or on Vimeo. Tell your friends! Invite everyone! Your questions and comments welcome. We send you our LOVE! God Bless You! 10PM Eastern USA time. www.justin.tv/worldimprovement The World Improvement Team

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