1. The Elaine Bromiley Case


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    This video, produced by Simpact with the permission of Martin Bromiley, is primarily intended for the education of healthcare clinicians, particularly those involved in advanced airway management. By providing a more immersive, real-time version of events which includes some technical detail, the hope is that this video will increase the learning opportunities from the case by assisting airway clinicians to understand not just how these events could happen - but how they might happen to them. The video was made with the support of the Australian Centre for Health Innovation and was launched at this year's Society for Airway Management meeting in Seattle on Sept 20th 2014. It is important to recognise that many details of what transpired during this case are unknown. The depiction of unknown events has been based on the best estimate of expert clinicians. The scenario portrayed thus represents only one possible interpretation of the reported events and approximate timeline of the case. This video is not intended to depict the specific actions of particular individuals and as such, is a work of fiction. Written & Directed by Nicholas Chrimes

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    • What If? Teamwork in Emergency Airway Management


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      Using the circumstances of a real case as a starting point, this video demonstrates the use of a variety of cognitive aids & teamwork strategies, including the Vortex Approach, in managing an airway crisis. The video was produced by Simpact with the support of Martin Bromiley. Whilst the scenario portrayed initially uses the context of a real case, it is not possible to know whether the strategies used in the video would have actually influenced the the course of events in that particular case. The intention is that this video be used to illustrate, and initiate discussion about, approaches which might facilitate the efficient implementation of the technical aspects of difficult airway management in such a situation, by optimising teamwork and situational awareness during an emergency. Written & Directed by Nicholas Chrimes More information on the Vortex Approach to difficult airway management is available at vortexapproach.org

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      • Mounted Soldier System Overview


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        The Mounted Soldier System (MSS) is an evolutionary program with identified increments. Increment I provided the Mounted Warrior Helmet-Mounted Display, and Increment II will augment current capabilities under the MSS program. MSS will provide the combat vehicle crew members increased capabilities to conduct offensive and defensive operations.
 The MSS consists of a Heads-up Display, Cordless Communications, Microclimate Cooling, and force protection items. These subsystems will provide platform commanders and vehicle crew members increased effectiveness on the network-centric battlefield in areas of command and control, situational awareness, communications, and force protection. MSS also provides improved integration and systems engineering to enhance capability synergy and allow crewmen to better perform their functions in the confined spaces of combat vehicles. 
Helmet-Mounted Display Capabilities:
The Helmet-Mounted Display subsystem shows situational awareness information and sensors by controlling video signals coming from various vehicle sources. The integration supports up to four crewmen per platform and up to five video signals. 
 Cordless Communications Capabilities:
The Cordless Communications Capabilities system provides increased safety and mission performance to the platform’s crew with the addition of a wireless connection capability to the vehicle’s intercom and radios. It allows the crew to communicate by voice over the platform’s intercom system when mounted or dismounted within 300 meters of their platform. The system automatically detects when a crewman becomes disconnected from the intercom system and allows the disconnected crewman to continue to have voice communication with the crew. 

Microclimate Cooling System:
The Microclimate Cooling System is integrated into the platform and features a cooling vest worn by the Soldier. It reduces crewman heat stress and provides increased comfort during operations in hot environments. 
 Soldier Force Protection System Capabilities: 
Soldier safety is enhanced with the Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman Coverall, Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FR ACU), Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE), flame-resistant and moisture-wicking undergarments, ballistic and laser eye protection, flame-resistant hand, face, and foot protection, and the maxillofacial shield. Soldier effectiveness is improved with the ambidextrous individual weapon holster, an integrated CVC Helmet system, and a lighter-weight, multi layer, improved body armor system.

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        • Priority5 TACCS


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          Priority 5’s Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS™) provides a net-centric, service oriented architecture (SOA) geospatial operating platform, built upon open standards, that integrates data, simulation, and tools into a single dynamic environment. Users from remote locations collaborate in real-time through workgroups. Each workgroup brings all the integrated capabilities of the system into a true live COP that goes well beyond the static information available using conventional viewers. TACCS™ enables an entirely new generation of capabilities focused on helping decision makers understand the current situation, make decisions, and act on them. Users can monitor the operational state of CI/KR, run what-if scenarios to analyze options, fuse data and analytics from private and public information, integrate live feeds from the field, interface with responders in the field, dynamically share relevant documents, integrate social media data, and apply numerous other capabilities as required by the operational CONOP. TACCS™ is the only software solution marketed in the situational awareness/decision support market that actually provides robust support across all four elements of team Situational Awareness (SA). SA is the perception of elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their states in the near future. In a team setting, SA requires that all members of the team have the situational awareness they need to fulfill their individual missions

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          • Tips On Learning About Counter Surveillance


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            http://www.stratfor.com/security-weekly - When you're trying to learn more about counter surveillance you have to ensure you can trust your information source. Just how accurate is the information about situational awareness and military intelligence these websites provide? This is important since you do not want to end up with unreliable information on army intelligence, especially if you're using it for academic research.

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            • GYROLAB GL-2000 Promo for APT Programs


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              The GYROLAB GL-2000 PEREGRINE is an ideal device for spatial disorientation, situational awareness, motion sickness and desensitization, and loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) applications.

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              • GeoVS 3D VTS Technology


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                Demonstration of the GeoVS Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) real-time 3D VTS display technology from SRT Marine System Solutions

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                • SSC Pacific - Comes to Anaheim Convention Center


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                  Better information, Faster Decisions, Successful Collaboration!!!

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                  • STRATFOR - U93


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                    http://www.stratfor.com/security-weekly - Situational awareness is important in order to make timely decisions. This trait is vital in gathering military intelligence or army intelligence as it will help you make decisive actions to counter a threat or find solutions to circumvent that threat. The ability to recognize threats early is the first step in counter surveillance.

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                    • Learn Where To Find Military Intelligence Reports


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                      http://www.stratfor.com/security-weekly - If you want to find military intelligence reports, go online. You can find anything online these days, including information on army intelligence or even counter surveillance if for some reason that is interesting to you. The same goes if you want to learn more about situational awareness and other similar topics

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