1. Kings Party @ The Beach Lounge club


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    • "Making sense of Virtual Worlds": Tools for Meetings, Conferences, Education


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      SLOODLE: COMUNICARE, CONDIVIDERE E INSEGNARE Se vi occupate di comunicazione in SL, venerdì 12 marzo 2010 ospitiamo l’evento che fa per voi, poiché gli strumenti di Sloodle diventano l’occasione per approfondire temi quali la formazione, la collaborazione, le simulazioni e le arti in SL. Grazie all’impegno di Giancarla Loon, la realtà italiana (rappresentata da Salahzar e Paidos) si confronta con alcuni dei protagonisti internazionali del mondo Moodle/Sloodle per condividere esperienze e buone pratiche. http://imparafacile.ning.com Ecco il programma: =================================== 12th March 2010 10:00 PM (Italian Time) 01:00 PM (SL Time) At http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imparafacile/199/233/1003 "Making sense of Virtual Worlds": Tools for Meetings, Conferences, Education Happening will be held in Voice with Chat "translation", Duration: 2 h ================================== Various individuals and groups in Italy have worked during latest months to set up a sample of Sloodle self teaching (Mozart in Italy) and to gather some outstanding actors in the 3D eLearning world. The result is a 360 degrees presentation attempting to offer a glimpse on *if* and *how* Virtual Worlds can be meaningfully used to foster cooperative, useful creative and immersive experiences. We structured it in two days, * the first on March 12th is to introduce in an informal and possibly playful way our guests, their activities, websites and Italian Team involved, * and the second a big Musical Vocal Performance on March 19th to party together with a gifted singer. Here is the AGENDA with the name of participant talking avatars and organizations and their theme. 0. Salahzar Stenvaag introduces the Informal, Immersive, 3D environment, Mixing play with emotional experience 1. Buddy Sprocket for Sloodle, presents this OpenSource 3D Modeling Tool based on MOODLE 2. Mencius Watt for IDIA "Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts" describes how virtual worlds can be used to have mixed reality educational experiences help in Art exhibition and Virtual Museums 3. Joff Fassnach shows Theater applications: virtual avatars meet real dancing actors. 4. Corro Moseley DADEN (pivote) offers virtual authoring tool for virtual words especially in medical sector 5. Ulster University shows many interesting applications of virtual education through modeling, sloodle extensions, simulation and role-playing environments 6. The Italian TEAMS: * Salahzar Stenvaag Pyramidoodle (3D Immersive Tools) * Imparafacile Runo Imparafacile (Learn Easily) * Paidos Woodal Paideia (Cooperative Learning) 7. ahavah Merlino Imagenharia : *sloodle spreading * popularization in Brazil

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      • DJ PopRoXxX LIVE on P.M.S. (4-25-2011)


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        Every Monday Night DJ PopRoXxX broadcasts live from his studio just for the fun of it on his night off. Bringing in ALL-NEW music and video edits that you have not seen or heard before in a normal setting. Monday Night P.M.S. (P.ure M.onday S.timulation) with DJ PopRoXxX gives you a reason to enjoy and chill on a Monday night. Go to UStream and search "PopRoXxX" and you will find all the recorded video sets from previous Monday P.M.S. shows. And don't forget that P.M.S. is EVERY MONDAY NIGHT @ 10pm EST @ www.djpoproxxx.com on the 'Live' page (or on UStream at this link --> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/PopRoXxX-Live-Video-Mix-Broadcast). Gotta case of the Mondays? .... Not anymore ;)

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        • Conference Mesh in Second Life


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          1ère partie : Conférence sur le Mesh, animée par Phoenix Thor. I. Qu’est ce que le mesh ? 1. Sculpt VS Mesh (les différences) 2. Une opportunité (créativité quasi illimitée) 3. Un danger (import des mesh freebies) II. Une transformation de Second Life ? 1. Transformation du paysage (qualité accrue) 2. La haute qualité concentrée dans une élite (faire mieux ou faire différent) 3. Transformation du business model de LL (priorité aux mesh) III. Que faire ? 1. S’adapter (suivre le mouvement) 2. Se lier (partenariats) 3. Innover 2ème partie : Questions-réponses

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          • Fallen Leaves


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            A video of the Fallen Leaves program in Second Life.

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            • Metaverse Meetup: OpenSim & Virtual Worlds Interoperability 7.23.08


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              IBM and Linden Labs recently announced a historic breakthrough in virtual worlds: "...research teams from the two companies successfully teleported avatars from the Second Life Preview Grid into a virtual world running on an OpenSim server, marking the first time an avatar has moved from one virtual world to another". The topic for this Metaverse Meetup was OpenSim and virtual worlds interoperability and we were very fortunate to be featuring leading pioneers of OpenSim as presenters: David Levine of IBM Research (Zha Ewry in SL) and Adam Frisby of DeepThink Labs (Adam Zaius in SL). Tish Shute (Tara5 Oh in SL), who writes about OpenSim on her blog Ugotrade, was guest moderator and Global Kids generously hosted us in their space. More info: http://opensimulator.org http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/07/08/ibm-linden-lab-interoperability-announcement/ http://zhaewry.wordpress.com/ http://gwala.net/blog/ http://www.ugotrade.com/2008/07/08/ibm-linden-lab-launch-protocols-for-virtual-world-interoperability/ Metaverse Meetup: http://is.gd/1KpTg _______ Video by Annie Ok and Derek Lerner http://annieok.com http://derek-lerner.com

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              • Designing Worlds Episode 242 - Second Life & Beyond Part I


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                The buzz among Second Life residents for the last while has been the announcement that Linden Lab is developing a next-generation virtual world – though it won't even be in Alpha for a year or two. At the same time, they have committed themselves to maintaining Second Life itself and continuing its development. The technical issues surrounding this decision are largely imponderable at present, with virtually no information out there. But the social implications are enormous. Will residents migrate to the new world and leave SL in ruins? Will creators be able to rebuild their creations in the new world? Will people be interested in moving? We assembled a panel to discuss the issues, in our studio on Garden of Dreams, including virtual and RL librarian JJ Drinkwater; Firestorm Viewer project manager Jessica Lyon; Maxwell Graf, owner of Rustica; Pathfinder Lester, community engagement specialist and former Linden; and Jo Yardley, creator of 1920s Berlin who has had several ongoing discussions with Linden bigwigs. All are particularly well-informed on the potential and pitfalls of virtual worlds. This is the first part of a two-part programme.

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                • EL3 - Langfassung - Erik Senst - 09.2008


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                  Wir freuen uns, Ihnen Dipl.-Päd. Erik Senst (Muhabatabomou Barbosa) als Referenten zum Thema “Bibliotheken in 3D” präsentieren zu können. Erik Senst ist Fachreferent für Erziehungswissenschaft, Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft an der Universitätsbibliothek Bielefeld. Er ist Mitglied des Mediendidaktischen Teams der Universität.

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                  • DW266 - Gachas in Second Life


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                    The Japanese word "gachapon" (ガチャポン), or "gacha" for short, refers to a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan, and the machines that sell them (the word is based on the sounds the machines make). Second Life now has Gacha machines too, and they've become extremely popular over the past year or two. An increasing number of creators are putting series of beautifully-crafted items for sale in these machines, from furniture to little scripted creatures. Each machine dispenses a variety of items that constitute the series, some of which are "common" and others that are "rare". When you put a small amount of money in the machine (typically L$50) you'll get one of the series – probably worth much more than you paid. It could be a common, or, if you're lucky, a rare. Getting a particular rare – for example to complete your set – may take many tries, and in the process you could end up with a lot of duplicate commons you already own. Machines with new contents are launched at major events throughout the year, such as The Arcade; but as all the items are transferable, there is an enormous aftermarket where hundreds of independent vendors collect and sell items from the many series available – and sometimes prices can go through the roof. Gachas have no doubt affected the economy of Second Life. But for good or ill? Who are the creators making gacha items and what are they offering? How does the secondary market work? These and many other gacha questions are addressed in this programme, in which we interview several popular creators and others involved in both the primary and secondary markets, along with an avid gacha collector. Tune in to learn more – but be warned, Gachas can become addictive!

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                    • Designing Worlds Episode 243 - Second Life & Beyond Part II


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                      In this episode, we continue the discussion begun last week around Linden Lab's announcement that they are working on a second-generation virtual world, focusing on the social rather than the technical questions surrounding the idea of communities moving from SL to the new environment – or not. As last time, our panel in our studio on Garden of Dreams, includes virtual and RL librarian JJ Drinkwater; Firestorm Viewer project manager Jessica Lyon; Maxwell Graf, owner of Rustica; Pathfinder Lester, community engagement specialist and former Linden; and Jo Yardley, creator of 1920s Berlin who is in good touch with leading figures at the Lab. All are particularly well-informed on the potential and pitfalls of virtual worlds. This is the second and final part of a two-part programme.

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