1. Farm and Red Moon (web site trailer)


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    Farm and Red Moon is a feature-length documentary film currently in production. We are currently in the tail-end of production and hope to begin postproduction this summer! For more information, visit http://FarmandRedMoon.com (this trailer was originally posted on September 18, 2011 and was updated to reflect the current state of the project on January 12, 2014).

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    • Beefy (2009)


      from R. Patrick Lile / Added

      A found footage project about cows, hamburgers, and where meat comes from.

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      • If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls, Everyone would be Vegetarian


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        "Glass Walls" goes deeper into the meat and dairy industries than any video produced before. Narrated by and starring Sir Paul McCartney. PETA's shocking new video takes its inspiration from the most well-known quote in the animal rights movement and offers a brief glimpse behind the walls of slaughterhouses, factory farms, live-animal transport and the fishing industry.

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        • The cruel dog meat and fur trade in China - Animal Equality investigation


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          Sign now at http://www.VoicelessFriends.org to help us stop the massacre! At Animal Equality we have started a campaign to end the consumption of dog meat and its production in China. Just like you, we form part of the millions of people who think that cat and dog slaughter for human consumption is unacceptable. This is why we are urging the Chinese government to forbid this cruel trade.

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          • Halal Slaughter Watch


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            Halal slaughterhouses in Turkey and the need for improvement

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            • PSA - Veal Crates


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              Ashley Feeney

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              • A Case for the World Peace Diet with Vegan Author Dr. Will Tuttle Parts 1+2


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                Please share, like and subscribe! http://www.michaellanfield.com http://www.willtuttle.com http://www.worldpeacediet.org http://www.suprememastertv.com A Case for the World Peace Diet with Vegan Author Dr. Will Tuttle Parts 1+2 "Then there is another level too, that the violence in animals that we engage in, makes us disconnect from our heart of compassion, and our heart of kindness and caring, because we don't want to think about of what we are doing when we eat a piece of bacon or cheese or piece of hamburger or hotdog. We have to disconnect, so we have this whole mentality of disconnectedness, of exclusion. We learn to exclude certain beings from the sphere of our compassion. It creates a culture of war. So for us to think we want to stop the war, and yet we are going to continue the war on animals for food, on cows, pigs and chickens, and fish and other animals,we will always have war. " ....... '' ... When we see the history of what we do to animals and see it in a larger context, we realize that it's intimately connected with all of our problems that we have, problems where we are devastating the Earth environmentally. We have problems where people are exploited and oppressed, where they are going hungry. All of these problems I think are connected to the historical development of using animals for food. Around 8-10,000 years ago people for the first time started looking at animals as, potentially anyway, as property that was owned. Before that, people did not herd animals, did not own them as food. When anthropologists look at this, we see that it was a profound revolution. It was a revolution where beings that had been seen as mysterious co-inhabitants of the Earth with us and were basically respected for that, began to be owned as property. They began to be reduced to the status of commodities. So they started this project of confining them, of selectively breeding them. And so the feminine dimension, the female animals, were especially targeted as being manipulated and dominated. And we had for the first time this huge transformation of culture where slavery actually began to be commonly practiced. And war started, the very first wars that ever appeared on the planet. There was the wealthy elite that emerged that owned the cattle. The old word in Latin for head is capita which means head. The proto capitalist at that time learned that the fastest way that they could get rich quick was to go and have a war. And if they won the war, then they would get all that capital. They would get all those sheep and goats and cows if they won the war. So we have this situation develop, where animals were reduced to mere things, women were reduced to mere chattel property and men became more capable of sustained violence. " .... " When we look deeply into the environmental problems that we are facing,into the cultural problems we are facing, into the spiritual shallowness really in many ways of our culture, we see that it's all in many ways driven by one fundamental force, which is this ritual injection into our consciousness, through daily meals, of a mentality of reductionism,commodification,exclusion, and exploitation and oppression of other living beings. Once we do that to animals routinely, then we just develop this mentality where it's easy to do that to other human beings as well. We can justify wars, we can justify the devastation of the oceans and the rainforests. In fact, we can not only justify it, we can just basically ignore it like it doesn't matter. I think ultimately what we're talking about here is an awakening of the trance that has been imposed on us by our culture, and the cultural awakening from its trance that has been imposed on it, by 10,000 years of seeing beings merely as things to be dominated and controlled. As we awaken, our culture will awaken, and so it's up to each one of us to find our unique way of understanding and acting on this understanding and contributing to the awakening that will help us to deal with the problems that we're creating. Animal agriculture is the driving force behind the loss of habitat, behind the destruction of the oceans, behind the destruction of the rain forests and the temperate forests, this driving need for massive amounts of grain and soybeans and legumes to feed animals while people are starving. " .... "If I go into a restaurant and I said, "Oh yeah, I think I will have some ribs, or I'll have a hamburger." And the waiter or waitress said: "Good choice, that's a very good choice, we have good ribs today." Everyone just praises it, says it is a great idea, and it comes and I just eat it and I have no awareness that when I made that order I was like the general in another country ordering someone to bomb someone and he doesn't feel anything. I take out my wallet and pay.

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                • One Species ♥ Une Espèce


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                  On True Nature's song "One Species" to raise awaireness for Animal suffering - French sub-titled SOUS-TITRE en Français, sur la chanson de True Nature, "Une Espèce" pour sensibiliser sur la Souffrance animale

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                  • F I L M Preview


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                    Comments are always appreciated. This work is still in the beginning stages of a multi-disciplinary collaboration with printer-maker Jesse Boardman Kauppila, archivist Kajsa Thelin, myself, and writer and cultural theorist Ola Stahl as part of his Headlands Art Centre residency just outside San Francisco, California. Over a two month period, we will focus on collaboratively putting together a limited edition artist book based on the English manuscript of his forthcoming book F I L M. The manuscript is based on a journeyman's memoirs in Sweden and the United States, but the language and narrative are fragmented to the point of disintegration through an exploration of the translation act. Together we will rework the manuscript in various ways and in different media. We aim to have the edition ready and printed with In Edit Mode Press by the end of the summer when Ola leaves the United States.

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