1. Digital Slaves - Virtual Calligraphy - 2009


    from Digital Slaves / Added

    Digital Slaves and Kaalam were invited for the 10th year Radio Prun anniversary to devellope a new digital tool for real time calligraphy and drawing. This system reproduces exactly the calligraphic feeling and also adds some new features from digital technologies. The interface allows the calligrapher to choose the texture, the width, heigth and color. Devellopement : Digital Slaves Calligrapher : Kaalam

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    • Digital Slaves - Pimp My Art - 2008


      from Digital Slaves / Added

      Digital Slaves set up the visual scenography with real-time generative motion graphics on 3 screens. Organised by Pimp My Art, the festival Dé[K]lé invited artists like Charlie Mars, Minitel Rose or Poney Poney Run Run for three days in Nantes (France). Multiscreen content : Digital Slaves and Desaxismundi

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      • Bondage & Submission


        from The Collagist / Added

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        18 + only please, viewer discretion is strongly advised. A documentary about alternative love ! Welcome to take a little journey into the world of bondage and submission, restraints and sensuality from its early depictions in drawings and ancient art and paintings to retro days up to contemporary times. A Wordless Documentary about bondage and its implications, with outstandingly beautiful instrumental soundtrack that stays and remains as a document about reality,our reality and all women starring in this visual are consensually so !!! No Feminicide, no violence against women, no discrimination, no shocks no tears, no matter who you are, no matter what you believe as unless you're a puritan this is very probably the best wordless yet convincing documentary about bondage that you will ever get see not just on Vimeo but in your lifetime !!!! Beware of this.. Something to remember and I hope you have stumbled upon here by chance and if by chance you're here male or female and if into this kind of erotism just beware it was made by a man who loves and respects women's. P.S. Its now available a different edit of this video called Bondage Erotica It might look the same initially but it is not and the only reason I've posted it is because I think It might be even better than this one version and found it by chance. So I must have been into trance while doing of of the two versions.

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        • Digital Slaves - Institubes Party - 2009


          from Digital Slaves / Added

          Digital Slaves did an audioreactive multiscreen scenography for Institubes Party in March 2009. Line Up : Surkin, Bobmo, Das Glow, Aeroplane

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          • Shimmering Stars - "Slaves" - official music video


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            Band : Shimmering Stars Track : Slaves Label : Almost Musique Directed by : JULIAN NODOLWSKY Make up : Florence Depestele Model : Pauline Production company : SOFILMS www.sofilms.fr Buy the EP : http://www.almost-musique.com/2012/02/shimmering-stars-ghosts-past-ep/ Message from Rory McClure, from Shimmering Stars : "SOFILMS and Shimmering Stars agreed to do this video, with Julian, the director, having total freedom to determine the concept and aesthetic based on their interpretation of the song. We feel that the result is a powerful artistic statement on the director's behalf, though we are also conscious of the possibility that it could be interpreted as exploitative or sexist. We had many frank discussions concerning the video - both within the band and amongst our friends. To be clear, it is not intended to demean women in any way, or to use the female body to 'sell' music, though if people do interpret it that way we welcome your input and would gladly engage in a dialogue about the video."

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            • Bondage Erotica


              from The Collagist / Added

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              18 + only allowed to see this video Exclusive and almost totally different edit of a landmark in silent documentaries about the complicated world of bondage and submission. This might be the very first version or if not than a second unique version or a remake if you like, of the video called Bondage & Submission available here on vimeo I find hard to think which one is the best and for this reason I have posted this second version of something that is, will and it remains anyhow something unique to watch, the territory is explored, the soul is explored, the outrageousness and whatever is connected or concerned is to is is not just explored but exposed, edited precisally to the nanosecond and clearly and widely shown. History of bondage from its early depictions in ancient art and drawings up to contemporary times. For art and entertainment only.

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              • The Price of Blackness (Part One)


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                The Price of Blackness written by Lanre Akinsiku starring (in order of appearance) S.J. Hannah Jakeem Powell Michael Oloyede Ricardo Manigat Channing Jackson Marc Anthony McDonnough directed by Eunice Levis Linda Nieves-Powell director of photography Edgar Andrade camera operator Kevin Gordon production assistant Analisa Velez edited by Linda Nieves-Powell music by Marco Zannone photo by The Growth of Democracy in Tennessee: A Grassroots Approach to Volunteer Voices Creative Commons License produced by Linda Nieves-Powell Anthony Powell

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                • Beauties in Bondage


                  from The Collagist / Added

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                  18 + only allowed to view this video, and viewer discretion is strongly advised. This could well be titled Bondage & Submission Part II A subliminal and fast visual trip and further journey into the world of bondage. This documentary series about bondage must be seen from an anthropological human behavior point of view only. Nothing twisted or perverted but rather just a report of what is attempted to be kept hidden while I unveil it and show it to you, an erotic report as in my style. All the women featuring in this visual are willingly consensual and mostly professionals and shameless about being depicted in restraints. The pictures displayed ranges from early days up to the B/w pics from the 50's and just think how outrageous and transgressive it must have been in those days to play bondage games and since then we go up to our contemporary times as the previous one. No violence against women is involved here. ( beware of that !) Erotic show about bondage and submissive strange and at times shocking, willing human or sub-human behavior. Documenting reality as bondage or documenting bondage as reality this is the basic Idea of this Art collages It may be considered deviant peraphs but art is a multi-forms world ! Another fast paced, heart-beating visual collage trip, with compelling soundtrack,made to subliminally interact with your psyche. This in a documentary about bondage, compiled, selected and edited by The Collagist Nov. 2013 for entertainment only !

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                  • God's Story: Moses


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                    Moses was chosen by God to deliver the Israelites from slavery, but he didn’t believe he could do it because he didn’t realize he had a special place in God’s family. Finally, he chose to trust that God would take care of him and lead him. You can find this story in Exodus 2-4. Check out more videos (and other cool stuff) at www.CrossroadsKidsClub.net

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                    • Poison on the Platter


                      from Jeffrey Smith / Added

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                      Poison on the Platter - A documentary film Mahesh Bhatt says: Promotion of Genetically Modified Food is an Act of Bio-terrorism!! Renowned filmmaker and social activist Mahesh Bhatt today launched a scathing attack on biotech multinational companies and their nexus with regulatory bodies for unleashing what he describes as ‘bio-terrorism’ in the country. Speaking at a function organized to launch his new film, ‘Poison on the Platter‘, directed by Ajay Kanchan, Bhatt said, “in their mad rush to capture the multi-billion dollar Indian agricultural and food industry, the biotech MNCs are bulldozing warnings by scientists about the adverse impact of GM foods on health and environment, and hurtling the mankind toward a disaster, which will be far more destructive than anything the world has seen so far, simply because it will affect every single person living on this planet”. Bhatt’s film makes a mockery of Government of India’s claim of not allowing import of any GM foods in the country as it conclusively demonstrates that supermarkets in India are flooded with harmful food stuff and biotech MNCs are cashing on the ignorance of unsuspecting consumers in India. “Indians are unfortunately kept in dark, and the corporations are hatching strategies to cash in on their ignorance. Poison on the Platter is, therefore, an attempt to generate awareness among consumers and kick start an informed debate on the issue”, said Bhatt. Trials of GM foods on lab animals across the world have repeatedly shown that they cause bleeding stomachs, and adversely affect brain, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas and intestine. They have been even linked to higher offspring mortality and causing infertility. “Are we ready to eat a food that has the potential to stunt our growth, impair our immune system and adversely affect all our vital organs”, asks Ajay Kanchan, director of the documentary, adding that “It’s shocking that instead of protecting the interests of farmers and consumers, regulatory bodies in India are pandering to the greed of biotech MNCs like Monsanto, whose track record is littered with lies, deceptions and notorious ability to corrupt the regulatory bodies all over the world”. “I can say with absolute confidence that there is irrefutable and overwhelming evidence that genetically engineered foods are harmful and that they are not being evaluated properly by the governments of India, United States, the European Union, or anywhere in the world.” Said Jeffrey M. Smith, Founder Director, Institute of Responsible Technology and author of two widely respected books on health impact of GM foods – Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, adding that “this is one of the most dangerous technologies ever introduced on earth, and it’s being deployed in our food supply. It’s madness, what we need is a political willingness to say no more”. Noted food policy analyst Devinder Sharma said, “India is fast becoming the world’s biggest dustbin for this risky and unwanted technology. We are being told that these crops are essential for feeding the growing population, but there is not even one GM crop that produces higher yields. In fact, many of the GM crops produce less than the existing crops. And yet, as many as 56 foods crops are being genetically modified in India.” In spite of a number of independent scientific studies pointing out the potentially damaging impacts of Bt crops, Government of India is about to approve the first food crop, Bt brinjal. “So far we were told that by proper washing the veggies you could get rid of the harmful pesticides residues. That may not hold true anymore, because with genetic modification, the toxins will be right inside the vegetables”, Sharma added. In India, the only commercially cultivated GM crop Bt Cotton, has so far proved extremely harmful for human beings and animals. Hundreds of farmers working in Bt Cotton fields developed skin allergies that were not known before, while thousands of cattle, sheep and goats that went for grazing there died in no time. “What we need is a moratorium on release of any GM crop and sale of any GM seed for at least next 5 to 7 years, till their safety is not assured through stringent and impartial tests, because what’s at stake here is not just our health but our very survival”, said Dr Pushpa M. Bhargava, Founder Director, Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology and Supreme Court’s nominee in the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC). Concluding a panel discussion following the screening of the film, Mahesh Bhatt said, “We cannot remain a mute spectator and let the biotech companies fill their coffers by using our bodies as their slaves in India. If the Government and regulatory bodies continue to ignore warnings by scientists and release any GM food crop, I won’t mind spearheading a countrywide campaign on the scale that India has not seen since the days of Independent movement for one simple reason that we all feel hungry and we can’t live without eating food”.

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