1. PLOrk - 2015 - Pictagoras, Jabol, et Orpheus


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    Pictagoras, Jabol et Orpheus Johannes Suzoy James Bartusek : Birl Jamie Chong : Birl Mike Mulshine : Touchkeys This piece is an example of the Ars Subtilior style, which resulted from the influence of mid-20th century concert music upon the court music of the late Medieval period. In addition to adopting the name of an important 20th-century celebrity upon his return from the future, composer Grimace, a contemporary of Suzoy, also brought with him the concept of metric modulation from his chance encounters with Stockhausen and Elliot Carter. This innovation led to the creation of a radical style of music that flourished at the end of the 14th century, where the “rhythmic modes” of the previous generation were nearly abandoned in favor of a fluid and infinitely divisible concept of metric values. The music of this style is primarily preserved in the Codex Chantilly, and the French composer Suzoy is represented by three ballades in that collection. The text (not sung in our instrumental rendition) praises the contributions to music of Pythagoras, Jabol, and Orpheus. While Pythagoras and Orpheus receive musical accolades elsewhere, Pythagoras for his “discovery” of the proportions that govern musical scales and Orpheus for his otherworldly lyre virtuosity, this is the only known reference to the inexpensive Polish fruit wine Jabol in the classical music repertoire. This piece is performed by Jamie Chong and James Bartusek on the Birl, and Mike Mulshine on the Touchkeys, an instrument invented by composer/designer Andrew McPherson. The Touchkeys, here controlling custom synthesis developed by Mike Mulshine, allow a traditional piano keyboard to harness a greatly expanded vocabulary of expressive finger gestures, including x/y finger position and the amount of surface area the finger covers on the key. We hope to capture with this expressive subtlety some evocative element of the “subtle art” that Suzoy intended. Princeton Laptop Orchestra MEDI3VAL DR3@MS April 22, 2015 Jeff Snyder : director Mike Mulshine : assistant director

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    • The Snyderphonics Birl, Rev. 2, Tests with Dave Schnug


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      BIRL wind instrument prototype by Snyderphonics. Development by Jeff Snyder and Danny J. Ryan. A little explanation: Super quick rough edit to show to some people I know, I'll edit a real demo together at some point. It is designed to have a very basic wind instrument keying kind of like a recorder/flute/saxophone, with octave keys for the thumb. It lacks a lot of the special-purpose saxophone keys (i.e. the multiple pinky keys and whatnot). The cool thing is that you can "train" it to use any fingering (within the limits of the physical keys) that you want. As in - put your fingers in some pattern and say "this should be an Eb" to the software. Then, you can store those as presets in the instrument and it will remember them and recall them. It's using a neural net to learn what you want. The other neat feature is that I am trying to get a much better sense of embouchure. Right now it's in an early stage, but you can see it working in the video. You can put your mouth in some particular position (say, tightening your lips) and say "when I do this I want the sound to get buzzier". The neural net also learns these things. Then it creates an large space of possibilities - I'm trying to approach the wealth of sound and technique options that something like a saxophone has, so that you can really shape the tone and get microtones and squeals and fluttertongue and everything. The idea is that every new "training" you do will have a whole world of extended techniques alongside the expected behavior you have trained. For synthesis, it's using some simple FM stuff and a physical modelling patch (which is amazing with it). I'm working on a schedule to try and come out with it as a small-run product via a kickstarter campaign by the end of summer. Let me know if you're interested and I'll put you on the list to get updates! Jeff at snyderphonics (remove this) dot com http://www.scattershot.org/

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      • Jeff Snyder and Federico Ughi - duo recording


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        Jeff Snyder and Federico Ughi, duo recording session

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        • JD-1 Melody Test


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          Testing keyboard mode with joystick control on the Snyderphonics JD-1 keyboard/sequencer prototype. The synthesizer patch used has a really gritty filter resonance that barks out when it aligns with a harmonic.

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          • JD-1: Testing Functionality


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            Testing the functionality of the Snyderphonics JD-1 keyboard/sequencer prototype.

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            • Snyderphonics JD-1 Quantize Mode


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              • JD1 Custom: Keyboard mode with surface area output


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                Snyderphonics JD1 Custom Keyboard

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                • JD1 sequencer mode testing


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                  • Manta User Interviews #4 Duane Pitre


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                    Manta User Interviews #4 Duane Pitre

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                    • Manta User Interviews #3 Tommy Dog


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                      Manta User Interviews #3 Tommy Dog

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