1. Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort - Kansas


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    NOT JUST A SHELTER, BUT A YEAR-ROUND RESORT This massive underground complex encompasses over 2 million square feet of existing shelter area. Now being outfitted, the Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort will accommodate approximately 5,000 people for a minimum of one year of autonomous survival, without the need to return to the surface. Located nearly 130 feet below the mountain surface, carved out of solid limestone, and having a strength 6 times stronger than concrete, this massive structure will resist virtually any predictable disaster or catastrophic event. This Vivos complex will also be a year-round resort offering its co-owner members the opportunity to visit the shelter anytime they desire, 24/7. With a host of survival, educational and recreational activities and amenities, the Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort will be an attraction for the entire family, both above and below ground. At full capacity, the underground complex will save the lives of nearly 1 in every 1 million people on Earth, along with precious museum artifacts and treasures, the DNA and gamete cells of thousands within a series of cryovaults, volumes of data, books, and more. This shelter is a virtual fortress with full-time security and protection devices, drive-thru blast doors that can withstand a nuclear blast from mere miles away, filtration systems for nuclear radiation and fallout, biological pathogens and chemical war gases. Perhaps the most unique feature of the shelter is that members can drive a full size recreational trailer or motor home directly inside, with space for more than 1,000 vehicles. Like an underground RV park, each family will enjoy the privacy of their own vehicle, meeting their particular needs and comfort standards. Due to the economies of scale of this mega complex, the effective cost per person for access is now reduced to about 10% of the other smaller Vivos shelters. A family of 4 in a 25 foot long RV can join in for $25,000, with pricing set at $1,000 per lineal foot of their vehicle's length. The ongoing resort and recreational benefits are well worth the price of co-ownership, not to mention the ability to protect your family from virtually every foreseeable future catastrophe. We are confident this shelter will become your resort vacation destination, year after year!

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    • Aurora Borealis - Iceland 2010


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      Time-lapse video of the northern lights mixed with some of my stills from previous months... Music: Enya - Only Time Video: OZZO

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      • Vivos Underground Shelter Network


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        2012 has come and gone, but the global threats and catastrophes have not. Something is wrong and the governments of the world know it. Why are they bunkering up? Vivos may be your only survival solution. Life-assurance for a dangerous world!

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        • 5MIN News December 6, 2013: Mistakes, Europa's Ocean, Filament Eruption CME


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          Website: http://www.suspicious0bservers.org Become a Member: http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/register Donate memberships for others: http://tiny.cc/f195ww 0bserver Shop: http://www.cafepress.com/s0s Original music by NEMES1S http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/shop/ [Get NEMES1S Music!] TODAY's FEATURED LINKS: CBS on Current Solar Activity: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/northern-lights-will-be-visible-further-south-this-year-scientists-say/ Europa: http://www.astrobio.net/exclusive/5856/current-events-on-europa Rover Zap: http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/msl/mars-rover-curiosity-laser-shot-20131205.html#.UqGTAqXHJO4 Loveyjoy: http://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=90801&PHPSESSID=odq0os9gqpequl37hbbpf308p3 FREE S0 FORUMS: http://community.suspicious0bservers.org/register/ REPEAT LINKS: WORLD WEATHER: NDBC Buoys: http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/ Tropical Storms: http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/ HurricaneZone Satellite Images: http://www.hurricanezone.net/westpacific/animations.html Weather Channel: http://www.weather.com/ NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory: http://www.nnvl.noaa.gov/Default.php Pressure Maps: http://www.woweather.com/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=us&MENU=0000000000&CONT=glob&MODELL=gfs&MODELLTYP=1&BASE=-&VAR=pslv&HH=0&ARCHIV=0&PANEL=0&ZOOM=0&PERIOD= Satellite Maps: http://www.woweather.com/cgi-app/satellite?LANG=us&CONT=namk Forecast Maps: http://www.woweather.com/weather/maps/forecastmaps?LANG=us&CONT=usus GOES Satellites: http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/goes/ THE WINDMAP: http://hint.fm/wind/ Severe Weather Threats: http://www.weather.com/news/weather-severe/severe-weather-tracker Canada Weather Office Satellite Composites: http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/satellite/index_e.html Temperature Delta: http://www.intellicast.com/National/Temperature/Delta.aspx Records/Extremes: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/extremes/records/ SPACEWEATHER: Spaceweather: http://spaceweather.com SOHO Solar Wind: http://umtof.umd.edu/pm/ Planetary Orbital Diagram - Ceres1 JPL: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=ceres;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb SDO: http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/ Helioviewer: http://www.helioviewer.org/ SOHO: http://sohodata.nascom.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/soho_movie_theater Stereo: http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/images SOLARIMG: http://solarimg.org/artis/ iSWA: http://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/iswa/iSWA.html NASA ENLIL SPIRAL: http://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080/IswaSystemWebApp/iSWACygnetStreamer?timestamp=2038-01-23+00%3A44%3A00&window=-1&cygnetId=261 NOAA ENLIL SPIRAL: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/wsa-enlil/ GOES Xray: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/sxi/goes15/index.html Gamma Ray Bursts: http://grb.sonoma.edu/ BARTOL Cosmic Rays: http://neutronm.bartol.udel.edu//spaceweather/welcome.html ISWA: http://iswa.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080/IswaSystemWebApp/ NOAA Sunspot Classifications: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/latest/SRS.txt GONG: http://gong2.nso.edu/dailyimages/ GONG Magnetic Maps: http://gong.nso.edu/data/magmap/ondemand.html MISC Links: JAPAN Radiation Map: http://jciv.iidj.net/map/ RADIATION Network: http://radiationnetwork.com/ LISS: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplots_gsn.php QUAKES LIST FULL: http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/seismologist.php RSOE: http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php [That cool alert map I use] Moon: http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/pacalc.html

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          • "Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid" - An Energy and Electricity Policy White Paper (November 2012)


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            Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid (TRT 78 minutes) is a video discussion related to the new report “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” published by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy. Hosted by Camilla Rees, MBA of ElectromagneticHealth.org, this film features the new report’s author, Dr. Timothy Schoechle, PhD, an expert in smart grid technologies; Duncan Campbell, Esq., visionary thinker on the new energy economy, and, Jim Turner, Esq., Chairman of the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy. “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” states smart grid federal funding has been misspent on obsolete technologies using taxpayer and ratepayer dollars, and that these technologies—in particular the ‘smart meter’—will not lead to sustainability, as many state, local and federal government officials have been led to believe. See Press Release for the report at: http://www.GettingSmarterAbouttheSmartGrid.org

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            • CROWN THE EMPIRE - Memories Of A Broken Heart


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              Dir. Dillon Novak rsmcreative.com/directors/dillon/ Artist: Crown The Empire Label: Rise Records Production Company: RSM Executive Producer: Robby Starbuck Producer: Megan Sullivan Assitant Director: Andrew Fairbank Director: Dillon Novak Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet Production Designer: Ashley Adamson Stedicam Operator: Alan Rencher 1st Assistant Camera: Idan Menin 2nd Assistant Camera / Digital Downloader: Jesse Zhu Gaffer: Eric Corriea Key Grip: Adam Unruh Grip: Greg Lazcano Grip: Jonathan Lewis Art Director: Aaron Pagniano MUA / Hair: Tracey Rosen Key PA: Mari Ohman PA: Joseph Staehly Man on the Hill: Ike Steele Lonely Woman: Nirarli Shastri-Hill Punk Male: Matthew Grathwol Punk Female: Amber Lammon Lost Boy: Mikey Effie Boyfriend: Cj Natoli Girlfriend: Joi Liaye Editor / Colorist: Dillon Novak Assistant Editor / VFX: Ryan Valdez SPECIAL THANKS TO Mike Carter & Panavision Hollywood

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              • Jungle Sunset Calcium K-line Filter: Long Video - March 31, 2013


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                Taken between 1757 and 1800 (UT+10) from Coral Towers Observatory using a 60 mm Lunt CaK Solar Telescope at F/8.3 and a Skynyx 2-2 camera. 1350 frames shown at double speed LINK Short normal version of this video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43846774@N02/8610424976/ Short negative version of this video: www.flickr.com/photos/43846774@N02/8610429480/ Image: www.flickr.com/photos/43846774@N02/8608381849/ Info about the sun on this day: www.spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=31&mo... Info about Ca K-line solar observations: www.stephenramsden.com/SOLARASTROPHOTOGRAPHY/Observing%20... Music by The Eagles: Desperado

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                • Science Bulletins: Space Weather—Storms from the Sun


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                  Once upon a time, back in the twentieth century, the weather was straightforward: it rained or snowed, skies were sunny or cloudy. However, in the twenty-first century—the era of globalization and digitalization—a whole new kind weather is critical to consider: space weather. Space weather is direct product of our local star, the Sun. The Sun continuously sheds its skin, blowing a fierce wind of charged particles in all directions, including Earth's. From time to time, storms on the Sun's surface—solar flares, coronal mass ejections—toss off added masses of energy and ions. When that turbulence slams into Earth, it produces space weather. The consequences can be spectacular, from colorful auroras to satellite, power and communications failures. Space weather isn't new: the Sun has buffeted Earth with solar particles since the planet first formed. What has changed is society. This feature reveals how our increasing use of satellite technology has made us vulnerable to solar storms, and how solar scientists—“space weathermen”—are learning how to predict and forecast the Sun’s activity. Science Bulletins is a production of the National Center for Science Literacy, Education, and Technology (NCSLET), part of the Department of Education at the American Museum of Natural History. Find out more about Science Bulletins at http://www.amnh.org/sciencebulletins/. Related Links The Sun-Earth Connection: Heliophysics Solar Storm and Space Weather http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/spaceweather/index.html NASA Science: Magnetospheres http://science.nasa.gov/heliophysics/focus-areas/magnetosphere-ionosphere/ Classifying Solar Eruptions http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/classify-flares.html Solar and Heliospheric Observatory http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/home.html

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                  • SOLAR FLARE: an interactive sun sculpture by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett


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                    December 2013 - February 2014 More information: www.solarsunflare.wordpress.com Music by AM Static: https://soundcloud.com/amstatic ------------------- ARTISTS | Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett ARCHITECT + DRAFTSMAN | Ivan Ostapenko ENGINEER | Justin Williams, Silver Tree Structural Ltd. HEAD WELDER | David Benediktson, Coyote Works Ltd ADDITIONAL WELDER | Patrick Southgate TECHNICAL TEAM | Andrew Frosst, Lane Shordee, and Ivan Ostapenko SOLAR FLARE was sponsored by Downtown Calgary, calgarydowntown.com/index.html ------------------- SOLAR FLARE is an interactive sun sculpture designed to artificially prolong “golden hour” into the longest and coldest nights of the year. Conceived specifically for Stephen Avenue pedestrian walkway in Calgary (Canada), the piece is animated via motion sensors by viewers as they pass beneath. A temporary interjection into the early darkness of the Canadian winter, SOLAR FLARE explores the social elements of light – particularly warm light – and its power to draw together diverse communities to bask in its glow. The third in a series of large-scale light sculptures created by Calgarian artists Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett, SOLAR FLARE pays homage to an established genre of sun-themed works by quintessential light artists, attempting to catch and re-create an artificial semblance of the brightest and most essential celestial body known to earth. Whether this pursuit is a utopian fantasy, a god complex, or an attempt to suspend time itself, SOLAR FLARE invites audiences to reconsider a familiar space and engage with their city in a different light – after darkness falls. Viewers of SOLAR FLARE were invited to participate in an open-ended community Light Performance beneath the sculpture, celebrating the Winter Solstice on December 19, 2013 ------------------- Special Thanks: Shauna Quinn, Downtown Calgary, Coyote Works Ltd, Dave & Jodi Benediktson, Tevin Maker, Kayleigh Hall, Nate McLeod, and the team from the Art Gallery of Calgary, AM Static, Andrew Frosst, Lane Shordee, Ivan Ostapenko, Patrick Southgate, Clare Duckett, Evan Gillespie, Sport Chek, and our awesome pals and families. Thanks for the support! Many thanks to our suspension locations: The Art Gallery of Calgary, Sport Chek, James Joyce, Winners, The Bank of Nova Scotia building, The Tribune, Tropicana, and ARP Pharmacy.

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                    • ZAHND


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                      Zahnd is a under rated boulder feild in between chattanooga and rocktown. There is tons of unclimbed rock here, people just need to look around. These are a few already established classics from our most recent trip down south.

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