1. Living with a star: The Sun as a natural hazard, by Prof. Mike Hapgood (80 mins)


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    The Sun is the source of virtually all our power, and we are used to it shining benevolently on us. But one major burst of radiation from it could severely damage modern life, which is so dependent on electronic and electrical communication. Mike Hapgood looks a the dangers to society posed by space weather, and what we can do to mitigate the consequences

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    • Extreme week of Solar Activity


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      This weeks solar activity was historic beginning with one of the largest sunspots which produced many C class M class and several X class flares including the largest direct flare in recent memory. Which was a X3.1. Surprisingly though none of these Extreme flares seemed to produce any Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) It appears that there was a magnetic cage which trapped the material energy to the surface of the sun. Although The X-rays are what our sensors detect so that energy was released in our directions. We had reports form several Sun Whisperer members of being able to tangibly sense and feel this weeks activity. Confirming that we are indeed connected to the sun.

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      • Backyard Video Astronomy Trailer


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        In a weekend of rain and wind storm I decided to keep me busy playing with the clips I made in the last years, the result is this short promotional video about my channel. Hope you enjoy it. Movie produced by Paolo Porcellana Backyard Video Astronomy If you enjoyed my work, think about a small donation http://goo.gl/4Gvcli Read the posts about my astronomy sessions http://goo.gl/9h7Xp Watch at my gallery http://goo.gl/vJfbX

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        • Helioeccentricity


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          I improvised this micro-soundtrack on the Animoog and married it to a loop of wonderful solar imagery courtesy of our friends at NASA, who write: "NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) zoomed in almost to its maximum level to watch tight, bright loops and much longer, softer loops shift and sway above an active region on the sun, while a darker blob of plasma in their midst was pulled about every which way (May 13-14, 2014). The video clip covers just over a day beginning at 14:19 UT on May 13. The frames were taken in the 171-angstroms wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light, but colorized red, instead of its usual bronze tone. This type of dynamic activity continues almost non-stop on the sun as opposing magnetic forces tangle with each other." Images courtesy of NASA Music by John Soeder

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          • Magnetism and navigation


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            What effects could produce geomagnetic storm over the navigation systems? Rodrigo, a cabin crew who travels frequently on airlplanes explains us what effects could have.

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            • The Electric Comet | Full Documentary


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              For a list of credits, go to http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2013/08/05/electric-comet-credits/ The recent YouTube take-down of this fact-based documentary has provoked a remarkable response, suggesting that a large and growing community understands very well the issues at stake. The take-down was due to a single complaint of copyright infringement by astronomer Travis Rector at the University of Alaska. Prompted by astronomer Sean Walker, Rector filed a complaint with YouTube, in disregard for both fair use and fair play. Unwittingly, he provoked an outpouring of criticism that caused him to hide the story he'd published on his own Facebook page as criticism continued to pour in. On matters such as this, public consciousness has come a long way in recent years. Take away the fair use principle and the same people who manage taxpayer funding within the sciences will also control the flow of information and ideas. When foundational theory is thrown into question, a publicly supported jobs program will typically resort to science by news release. Its advocates will seek to maintain an illusion, to suggest that "all is well in our science." But what if facts discovered by their own scientists challenge the cover story from start to finish? That's when the program's Inquisitors will resort to "copyright infringement" claims, seeking to deny public access to data and images gathered at taxpayer expense. YouTube is a huge enterprise, and it's understandable that copyright and fair use issues are left almost entirely to an automated system. To move beyond the automated process may require litigation. Our own intent is to go to court if necessary. The essential contribution of fact-based criticism in the sciences REQUIRES the fair use principle, and the documentary in question is the poster child for fair use—an ideal opportunity to test well-established but often-ignored provisions of the law. (See our forthcoming report.) In the meantime, we've now placed the documentary here, since Vimeo is the leading alternative to YouTube, particularly for communities exploring challenges to institutionalized theory: If you have any doubt as to the objective value of this documentary, we invite you to review this factual presentation (still in its original form for critical review prior to the final edit). Please speak up for the essential principles of fair use and fair play—wherever you can reach people who care about truth first and not the preservation of cherished dogma in the sciences.

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              • Lower right prominence 2013-06-14 18.39.52


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                Plasma is forced off of the surface of the sun along magnetic lines of force, creating enormous filament eruptions, when they are along the edge also called the limb of the sun so they are clear against the background they are called a prominence.

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                • ScienceCasts: Solar Max Double Peaked


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                  Visit http://science.nasa.gov/ for breaking science news. Something unexpected is happening on the sun. 2013 is supposed to be the year of Solar Max, but solar activity is much lower than expected. At least one leading forecaster expects the sun to rebound with a double-peaked maximum later this year.

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                  • Huge solar prominence close-up time-lapse in h-alpha


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                    The animation represent a close up portion of the sun of 8 February with the evolution of a huge prominence during an hour of observation. Images taken with a 100 ed refractor using a Daystar h-alpha filter at a focal of 2300mm, I reduced the focal a little to let it be whole inside the camera. When I saw this huge prominence I decided to make a time-lapse of its tiny movements; this ones was very slow and gave me the opportunity to take long exposures for each frame. I used 1 minute of capture for each frame, but after finishing the animations I'm wondering if it could be better reduce it a little to have a better composition of few faster inner movements. My intention was then to make few close-up animations of the more interesting formations but clouds arrived just after the first capture session. I will try few post-pocessing close-up, stay tuned. Movie produced by Paolo Porcellana.

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                    • Sun and Solar Activity- Solar Back-sided Halo CME WWW.GOODNEWS.WS


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                      http://goodnews.ws/ The Sun erupted with several CMEs (coronal mass ejections) during a period just over a day (Nov. 8-9, 2012), the largest of which was a halo CME. This CME appears to have originated from an active region barely out of view on the left side of the Sun and was headed behind the Sun. A halo CME is one where the ejected material appears to form a roughly circular shape around the Sun, not because it surrounds the Sun but because it is moving directly toward or away from the observer. These images combine SDO's video of the Sun (in gold) in extreme UV light superimposed on a view of the corona from SOHO's LASCO instrument (in red). Sun and Solar Activity: Solar Back-sided Halo CME WWW.GOODNEWS.WS http://goodnews.ws/

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