1. Chicago Steam vs. Milwaukee Blast


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    Chicago Steam vs. Milwaukee Blast

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    • For Love & Stacie (Full Feature Film)


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      www.forloveandstacie.com So it's been quite awhile since I made my feature doc For Love & Stacie, though it's won a handful of awards it's yet to make me rich ... or even buy me a taco. With that in mind like most "artists" it's become more important to me for it to be seen than for it to make me money. Of course it would be nice to have both but as the latter hasn't happened I'll just have to push for the former. Basically I'd rather give it away and hope its seen by many rather than continue to try and sell it and have it only seen by a few. All that said, here it is, free on the internet for the world, or at least a couple people with too much time on their hands, to see in all it's original glory. Well, not "all" it's original glory, had to compress it quite a bit to get it online but you get what I mean. I only have two favors to ask if you watch it: 1) Post something about it! Somewhere! Anywhere! Even if you hate it and want to dog it that's fine with me. If you love it tell the world. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your blog, message boards, whatever. Since it seems impossible for a little indi filmmaker to make a dime doing this (at least for this little indie filmmaker) it would mean everything to me and I'd be ever grateful just to know it's been seen by many and hopefully liked by a few. So give it a mention and share the link. 2) No SPOILERS! Again, you can crap all over it if you want to when you post but do me the one honor of not giving anything away to those who haven't seen it. That's it, if ya really REALLY like it you can find it for sale on DVD or a much higher res download on bside.com but honestly at this point it would actually mean more to me for people to post about it than to buy it. DVD : http://www.bside.com/films/forloveandstacie MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/loveandstacie Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/loveandstacie And of course you can find me on my main site which has links to all my little networking places right here: http://www.undergroundplanet.com Look forward to hearing what you think. There are some tidbits about the film on it's MySpace page but in here I'll only say that For Love & Stacie went from concept to completion, by that meaning literally from the day I had the idea till the day it was shot and completely edited in six months. The total budget was 3k. It was filmed on Canon XL2's (oh how I wish I had my EX1 back then!) and edited in Sony Vegas. Any questions just ask, but if your question has spoilers I won't be able to answer! For full cast and crew visit it's IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0773284/ Thanks a bunch and hope you like it. - Ray P.S. I'm also allowing you to download it on Vimeo for free, link is on the bottom right of the page. It should play just fine on your iPod or iPhone! =) P.S.S. Okay, a friend of mine nicely pointed out that since my electricity is about to get cut off because it’s two months behind and I don’t have rent, mayhaps it wouldn't hurt to put up a donations page for those who enjoyed it and would be willing to make a little donation. I can’t imagine anyone would but if you do well God bless ya, a penny would make me smirk, a buck would make me smile, 5-10 and I’ll do a happy dance, and anything more I think I’ll just spontaneously wet my pants. Know that anything I manage to get back from this will go to rent and the pile of bills I’m behind on. If it ever gets more than I need (like that’ll happen) it will help me payoff some equipment. So if your feel so inclined just click the link below to PayPal and pick a number! I seriously find the quality of my life is just so much better when I have the lights on! So here's the link for those inclined: PayPal : http://tinyurl.com/lo3djb

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      • Chicago Steam vs. Cleveland Hotcards


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        The Chicago Steam vs. The Cleveland Hotcards

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        • Video tutorial: Making an Advanced Slide Show with Vegas Pro 10


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          A video tutorial explaining some of the basic features of Vegas Pro software for editing a "slide show" video.

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          • Rev. Jim McCourt at Christ Church HNW


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            Rev. Jim McCourt, from Australia, speaks at Christ Church HNW.

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            • Tim Oakley, Christmas from Heaven's Perspective (+ song by Joey Puenta)


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              Rev. Tim Oakley explaines the true meaning of Christmas like you have never heard before. Also a song from Joey Puenta

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              • Westside N 'Ja - revamped 2 (indie movie prequel to Double Shot)


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                http://westsidenja.us/ -- Westside N 'Ja -- "A student learns about a gang/cult led by the Dean of Students at Long Beach University via a video of a torture murder caught on tape. The fight begins when they kidnap his girlfriend." Please comment on the movie below. This film was independently shot between 1996-1997 and post-produced in 2013 & 2014. View better quality on YouTube http://youtu.be/YK80Z_y-1GU NOTE: This video does not contain any nudity, but does contain suggestive images of sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised. If viewing this video on YouTube, you must login with an account that is not blocked in order to watch this video. Want the poster? http://shiz.us/images/westsidenja/poster/WestsideNJa-Poster.png Official Website: http://westsidenja.us/ Double Shot Sequel: http://dshot.biz/ Download the movie in 5.1 surround sound: http://seae.us/downloadwest Want the poster? http://shiz.us/westsidenja/poster Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/westsidenja Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/westsidenja See uncut videos and more http://seae.us/27XE3M Full credits for actors, crew, and music available at http://shiz.us/westsidenja/credits The credits are also embedded in the video itself in the end at 45:53 YouTube released on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2013. Revamped August 22-25, 2014 and again on September 04, 2014. New video uploaded to Vimeo on December 27, 2014. an Antonio TwizShiz Edward film a Shiz Media production under YNOT Media Productions Cast Manuel Erick Ferman Melanie Jo-Ann Pantoja Dean Matthew Dean Bob Spears James Jason Ray Bill Nate Kincy Swordsman Brian Kraft Sothira 'Chief' Chhiv Red Albert Santos Craze Derrick Franklin Public Relations Ericka Lewis Janitor Bob Mark Nobel Tortured Guy Jason Cochran Sword Handler Jennifer Lawrence Torturer and Ninja Fighter Joy Puameliaaala 'Melia' Basso Crew Written by Antonio TwizShiz Edward Co-writters Tony Smalls Erick Ferman Associate Producers Erick Ferman Nate Kincy Tony Smalls Producers Jules Christian Derrick Franklin Jason Ray Albert Santos Eri Hihara Jo-Ann Pantoja Judy Hudley Joe Rubio Azriela Bat Levi Yisreal 'Chante Holsey' Stacey Carraway Stunt Coordinator and Fight Choreographer Erick Ferman Sword Choreographer Brian Kraft Stuntman Sothira 'Chief' Chhiv Timecode and Script Supervisor Mari Takano Production Assistant Judi Hudley Jennifer Lawrence Dungeon Scene Master James Ross Kelley Camera Tromaine Dion 'Asar' Ellis Warren Welch Derrick Franklin Mari Takano Tony Smalls Antonio TwizShiz Edward Explosion Matter Justice Matte https://www.youtube.com/justice54324 Music Supervisor Serenity Alyanna Edward Antonio TwizShiz Edward Music Battle (End) BoxCat Games Nameless: the Hackers RPG Soundtrack 2013 http://boxcat.bandcamp.com Brokenhearted Dramatic Soundscapes Volume 11 Mike Newport, APRA 2011 Publisher: Freeplaymusic, BMI About her featuring TheDICE, dripm anila copperhead http://creativecommons.org/license/by-nc/3.0/ Verify at http://ccmixter.org/files/copperhead/43936 ccMixter Winter Apocalypse/Brendan Izzard Death Metal https://soundcloud.com/bare-knuckle-pickups Yiourgh featuring Coblat DoKashiteru 2009 DoKashiteru Licensed to the public under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0 Verify at http://ccmixter.org/files/DoKashiteru/21394 ccMixter 2009 Crosstalk (Take 3) Featuring NiGiD Javolenus 2013 Javolenus Licensed to the public under http://creativecommons.org/files/Javolenus/41845 ccMixter 2013 Below featuring Lisa Debenedictis frozen in time mix hisboyelroy ccmixter::magnatune remix 2005 hisboyelroy Licensed to the public under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/ verify at http://ccmixter.org/file/hisboyelroy/6 2006 Minimum Immigration 5 (Full version) Evil Intentions Volume 12 Patrick Slattery, BMI Freeplay Music 2013 Freeplaymusic, BMI Never Heard a Rhyme Like This Before scottaltham 2009 scottaltham Licensed to the public under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/ Verify at http://ccmixter.org/files/scottaltham/18619 ccMixter 2009 Spa Music vissequ Connor Fabiano New Age https://soundcloud.com/vissequ Without A Fight (Full version) Action Orchestral Volume 1 David Bateman, ASCAP Freeplay Music 2013 Freeplaynjj, ASCAP Video Copilot ProScores Licensed Music https://www.videocopilot.net/products/proscores/ Sound Effects PacDV.com SoundJay.com SoundBible.com DuesX.com SoundDogs.com freeSFX.co.uk VideoCopilot.net Executive Producer, Director Movie Editor, Audio Engineer Antonio TwizShiz Edward Copyright 1993, 1996-7, 2013 YNOT Media Productions, Inc. and Shiz Media a subsidiary of SereAnt, Inc. All Rights Reserved http://westsidenja.us/

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                • The Manor Has Talent. Senior Home Talent Show.


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                  Shot on a Sony Z1U in DVcam mode. The camera operator used the internal mic for the audio. I edited his footage within Sony Vegas 6.0 I rendered this file as a Mpeg-4 in order to shrink its size. Thanks very much to vimeo.com for allowing files over 100MB to be uploaded!!!

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                  • Complete Production Using Vegas Pro Pt. 2


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                    In this session, Mike Culbertson will build a video project from beginning to end and showcase many of the powerful features in Sony Vegas. Complete Production Using Vegas Pro Pt. 1 http://vimeo.com/38519367 Soy Vegas http://bhpho.to/bhsonyvegas

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                    • Урок создания Playerbar в Photoshop и анимации в Sony Vegas


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                      Оформление видеозаписей на компьютере (видеомонтаж). Создание анимации в Sony Vegas на основе заготовки из Photoshop.

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