1. August Fog


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    “August Fog” brings to life the motion and musical nature of the late summer fog that often engulfs the San Francisco Bay as it nears sunset. The entire piece was photographed during August, 2011 from Richmond, California using a modest pocket camera and a tripod. Locations included Ford Point, Ferry Point Loop Trail, Miller-Knox Regional Shoreline, and Marina Bay which afforded excellent vistas of Angel Island, Eastern Marin County, Point Potrero, and the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. Camera, editing and original music by Phil Loarie Camera: Nikon Coolpix S9100 Editing Suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10(d) For those interested in the technical parts: While in production I used a Nikon Coolpix S9100 in two modes: 720p at 30 fps and 1080p at 15 fps. While the 1080p 15fps is half the playback rate (30 fps) it translates to twice normal speed. I was able to up this another 4x in post production to get 8x faster than normal or 1/8 the playback rate for those wisps and rolling fingers of fog. While this technique may not fall under what we normally think of as time-lapse work, we might consider this as a subset of time-lapse. Normally, most of us expect time-lapse as a camera driven by an intervalometer taking single shots at a specific consistent interval. In terms of interval timing, this piece is perhaps anywhere from 15 times to 75 times slower than most folks shooting single framed DSLR shots. That is, most folks shooting with a DSLR using an intervalometer are taking a shot every 1 second to taking a shot every 5 seconds. UPDATE September 30th, 2011: I uploaded V.27 replacing V.26 originally uploaded on 9-7-2011. This is a newer version wherein two very minor visual flaws were corrected. No changes to the music or length.

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    • K I T E S


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      “KITES” is my sub-cubist (nearly-almost-sort-of-cubist) view of the Annual Berkeley Kite Festival. For 27 years on the last weekend of July people from all over come to Berkeley’s César Chávez Park to fly or just watch tons of stunning homebrewed, handmade, or store bought kites. Currently the festival is drawing nearly 35,000 enthusiasts to see kite flying competitions, kite-making, Revolution Mega Fly (choreographed synchronized kite flying), giant kite exhibitors, and invited honored guests from Japan. I chose to visit on Sunday, July 29th which proved to have clearer skies and gustier winds then the previous fogged-in-till-noon Saturday. It was a Kodachrome day for my camera and with the local wind steady from the west at 10 to 15 knots made it a pretty darn good day to capture my fine tethered friends. Special thanks to the folks at Highline Kites of Berkeley for allowing me access in the roped off area to shoot video of their exquisite giant kites. My idea for the sound track was to think of the 200 or so kites presented with their taut strings as a huge Aeolian Harp, however one that had been through several hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and perhaps a few sand storms thus producing tones I favored. Camera: Sony HDR-CX500v Editing Suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10 External sound recordings: Tascam DR-08 SoundScape ingredients: Bass Thunder Drum, Alto Thunder Drum, a 3 ft. x 2 ft. section of sheet metal, 2.5 foot spring with 1 inch diameter, spring door stop, 2.5 foot spring with ½ inch diameter, sustained pedal engaged grand piano with a small rubber mallet over open strings, feather duster over same piano set up, 3 foot dowels with ¼ inch diameter as whips, a lawn mower, some wind, and a Yamaha S08 synthesizer. Camera, Editing, and SoundScape by Phil Loarie

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      • Mireia (Test en 2,35:1)


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        Buscando localizaciones para un próximo cortometraje (que nada tendrá que ver con lo que ahora se muestra) quisimos hacer una prueba de formato 2,35:1 e improvisamos una pequeña acción....y éste es el resultado. Cámara Sony HVR-Z7. Editado con Sony Vegas Pro 10. ************************************************************** Looking for locations for an upcoming short film (which have nothing to do with what is now shown) wanted to test formatting 2,35:1 and improvised a little action .... and this is the result. Sony HVR-Z7 camera. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 10.

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        • Freight Shred


          from SchmueyVision / Added

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          Caution Stobe Warning: there are parts of this video that may be troublesome for folks that are sensitive to strobing. UPDATE: May 23rd, 2012 New and final release of "Freight Train" posted today. “Freight Shred” was made to participate in the Vimeo Weekend Project Group’s Stredit due on May 1st, 2012. This was done in one night so it was a really rough edit. After the project deadline passed I went back and re-cut the images to eliminate some camera shakes caused by the rail movement, and added a whole new sound design including ambient sounds and music. Even with all these changes it still meets the original Weekend Project criteria: Vimeo staff person, Andrea Allen invents and defines the "Stredit" as follows: "1. Use every clip you took during a specific event. 2. Keep your clips in chronological order. 3. Trim your clips to showcase the very best parts. Because you might have a lot of footage, it's helpful to set a time limit for yourself. Three minutes, or about the length of a song, is always a good choice." I love trains and generally will pull out of traffic grab a tripod and my pocket camera and start shooting. This time I got 5 shots off, 2 waist level (1/2 x in camera slow motion) and 3 very low angle shots in real time that caught the belly of the empty cars thanks to the versatility of the Joby Gorillapod. I did the 'stredit' but with a little twist. I wanted to cover all 5 shots in 1 minute. To meet my goaI, I needed to overlap shots. I cut it so the first shot is laid down as a background shot with the 2nd shot shredded and overlaid (by compositing, cropping, and track motion). Then continuing with the 2nd shot as the background and the 3rd shot is shredded on top of it, and so on until the last shot which has itself as the background and the shred. Thanks for watching. -Phil Camera: Nikon Coolpix S9100 pocket camera Video editing suite: Vegas Pro 10 Camera, sound, original music, and editing by Phil Loarie

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          • Wandering Around London


            from Salvatore Dipasquale / Added

            Just a test in order to verify the video quality of Canon EOS 60D. In my opinion, this camera seems to have a better dynamic range than 7D. Unfortunately, as you can see in the video, both aliasing and moirè significantly affect the images. Year: 2011 Camera: Canon EOS 60D Picture Style: Neutral Lens: Tamron 17-50 F2.8 VC NLE: Sony Vegas Pro 10.0c Color Correction: Soft Contrast by Sony Vegas Music: "Revolutionary Road Theme" (abridged) by Thomas Newman

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            • Report from Mars


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              “Report from Mars” This is the inside scoop from a Mars rover of the future, perhaps 20 or 40 years from now. Besides performing soil tests, geological surveys and the lot, rovers in the future will likely be able to go beyond just collecting data but processing it with a complete analysis. Uploads from Mars will likely have charts and graphs vs raw bits and bytes. However, rovers in the future will have the additional mission of locating, stockpiling, and recycling former rover mission hardware which may be a ‘life saver’ for a rover on its last legs. Basis: in 1957, Sputnik was the first and only artificial Earth satellite. As of 2012 there are over 4000 satellites orbiting Earth and many of these are no longer functional. If you include the debris from launches and other sources at a size of 1 cm or larger the number increases to close to 10 Million. That’s a lot of hardware floating around up there in less than 60 years of space exploration. So why not ask the question, “how much junk will be on Mars in the year 2062?” Behind the scenes: This short 1 minute animation was a complete surprise to me. It started a couple of weeks ago while I was on a mission to photograph a junk yard that specializes in recycling scrap metal. I just wanted a lot of shots of piles of debris. Somehow a crane working the piles caught my attention so I took a couple of shots just before closing. Since then I was able to excavate a story from sandboxing one of the original clips using extensive velocity envelopes and this is the final result. Admittedly the story is a somewhat ambiguous which leads me to wonder how some things are connected? In the end I decided to leave this as it is as it would be more interesting than to overtly connect the dots. In its final cartoonish form the piece is simply a “Report from Mars” as from the mind of a Sub-Cubist at work. Camera, Editing, and Sound Design by Phil Loarie Camera: Sony HDR-CX500v Editing Suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10 Audio Sources: Live recordings: cranes at work, dump trucks loading and unloading, construction sites, red striped black birds, BART trains, bending sheet metal and rubbing glass. Electronic samples (buzzes, laugh track, scream, shield ray, blast off, rocket) from a Yamaha S08 synthesizer.

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              • Slow Motion Scenes From Movies


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                A work of mine about collecting some of the slow-motion scenes from miscellaneous movies. Created with Sony Vegas Pro 10.

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                • Lost Shadows 4.0:1


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                  “Lost Shadows” is my submission to the Vimeo Weekend Project Group’s “Magic Hour” due on August 14th, 2012. We were asked to capture light during the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset. On Friday night August 10th as the magic hour approached (7:08 to 8:08 p.m. PDT) my neighborhood was already socked in with fog which is typical this time of year in the San Francisco Bay Area. I ventured out anyways thinking to myself “forget what you have in mind, observe what is being presented to you.” If the magic hour holds the unexpected than I am certainly delighted. What started out as an outing in search of interesting changes of light and shadow ended with stumbling upon a phenomenon called “Fog Shadows” similar to another phenomenon known as “Brocken Spectra” (German: Brockengespenst) where shadows are projected on passing clouds or fog. Due to the narrow field that exhibited this phenomenon I decided to present this in a 4.0:1 aspect ratio. Location: Point Richmond, California, USA Camera: Sony HDR-CX500v Editing Suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10 Sound: Recorded on location with a Tascam DR-08 Video and Sound Design by Phil Loarie

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                  • It Is I LSP-Voodoo


                    from 33hirtz / Added

                    Test Song in mix: Voodoo_Lee Scratch Perry_The Upsetter from Panic in Babylon

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                    • Harboring a minute


                      from SchmueyVision / Added

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                      Early Saturday morning a nearby marina had a stillness and reflective quality that I could not resist. I spent a couple of hours shooting various reflections on the surface, and was delighted to have had the opportunity to catch this minute of a passing sailboat stirring things up. "Harboring a minute" is a raw shot with no editing or post production enhancements only trimmed to meet the one minute requirement for the Vimeo Weekend Project challenge "1 Minute" submitted on 11.22.2011. Camera: Nikon Coolpix S9100 Trimmed with Sony Vegas Pro 10(d) Camera and sound by Phil Loarie

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