1. Gene Simmons Cartoon (Mix House Sound Design)


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    • grace


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      A slight re-edit to get around any pesky copyright issues. I was the gaffer, but I did more than half of the production sound. Things got a little crazy on set with conflicting schedules.

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      • Gallery Shorts: Kit Poulson


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        "You know that table at a wedding where all the difficult to place get put, the awkward squad, the odd bods and the distant, the disapproved of…? Invited, but now how do they all get on together? Then they get talking and all sorts of things begin to emerge." Part one of the 2015 South West Showcase Season in the Gallery at Plymouth College of Art, 'The Guests' is a new collection of paintings and sound works by Kit Poulson. Bristol-based Kit works with a variety of media, but painting is at the core of his practice. His painting is a balance of speed and reflection, with works emerging over long periods (years rather than months) but formed from a series of quickly executed episodes, which overlay, and sometimes argue with each other. Eventually a balance is achieved, reflecting memories and traces of all these approaches. He works on several things at once, and spends as much time in the studio looking as painting. The sound works grow from his interest in writing, and attempts to create equivalent images to those found in his paintings, using voice and drifts and shifts of sound. As he paints, Poulson often finds words and phrases get stuck in his head, circling round and round, sometimes snowballing into full blown stories, or sometimes breaking down into patterns of sound. 'The Guests' explores the feeling that all these works contain diverse fragments of the artist’s mind and of the particular moment they were constructed. Later these strange objects might not be easy to reconcile into unified statements, but rather exist as a constellation, individual orbits pulling and pushing at each other, generating strange convergences. www.plymouthart.ac.uk/gallery http://www.worksprojects.co.uk/artists/kit-poulson/

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        • ... reading the manual of water in the light of a flowing presence ...


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          Les Horribles Travailleurs: sound Max Kuiper: visual Saul Smaragd: text https://soundcloud.com/horriblestravailleurs http://www.mixcloud.com/LesHorriblesTravailleurs/ https://leshorriblestravailleurs.bandcamp.com/ http://maxkuiper.com/

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          • Stills (fly tip)


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            • The time which is


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              The time which is 10mins sound work 2014

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              • The Distant Sound, 2014. Susan Philipsz


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                Susan Philipsz, The Distant Sound, 2014 Three channel radio broadcast from Grimeton radio station to various locations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway. The Distant Sound is a three channel sound work broadcast from Grimeton radio station to locations along the Danish Swedish and Norwegian coastline. In geography a “sound” is a channel of water between two bodies of land. The meaning of the word can be derived from the Old Norse “sund”, which means, "gap" and is also related to verbs meaning, "to separate". The Distant Sound is an artwork, inspired by the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian coastline that explores themes of distance and separation and connects a shared cultural heritage with the present moment. - I have recorded a Hornist play a series of vintage radio interval signal tunes that were used by radio stations in Denmark Sweden and Norway. Each tone is recorded separately and broadcast on three separate radio frequencies from Grimeton. A radio interval signal is a brief musical sequence that is usually played before the commencement or during breaks in radio transmission. The format was developed in the 20’s and 30’s as a musical signature to identify each individual radio broadcaster, the signal marks an interval and is used to connect different parts of the broadcast. I have chosen interval signals from radio stations connected with the region, off-shore pirate radio stations and signals from other far away islands. The sounds can be evocative, distant and melancholy. Each channel is picked up by an independent receiver unit tuned to the correct frequency and projected from horn speakers across water along to points on the coastline. Separated notes call to each other over vast distances that could not normally be connected. The same work can be heard at each location every hour on the hour from 10am to 6pm. Susan Philipsz Radio Interval Signals: 10.00 Denmark Radio P2 1977 11.00 Radio Nordzee (via REM island) 1964 12.00 KNLS Anchor Point Alaska 1999 13.00 Radio Greenland 1961 14.00 Skanes Radio Mercur 1958 15.00 NRK Home Service Norway 1973 16.00 Unidentified Interval Signal 17.00 Radio Faroe Islands 2000 18.00 Radio Netherlands Madagascar relay station 1975 Sites: Punkt Ø – Galleri F 15, Moss Isegran, Fredrikstad Skeppssättningen Blomsholm, Strømstad Världsarvet Tanum Stone Carvings/Aspeberget Backa Stone Carvings, Lysekil Tjolöholms Slott, Fjärås Varberg Harbour Ystad Harbour Helligdomsklipperne, Bornholm

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                • Auto Concept [Karman Ghia 1957-1974]


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                  Concept Auto Soundwork is a Specialist workshop Car Audio that stood since 2002 Concept Auto Soundwork do a variety of work on car audio, among other forms of work such as: Work Audio (SQ, SQL and SPL), Fiber Works (Box and Panel) to Finishing (Wrap and Cat). All work in our workshop was done by a professional manpower and long experienced in the field of car audio. BEST PRODUCT Devices of The Brand : SCANSPEAK, Strike, Gremium, Roger, Kicker, Lightning Audio etc Head Unit : SONY & ALPINE etc Power & Subwoofer : LIGHTNING AUDIO & KICKER etc Clip by SCRAPCINE PICTURES | www.scrapcine.com

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                  • Alessandro Sciaraffa | I lunatici parlano alla Luna


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                    Galleria Giorgio Persano ALESSANDRO SCIARAFFA I lunatici parlano alla Luna 14 March | 17 May 2014 Opening 14 March, 7 - 11 pm Whoever really loves the Moon is not happy contemplating it as a conventional image, (s)he wants to enter in a closer relationship with it, wants to see more in the Moon, wants the Moon to say more. Italo Calvino I lunatici parlano alla Luna is the new sound work by Alessandro Sciaraffa and the fulcrum of the artist’s personal exhibition at the galleria Giorgio Persano. Thanks to the link in streaming with the Radio Telescope of the Astronomical Observatory of Val Pellice, the public present at the inaugural event will be able to speak with the Moon. An EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) radio transmission will make it possible to reflect the voices of those present from the lunar surface and listen to the echo. Participants are invited to enter a sort of intimate ‘space capsule’, a tent 3 metres in diameter and 7 in height in which, isolated from the space around, they can yell, whisper and ululate their dreams, requests, hates to that mysterious satellite that has enchanted poets, thinkers and scientists for so many centuries. The artist’s intention is to “offer the voice as an extension of ourselves projected to elsewhere in a direct experience that can be used by all. A gesture indicating a look vertically upwards, a new horizon measured by distance with a reflection, aiming to indicate a different point of view. The construction of a sense-based experience able to overcome the obstacles of the superstructures that keep us anchored to the surface of the ground, takes on the form of a meditation concerning our condition”. The words, phrases and sounds that are the protagonists of this dialogue with the Moon, recorded on 14 March - the day of the participatory event, will provide a backdrop of sound for the entire duration of the exhibition. The works on show have all been planned as a tribute to our satellite, the surface of which is ideally impressed in the collective imagination, just as in Sciaraffa’s works we find it impressed on the drumheads or on photographic paper. Alessandro Sciaraffa Born in 1976 in Turin, where he lives and works. He graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Torino and then studied at the Fondazione Spinola Banna, before graduating in the Designing the exhibition course at the Domus Academy of Milan. A winner of national and international prizes, he has exhibited in Turin at the Fondazione Merz, at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. The project has been organised in collaboration with: Osservatorio Astronomico Val Pellice, President Sergio Lera; amateur radio Stefano Bologna for the EME radio transmissions; CSP-Innovazione nelle ICT for the communications infrastructures; Paolo Brandi and Flavio Astorino for all the planning and technical production phases. Video & Editing Francesca Ventura, Lorenzo Agnello, Federica Cerbarano, Carlotta Beck Peccoz Galleria Giorgio Persano Via Principessa Clotilde 45, Torino - Italy

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                    • Fragment of P \ o \ e \ m - video


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                      Ultra-short fragment of the video that is part of Z\W\A\R\T magazine Nr. 11 CDR with soundwork in 4 sentences - in total 36,5 minutes P \ o \ e \ m is a collaboration between Saul Smaragd and Les Horribles Travailleurs. www.facebook.com/SaulSmaragd https://www.facebook.com/LesHorriblesTravailleurs https://soundcloud.com/horriblestravailleurs P \ o \ e \ m is partly based on sound material sent by Jacob DeRaadt of Sterile Garden \ Basement Tapes soundcloud.com/sterile-garden/ www.facebook.com/pages/Basement-T…53726605?fref=ts P \ o \ e \ m will be released March 2014 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Z\W\A\R\T magazine Nr. 11 Constists of: 1. A CDR with "P\O\E\M". A soundworks in 4 sentences - 36,5 minutes total. A collaboration between Saul Smaragd and Les Horribles Travailleurs. 2. A small booklet with: - Texts by Saul Smaragd - related to P\O\E\M; - Images related to P\O\E\M. 3. A password to view a short clip on VIMEO 4. Secret extra item Listen to fragments of the sentences here: https://soundcloud.com/horriblestravailleurs/p-o-e-m-s-1 https://soundcloud.com/horriblestravailleurs/p-o-e-m-s-2 https://soundcloud.com/horriblestravailleurs/p-o-e-m-s-3 # 4 will be posted soon Order Z\W\A\R\T 11 PayPall: kidko@xs4all.nl 9,00 EUR - Nederland \ within The Netherlands 12,00 EUR \ 17 USD - Outside The Netherlands Bankstransfer and subscription possible - a\s\k

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