1. Удачный запуск транспортного пилотируемого корабля Союз ТМА-17М (23.07.201


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    Космический корабль "Союз ТМА-17М", на борту которого находятся члены нового экипажа МКС россиянин Олег Кононенко, японец Кимия Юи и американец Челл Линдгрен успешно стартовал с космодрома Байконур и вышел на околоземную орбиту. Пуск "Союза" был осуществлен в 00:02:44, рассказали в космическом ведомстве. "Через 528 секунд полета пилотируемый корабль "Союз ТМА-17М" штатно отделился от третьей ступени ракеты-носителя на расчетной орбите, - добавили в Росмоскосе. - Стыковка ТПК "Союз ТМА-17М" с Международной космической станцией запланирована на 05:46 по московскому времени к малому исследовательскому модулю "Рассвет" (МИМ1) российского сегмента МКС". Не обошлось и без инцидентов - во время полета на "Союзе" не открылась панель солнечной батареи. "На корабле не открылась левая панель солнечной батареи, но это не повлияет на четырехвитковую схему полета корабля к МКС", - цитирует "Интерфакс" сообщение NASA.

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    • Adventures In The Air - Vomit Comet in Star City


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      Parabolic arcs in the Russian IL76MDK aircraft during Primary Cosmonaut Training Session at the ентр подготовки космонавтов (Cosmonaut Training Center) in Звездный город (Star City), USSR in 1991

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      • Air / Space clip


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        Ce clip présente différentes réalisations de Trimaran pour le long métrage, le docufiction ou le film institutionnel: La planète Blanche, Galileo, films pour l'E.S.A., Dangers dans le ciel, etc. This clip presents some work by Trimaran for film, docufiction, institutional film: Planète Blanche, E.S.A. movies, Hidden Danger, etc.

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        • Alberto Rocasolano FA Soyuz 8c


          from beto rocasolano Added 5,522 38 3

          Aquí os dejo un video haciendo el bloque mas duro que he podido realizar, le añade tres pasos mas (7C+/8A) a Soyuz original (8B+). Espero que os guste y alguien se motive a repetirlo! Gracias a los sponsors y a la gente que me a apoyado y a mis hermanitas!!! Music by: the mark has been made - nine inch nails

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          • André Kuipers onderweg naar lanceerbasis


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            Om kwart over twee Nederlandse tijd gaat astronaut André Kuipers met een Sojoez-raket de ruimte in, samen met een Rus en een Amerikaan. Hij is met de bus vertrokken naar de lanceerbasis.

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            • Animation "Look" Tests for Lunatics! Space/Exterior Shots


              from Terry Hancock Added 391 1 0

              These are two 10-second shots made using the materials, textures, compositing, and rendering techniques we propose to use for "Lunatics!" shots (or very nearly). Project: http://lunatics.tv Some details about the shots: Both were created in Blender, with Freestyle edge-rendering in the foreground and a softer background based on painted textures. These were originally created at 1920x1080, reduced to 1280x720 for upload. Soyuz Podstaging: This shows Soyuz pod separation, which occurs at about 50 km altitude. Spacecraft model created by Chris Kuhn. Toon-shading materials and textures by Terry Hancock. Earth-surface, cloud-deck, and horizon backdrops created by Terry Hancock in Gimp. The flame effect is created using animated meshes with animated textures, enhanced by post-processing with the "glare" filter in the compositor. This also gives some atmospheric lighting to the highlights on the spacecraft, enhancing the effect of harsh sunlight in near-vacuum. There is also a 3-frame motion-blur applied to this one, which smooths out any aliasing in the animation. This is NOT the final animation shot -- the camera tracking curve is definitely not final. There is also going to need to be a little sleight-of-hand to separate the pods from the rocket in the tail end of the shot (at the tail end of this shot, they've reached the end of their "rope" so to speak in their Blender rig -- we'll probably cut slightly earlier to a different angle with the pods separately animated). You might want to compare with the pre-viz version of this shot (the camera track and animation is identical): https://vimeo.com/64244110 The (Present-Day) ISS: The space station model in the actual show will be a science-fictional update to the ISS, representing another 30 years of development. But Chris Kuhn has completed this present-day version as an intermediate step, so we're using it for testing. This presented some serious challenges because of the size of the model and the number of Freestyle edges that are drawn. Optimizing the model to make it possible to render with Freestyle was a useful learning experience. The Earth backdrop here was painted by Timothee Giet's using Krita. This shot still has some temporal aliasing, because motion blurring was turned off to save on rendering time (since I'm rendering on my present desktop system, these shots can take days to render -- we want to build an inexpensive cluster for production animation). I hope these will give a much better idea of how we want "Lunatics!" to look when animated on screen. We will be doing some additional tests on interior and character shots, although these require more work (we don't have final rigs for any of the characters yet).

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              • Anti-Gravity


                from Jeff Blyth Added

                An animated parody of the film "Gravity." Modeled, animated and rendered in Lightwave with scenes composited in After Effects.

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                • Apollo-Soyouz, rendez-vous au sommet BA


                  from Thomas Risch Added

                  Ce qui est en train de se jouer dans l'espace, ce 17 juillet 1975, est unique. Un vaisseau Apollo, fleuron de la technologie américaine et son grand rival dans la course aux étoiles, le vaisseau Soyouz, fruit du savoir-faire soviétique, vont s'unir pour quelques heures afin de simuler une opération de sauvetage... Ces deux vaisseaux de conceptions très différentes symbolisent la puissance de deux mondes qui s'affrontent depuis la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale. Pour réaliser cette action il a fallu, aux ingénieurs soviétiques et américains, coopérer et déployer des trésors d'ingéniosités pour rendre les technologies compatibles. Cette aventure scientifique mettra 5 ans avant d'aboutir. Cette collaboration qui est finalement devenue un symbole politique, a-t-elle changée quelque chose dans les relations américano-soviétiques ? -- Apollo-Soyuz, the first handshake in space July 17, 1975: In the silence of the vastness of space, the American spacecraft Apollo joined the orbit of the Soviet Soyuz… The airlock hatches opened and the Commander Thomas Stafford exchanged a warm handshake with his counterpart Alexey Leonov. A challenge that was symbolic, scientific, political, ideological, but first and foremost military. After six years of tricky collaboration, the Apollo Soyuz Test Project ended a twenty-year struggle for control of space. By collaborating, the two superpowers wanted at once to defuse the tensions linked to the Cold War and to reaffirm that they were the only ones to have mastered manned space flight. Un film de Thomas Risch et Laurent Portes - produit par Didier Leclerd © The Prod - RMC Découverte - 2015 Diffusion : Mardi 6 octobre à 20H45 sur RMC Découverte https://www.facebook.com/astpdocumentary

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                  • ASTP 15th Press Conference 1990 w/ Alexi Leonov (excerpt)


                    from Andrew Granston Added 3 0 0

                    This is the only footage I have of the press conference on the 15th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP). I captures only the last 10 minutes of the conference (sorry, that's all I got) that features Leonov answering a question or 2. As far as we know, this film is in the public domain, but we do not offer any assurances, guarantees or warranties that it is. Courtesy NASA.

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                    • Aurora Borealis by Ambient Earth


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                      Aurora Borealis by Ambient Earth: Ramps up at 0m44s and further at 3m18s. A calm before the storm arrangement, with deceptive melodic synth ascending into contrasting hardcore DnB & Lead Guitar. Film: The Apollo Soyuz Test Mission. Images: Perth Ambient Earth Studios. Music & Video Composed and Recorded by Peter A. Drysdale, Feb 25th 2012. On the Ambient Earth Label - www.AmbientEarth.com. Copyright © 2012 Peter Drysdale. All Rights Reserved. Ambient Earth Track ID PD121q - Video 1e

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