1. Punto Zero at Macao (audio visual testing)


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    Punto Zero light and sound live performance Punto Zero is a lights and spatialised sounds’ performance that traces a circular sign in the area in which it is represented. The performance aims at an immersive sensorial experience where the synchronized interaction of light and sound substitutes the environment surrounding the audience. The public stands within a circle composed by 24 lights facing inwards (indoor version) or outwards (outdoor version) and 8 sound sources. The interaction between light and sound is clearly referable to the perceptive qualities of the sound (such as intensity, position and speed) and it develops from initial simple correlations to complex and structured ones, defining a proper sensorial grammar. Along this journey defined by the movement of sound and light the immediate surroundings dissolve into the architecture of light surrounding the audience, distorting and reshaping its perception of space. Punto Zero è una performance di luce e suoni spazializzati che formano un segno circolare nello spazio di rappresentazione. La live performance propone un'esperienza sensoriale immersiva in cui l'interazione sincronizzata di luci e suoni si sostituisce per un momento all’ambiente che circonda il pubblico che si dispone all'interno di un cerchio composto da 24 luci rivolte verso il centro della circonferenza (versione indoor) o verso l'esterno (versione outdoor) e 8 audio diffusori. Le relazioni che luci e suoni mettono in atto sono facilmente riconducibili alle qualità percettive del suono (come intensità, altezza e direzione) e della luce (intensità, posizione e velocità), così da tracciare un percorso che da corrispondenze inizialmente semplici arriva a raggiungere modalità complesse e strutturate, fino a definire una vera e propria grammatica sensoriale. Lungo il percorso definito dai movimenti di suoni e luci il paesaggio scompare e si dissolve nell’architettura di luce che avvolge lo spettatore, distorcendone e riconfigurandone la percezione dello spazio. Sound: Massimiliano Gusmini, Guglielmo Bevilacqua, Riccardo Canta Software: development Riccardo Canta, Guglielmo Bevilacqua Hardware: development Giovanni Membretti, Antonio Cavadini, Daniele Mancini Total time: around 30” Concept & Production: otolab, 2007-2014 http://www.otolab.net/data/projects/puntozero

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    • Unheard Voices


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      A project by Angelisa Scalera, Arun Remy Mota, Myoungeun Kim (CIID 2014). Unheard Voices is a tool that maps massive, multi-user recordings of audio and GPS data at demonstrations and protests, creating a multi-layered spatial soundscape. The mission is to create an objective information medium, impossible to fake. Unheard Voices transcends time and space of these events, filling the gap between presence and absence, letting the participants literally speak to a potential worldwide audience. Listeners, through a web platform, receive the auditory sensation of being part of that demonstration, made up of a multitude of audio testimonies mapped in the space.

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      • Pumpkin Boardroom - Interactive Sound Installation


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        A video showing our hack and process behind The Pumpkin Boardroom. We turned pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns into chattering characters from boardroom scenes in various films. Technologies used: Analog electronics, Arduino, Max/MSP. Created as part of the NYC Monthly Music Hackathon, hosted by Control Group. http://www.controlgroup.com/ Sponsored by Arup http://www.arup.com Music credit: Julien Mier - Super Tropic Tramp https://soundcloud.com/julien-mier

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        • otolab, punto zero (prototype)


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          Prototype for the study of live performance "Punto zero". Recorded at otolab studio. Punto zero is a performance of spatialised sounds and lights, a circular sign in the landscape. The audience experiences an immersive sensorial voyage through the momentary loss of its surroundings. Punto zero is the place of sensorial abstraction and the starting point of an ecstatic perception of space and time. The performance consists in the spatialization of synchronised audio tracks and stroboscopic lights. A tailor-made interface connects audio and lights and makes possible the execution of a common score. The light sources are both stroboscopic (punctual) so as to follow and highlight the rhythmical patterns in the soundtrack. The audience stays within the circle formed by the audio and light sources, equidistributed along an immaginary circumference of a circle whose diameter is approximately 20m. All lights are oriented externally, all sound speakers internally, the result being the audience watching and listening in the darkness and the surroundings rhythmically lit up all around. Punto zero is meant for a night-time and darkenend open-air location with as little lighting disturbance as possible, such as a field or opening in the woods, or an urban environment with peculiar architectural features. In fact, a rhythmical sound-light grid is superimposed on the landscape surrounding the circle. Almost forcing it to play, bringing it into the circle in flashes, forcing it to become fragments of the audience’s overall sensorial experience. Concept: otolab Sound and light performance: otolab Hardware development: peppolasagna (otolab) Total time: around 40” Production: otolab, 2007-2011

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          • Spatialized Umbrella Project v01


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            umbrella with 5 speakers and LEDs mounted around users head. IR range finder mounted in front detects the closest object ahead, and controls the tempo of 'raindrop' samples. Close enough, and a lightning sequence is triggered.

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