1. How to Choose the Best Lens for Weddings & Events. Canon Cinema Caravan (2010)


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    thanks to all of our amazing sponsors that have made this trip possible and that have brought this tutorial to you. we have plenty more to come. first and foremost, thanks to canon live learning for making all of this possible (the bus and all). thanks to manfrotto for being so kind in providing 16 monopods plus tons more gear. thanks to cinevate for the shoulder rigs and atlas camera sliders. thanks to zacuto for the z-finders and DSLR rig. thanks to tiffen/lowel/steadicam for all of their lighting and stabilization support. we setup for our first workshop tonight and it almost resembled the show floor of BH at times. let us know what you think. we are happy to answer any questions and we look forward to hitting the road and shooting our next tutorial in chicago. check out our blog for the road trip here: http://canoncaravan.stillmotionblog.com/ P.

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    • How To Shoot A Wedding Ceremony. Canon Cinema Caravan (2010)


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      the fifth of our tutorials with the last to debut next week. this one is all about lens choice, camera placement, and overall coverage of a wedding ceremony with EOS cameras. brought to you by canon live learning.

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      • Making The Most Of The Monopod For Filmmaking. Canon DTS (2011)


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        we have five brand new tutorials coming your way in the next month, all brought to you by canon digital learning center. check out more great tutorials by us and others here: www.usa.canon.com/dlc upcoming tutorials include; EOS lens choice in a commercial film how to achieve and hold focus fast turnaround philosophy (SDE) and work flow color (in camera and post) the soundtrack is ascetic junkies // kansas city roadtrip instrumental. licensed through withetiquette.com

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        • the story of billy and melissa // an sm sde


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          a wedding film we shot and edited this past saturday in toronto for billy and melissa. this is an example of a same day edit, where the film is shown at the reception before the night is over. see what we are up to: http://twitter.com/stillmotion_ check out our blog for a full writeup: www.stillmotionblog.com MKIV, MKII, 7d, all 24P. a little car mount lovin' on the M3. mostly shot with the monopod, some steadicam flyer and cinevate atlas LTS30.

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          • Antonio Iglesias - The Steadycam


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            • our first Share project. Old Skool Cafe


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              this year we launched Share, a stillmotion effort to give back. every year we'll donate our time and gear to tell a one story that could use our help to get a wider audience or recognition. if you'd like to nominate somebody for our next share film, please email us at share@stillmotion.ca getting to know so many of the people that make up Old Skool showed us a world that few of us had ever experienced first hand. it was certainly my first time visiting the projects and you can immediately feel the environment as you enter. as you'll see in the film, what we were left with was such a warm portrait of these youth who put so much of who they are, and so much heart into making Old Skool a success. i can remember being in that age range, not quite 20 yet, and i don't think i could point to one thing that i care about half as much as these youth care about Old Skool. their perspective and determination at such a young age is absolutely awe-inspiring. last Friday we brought a projector down to Old Skool to premier this piece. among a packed restaurant, Teresa stopped the kitchen and had everybody come out and take a moment to share in the experience. Tammy's first reaction to the film, through tears, was especially touching. she said that the Old Skool family means so much to her and the film showed the world how she knows each of them to be in her heart. /////////////////// soundtrack selection for the soundtrack we needed music that was at first quiet and contemplative, and later uplifting. originally we thought something with piano would work great for the first chapter, but it didn't feel perfect for the tone of the piece - while it filled the quiet need,we still felt the contemplative aspect was missing. we've always been a fan of Drew Barefoot's music because of the contemplative nature of the music - you can't help but reflect on your own life as you listen to it. Enjoy The Calm filled both needs perfectly - it's both quiet and contemplative. when you watch this film, you feel a sense of calm in the characters as they talk about their past experiences; they've come to terms with who they were, and now they're looking at who they are and who they are going to be, and the title of the track and the music therein couldn't have been more perfect. for the uplifting chapter, we turned to Kelli Schaefer's - Song For a Friend. the music, while uplifting, isn't over the top - it felt perfect for the emotional tone of the second chapter of the film and the lyrics couldn't have been better suited to the piece - I'm just going to stand by your side, I'm just going to hold your hand tight - it's exactly what Old Skool is about and it couldn't have been any more perfect for the end of the their film. Music licensed at www.WithEtiquette.com Drew Barefoot - Enjoy the Calm Kelli Schaefer - Song For A Friend /////////////////// more on Share Share started because we wanted to give back. after our first film, we feel like we have taken much more than we gave, and for that we have to thank everybody at Old Skool. if you enjoy the film and want to support Old Skool, please share their film and come visit their restaurant. if you have ideas or want to help our with our next Share film, please email is at share@stillmotion.ca For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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              • beta-testing the steadicam zephyr // first flight + bts


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                we've tried the merlin, pilot, flyer, and now the zephyr. across the line, the zephyr has got to be the easiest to setup, the most versatile unit to adjust in the field, the smoothest balanced, and a whole lotta fun. just to demonstrate how much fun it is, at the end of this clip we tried no hands operating and we were all so surprised with how smooth those shots came out. there is a disclaimer on this clip - it was super windy while we were shooting but we didn't have another time to shoot, so we made the best of it. if you like these results, i imagine i could have gotten more out of it had the wind not been so strong. i often fly the flyer with a canon 7d and a 14mm rectilinear. the 14mm has a very short hyperfocal distance, so it is great for moving shots and keeping everyting in focus, and i love the look of the distortion versus a 16-35. on a 7d, with the crop, it isn't too too wide either, which is perfect. around the camera there is a cinevate cage and mattebox, used to provide protection for the camera, lets you rest the unit upside down (if you don't have a stand) and add some extra weight. the zephyr test featured the same configuration to really see how it would compare. a couple big improvements to the zephyr for those of us who are dSLR shooters; // the gimbal handle now offers tool-less adjustment. // the gimbal handle also has straight edges on on opposing sides (which is part of the tango compatibility) and when using the zephyr alone allows you to feel where straight is // the stage and base of the sled have a ton more power options (not something that a dSLR shooter will take as much advantage of unless you get into adding follow focus units and such) // the biggest plus, and why i want a zephyr so much, is how the base of the sled accepts the same weights as the merlin and how it now adjusts. the post that holds the monitor and a second one that holds the battery can be unlocked and slid fore and aft, which allows you to quickly and easily achieve dynamic balance like never before on a rig this size. by adding the weights to the base i can make the rig heavier (more inertia, my personal preference for operating). being that we are shooting dSLR, we only have one monitor live at a time, so we have to choose the one on the sled or the LCD on the camera. i choose the camera LCD (much to tiffen's dismay due to proper operating procedure) but when shooting live events i find it easier to check focus and see what is about to happen when i am looking up. it certainly does make it a challenge and you need to feel the rig more when you can't see the LCD (which you will see in some shots in the clip). with these weights on the bottom, if you also choose to use the dSLR LCD, you could get away by removing the monitor as well as the battery plate and using just the weights as your counter balance. what that means is potentially tiffen could release a dSLR version without these components and sell it for less. i'm going to pitch that to them, but who knows if that will want to go that route as they strongly advise using the monitor on the sled when operating. as of now, the zephyr would be my unit of choice. no MSRP has been announced and i don't have any indication where it will end up, though after using it i would have to assume it would be above the flyer and below the archer. this test footage included about 10 minutes of setup out of the box. thanks to tiffen for letting me borrow one of the two units in existence to do some testing. this is footage from the first flight. thanks to the rayjoyce team for acting as both a model and providing bts coverage for me. music is 'michigan' by derby licensed through withetiquette.com P.

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                • Lifeemotions!


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                  DOP: Michael Borovskih http://vimeo.com/borovskihmichael , Tashinov Constantin Starring: Buneev Nikolay

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                  • the world's largest aquarium // ATL.GA


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                    joyce and i had an extra day in atlanta before a shoot and thought we would check out the aquarium (which was certainly much better than the world of coke). here is a short piece we put together for my personal blog. http://stillmotionblog.com/author/P. the soundtrack is one of my favs by the dimes called 'the ballad of winslow homer'. available to license on withetiquette.com. you can visit the dime's webpage at http://www.thedimes.com/ shot all monopod/MKIV/primes. on the gear side, i also must add that the shootsac was awesome for being able to travel light but have enough glass with me. P.

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                    • a hong kong wedding // fish + bo-poop's same day edit


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                      this november, i traveled with ray and joyce to hong kong to shoot janice and raymond's wedding. if that isn't enough RJ's for you, we went to raymond's tailor in hong kong, another ray, and had some suits made. we also met janice's parents at the wedding, who believe it or not, are named ray and joyce. being that we were in hong kong, the majority of the wedding was in cantonese. add to that the pressure to do an SDE and you have one exciting day. raymond and janice (the couple...not to be confused with the SM team, or the tailor, or janice's parents) have been planning this wedding for a long time, so much so that they had a translator available for me all day so i could see what portions of speeches and/pr the ceremony to include as VOs. it was an interesting process to say the least. when we arrived in HK, we had arranged to meet with raymond and janice over dinner to get to know them better. it was at this point they mentioned they had a dance rehearsal right before, and that is where the seeds for this edit started. at that dinner we also learned of how they came together, and all of the places across the world they both loved, met, dated, and became engaged. i found it so fascinating i asked them to stop by out hotel room the night before their wedding and we did an impromptu interview telling that story. my last question was 'give me one word to describe raymond/janice?'. for janice, it was her 'fish', and for raymond it was his 'bo-poop'. there are some very interesting stories behind where those both came from, especially bo-poop, but i just felt so lucky as a storyteller to have these interviews pre-cut and then raymond just happens to get her something as a present that tied in so nicely. thanks to the future of forestry for giving us permission to use their song ’speak to me gently’. you can check out more of their work here. http://futureofforestry.com/ P.

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