1. CXL Reinvent Video 2015


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    • red menace chpt5 trailer


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      Investigating the disappearance of her younger sister Wondrous Girl, Wondrous Woman tracks Drusilla's emergency homing beacon to a secluded spot near Boston and eventually discovers a hidden tunnel leading to an underground city. Convinced that WG is being held prisoner, WW investigates further and finds an underground bunker (dressed up to look like a normal home) but with no windows and no amenities other than the most rudimentary and spartan of decorations. As Wondrous Woman investigates she doesn't realize she's being watched closely on closed-circuit television by Major Ninotchka and her staff Confronting WW, Major Ninotchka, fury in her eyes, decides that Diana is in need of a vicious beatdown... and delivers it to the simple-minded amazon whore! Now empowered by the rage and hatred that has been festering in her for decades, Ninotchka holds nothing back and she delivers dozens of stomach punches, kicks, slaps, bitchsmacks, and backhanded strikes to the curvacous crimefighter. Wondrous Woman, expecting a normal set of blows, is taken aback as Major Ninotchka's strength is the equal to that to her own! Battered and disoriented, Wondrous Woman's body is punched backwards over a couch where she does an unintentional flip over the couch and lands in a pile on the ground, stunned. Climbing back over the couch, WW fights back but the first dozen hits to WW's body have left her uncoordinated and with blurred vision, so WW's counterattack is not as effective as she'd like it to be. During the battle and all of the struggling between Ninotchka and WW the mighty amazon princess' magic lasso gets torn off her belt during the fight and falls to the ground during their scuffle, leaving WW without her most important weapon in order to peacefully subdue her enemy and easily win the fight. As the battle continues WW's head is slammed up against the wall several times by Major Ninotchka, resulting in a mild concussion. Suffering from head trauma, the dizzy WW is battered and punched several more times by the smiling Ninotchka and then WW is slammed backwards against a nearby wall, where she hits the wall hard and slides down the wall in moaning defeat. Now battered and beaten, Wondrous Woman is too weak to escape and too injured to fight back any longer. Ninotchka toys with the well-tenderized WW by hitting her several more times and then crushing the life out of the amazoning amazon by getting her in several powerful bearhugs and keeping the sexy superheroine from being able to breathe! These eye-to-eye bearhugs do their damage in short order, leaving WW a moaning, groaning pathetic mess of a superheroine. Dropping the bruised amazon princess to the floor, the crushed and bruised WW sees her magic lasso of truth laying in a tangled heap on the floor about a dozen feet away, obviously lost during her initial scuffle. Trying to crawl towards it proves useless as WW's legs are too weak to even get her standing back on her feet, so WW touches the ruby star on her tiara and tries to mentally summon it towards her via the mental amplification device in her golden headband. Although waves of telepathic energy (augmented by the tiara) emanate from WW's mind, she's in too much pain to summon the lasso because her bio-energy is too low to exert enough telepathic and telekinetic energy. Forced into crawling towards the lasso, WW crawls across the filthy floor like a mangy , and just as she slowly traverses the distance, Major Ninotchka appears, laughs cruelly at WW's shameless ploy, and seizes the golden lasso for herself instead! Too weak to retaliate or run away, WW is brought to her feet for another series of deadly bearhugs, and then the near-oblivious amazon princess is forced to her feet while Major Ninotchka gropes Wondrous Woman with gleeful delight, playing with Diana's breasts and grabbing at her crotch. Too weak to defend herself, the moaning superheroine can do little as she is sexually groped and against her will and then grabbed roughly by the throat and throttled by the ultra-powerful Russian supervillain. Ninotchka eventually bores of cutting off WW's airways with brute force and starts to push their bodies closer together in order to be intimate. As WW weakly tries to push Ninotchka away, the Russian villainess smiles and says (in her thick Russian accent) "You're in NO condition to give ME orders, bitch!"

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      • Firefighters Help Struggling Runner


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        She's got cerebral palsy and her body gave out.

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        • dark as obsidian trailer


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          Aquila, Dazzle & Black Pearl : Dark As Obsidian (Part 1 of 2) starring CLAIRE VAIL as Aquila, VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE as Dazzle, & ESTER AMORAL as Black Pearl/Obsidian Investigation into corporate espionage leads Black pearl to the home of Dr. Hubert Boyle, PhD. Investigating rumors that he may have created a thermo-reactive incendiary weapon of mass destruction, Black Pearl is ambushed by the doctor and in opening a special case he has on his premises Black Pearl is overwhelmed by a booby-trap. sleeping gas sprays in thick green clouds from the box and soon after Dr. Boyle's trap is sprung Black Pearl collapses onto the floor. Awakening hours later to find her power belt removed and now wrapped tightly in saran wrap bondage mummification, Black Pearl is put through a very thorough mind-wiping program and is converted from good into evil. Several days later, Aquila and Dazzle get together at mission headquarters and discover a note that Black Pearl left for them in case she went on a dangerous mission and never returned. The paper states her complete plan to stop Dr. Boyle and gives his most probable location. Changing into their super-costumes, the two superheroines go to find their missing friend and soon find the devious Dr. Boyle but they also find their ally Black Pearl has been mind-controlled into doing evil and has renamed herself Obsidian. With their own team member turned against them the fight is on! Dazzle (wearing her white leotard, blue thigh-high boots, red cape, and wide red belt) finds a glowing green net that falls on her from above. The green net contains strange 'energy draining' properties that keep her from absorbing sunlight and power. Gasping and moaning in pain, Dazzle collapses onto the ground and struggles helplessly in the net, her massive milky-white breasts heaving up and down in her tight-fitting spandex leotard as she feebly struggles in the throes of the radioactive trap placed against her. Elsewhere, Aquila battles Obsidian and the two trade physical punches and kicks as well as energy strikes. The battle turns against Aquila though when she gets stunned by a particularly vicious attack and while she's on the ground stunned Obsidian reaches down and pulls off both of Aquila's silvery "gravity bands" that give her control over gravity and allow her to fly! Stripped of her two bracelets, Aquila slowly recovers and finds that she's lost the power of flight *and* she's lost her ability to use the power of Earth's gravity as well. Now reduced to half of her power, Aquila is easy pickings for a second attack. As Obsidian and Aquila tussle, they catfight and fall backwards onto the couch, where Aquila loses to her one-time friend and drops to the couch insensate. This time Obsidian tears off Aquila's power belt, the source of power for her energy attacks and what gives her superhuman invulnerability and strength. Now without her gravity bands and her power source, Aquila is just a regular college girl in a colorful swimsuit, with no special abilities whatsoever. Can the two superheroines make a comeback? Can Dazzle escape her green glowing radioactive net? Can Aquila get her gravity bands and universal power supply back? Tune in, and find out! This clip is for lovers of net entrapment, green kryptonite weakening and helplessness, Power Girl fetish, saran wrap mummification, brainwashing, mind control, and conversion into evil. This video also has catfighting, struggling, stomach punches and kicks, slaps, straddling fetish, a very sexy debelting of Aquila, bracelet removal, female grappling and wrestling, limp arm checks, leotard fetish, pantyhose and tights fetish, and all of the usual good storyline and plot as you've come to expect.

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          • Sculpture of Bound Woman


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            Here's a little sample of some of the bdsm sculptures I do, fully, you'll like it. A woman, hooded with a leather hood, large breasts and arms bound tightly with electrical tape and a second version, painted differently, with miniature weathered rope instead of electrical tape. There is a version 3 on here as well. Enjoy!

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            • Real Hope NW


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              By Worship House Media | worshiphousemedia.com

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              • Investment for the people: Community Public Offerings IP406


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                Investment for the people: Community Public Offerings - Watch full episode here: http://www.immensepossibilities.org/archives/ CPOs, “Community Public Offerings,” have now come to Oregon, allowing virtually anyone to make modest equity investments in Oregon companies. According to our guests – Heather Stafford of Sustainable Valley, Amy Pearl of hatchthefuture.org, Michael Shuman of the Post Carbon Institute -- that single change can breathe life into struggling small businesses, super-charge local economies, and offer small investors returns that until now have mostly been reserved for the wealthy. We also check back in with Will Wilkinson of the Southern Oregon Time Co-op. ————PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL————— IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES tells inspirational stories of local community victories. It showcases ordinary people leading the way to solve community challenges through intergenerational activism, sustainable environmental breakthroughs and community investing. IP inspires realistic hope based on the work of strong passionate people striving for a green safer future for our children and grandchildren. Join us for conversations on community breakthroughs, local independence, sustainable solutions, environmental sanity, generations coming together, and awesome social inventions. IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES is our weekly public TV and Internet visit with guests whose social creations are building vibrant communities. They’re solving challenges that the old systems can’t. They’re infusing others with realistic hope and inviting them to come alive. IP pulls together the work of JEFF GOLDEN and other social inventors who share a clear set of beliefs, values and goals. You can watch all of our episodes anytime in the Immense Possibilities archives. http://www.immensepossibilities.org/ Short trailers of these episodes can be viewed https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuFBXWyEHQmT97VjOmqYuRen4wt5fWxhL Immense Possibilities survives and thrives because of you: http://www.immensepossibilities.org/support-ip/ IP’s guest’s run a broad range from people who are local heroes in their communities to national figures like Amy Goodman, Michael Shuman, Lynne Twist, Ocean Robbins, Charles Eisenstein, Duane Elgin, Frances Moore Lappé and plenty others. We are part of a movement building healthy communities, bringing generations together and bridging the old political/social divides. http://www.immensepossibilities.org/ “If there was ever a time we needed to consider Immense Possibilities, it’s now. We have extraordinary challenges and extraordinary opportunities; put those two together and it’s a time of Immense Possibilities.” —Duane Elgin, author, lecturer, teacher local, community, economy, realistic, hope, raising hope, poverty, local food, food, safety, sustainability, environment, pollution, green, citizenship, neighborhood, volunteer, passion, investing, future, social responsibility

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                • Type Cast Season 1 Ep. 3 Patrick Clips


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                  my clips from a funny webisode

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                  • How God Can Transfigure Our Marriages/Relationships and Change Us for the Better


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                    Married or not married. Happy or struggling. While looking at the model of marriage, we’ll explore how God intends the pursuit of oneness and intimate communication to empower all our relationships, change us for the better and make us shine.

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                    • Spider struggling with a chickpea.


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