1. Meteor meetup talk screencast with QA session


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    I gave a talk about Meteor recently at the Vancouver's Developers meetup: http://www.meetup.com/VanDev/events/75032692/ Here are the slides: https://speakerdeck.com/u/dybskiy/p/build-your-next-html5-web-app-using-meteor Here is the video of me if you are curious: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrg7smkdo4gpo6s/Meteor-talk.m4v

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    • Video Tutorial 27 de la creación de un blog


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      modificando noticias

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      • Getting Started with SublimeText


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        In this video Alan and Miquel get you started with their personal favourite code editor, SublimeText! http://sublimetext.com/2 Grab a coffee and sit down with us as we go through some of its great features. :) -------------- NOTES: Package Control can be installed from here: http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control/installation To install a Sublime "package" with PackageControl: 1. Ctrl+Shift+P 2. Start typing "pack inst", and from the list choose "Package Control: Install Package". 3. Wait a moment and it will list non-installed packages. Select the one you want, press Enter and wait a few seconds. (Press Esc or click away to cancel.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alan's favorite packages in alphabetic order: [links provided to read more but you should install them from PackageControl.] - ALIGNMENT: http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/alignment Aligns your text so your multi-cursors form a straight line. Good if you have alignment OCD. - BRACKETHIGHLIGHTER: https://github.com/facelessuser/BracketHighlighter Highlights brackets while you're typing between them. Super useful! - CHANGEQUOTES: https://github.com/colinta/SublimeChangeQuotes Easy, quick way to change single quotes to double quotes and vice-versa. - CODE FOO: https://github.com/markandey/codefoo Type a question, highlight it, Ctrl+Alt+R and it will search Stackoverflow, take the first match, find the best rated response's code snippet and paste that back into where you typed the question. Pure magic!! :p - FILEDIFFS: https://github.com/colinta/SublimeFileDiffs Fantastic diff'ing tools, all accessible from the rightclick menu and command panel. (Ctrl+Shift+P) - FILESYSTEM AUTOCOMPLETION: https://github.com/lingo/sublime-fscompletion If you're typing text to a real path and press Tab, it will autocomplete it. Handy sometimes. - GIT: https://github.com/kemayo/sublime-text-2-git/wiki There are many git packages; this one works for me. You may need to install Git beforehand. - GITGUTTER: https://github.com/jisaacks/GitGutter Shows markers to show changes against the git HEAD state, in realtime! Best invention since sliced bread. I love this thing. - INDENT XML: https://github.com/alek-sys/sublimetext_indentxml Indents XML nicely, so us humans can read it better. - PRETTY JSON: https://github.com/dzhibas/SublimePrettyJson Indents JSON nicely. Accessible from command panel. (Ctrl+Shift+P) - SNAKE: https://github.com/jf8073/sublime-snake Teach your code a lesson by playing a round of Snake all over it. (Don't worry, your actual code won't be ruined.) - SUBLIME-TWEET: https://github.com/rozboris/Sublime-Tweet Twitter from Sublime. - SUBLIMELINTER: https://github.com/SublimeLinter/SublimeLinter Nice self-contained "linter", to point out syntactic errors and style suggestions next to the line numbers. - SUPER CALCULATOR: https://github.com/Pephers/Super-Calculator Type some math in your code and type Alt+c to select it and again to calculate it. - TRAILINGSPACES: https://github.com/SublimeText/TrailingSpaces Highlights and can also delete trailing empty space. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** USEFUL HOTKEYS: Ctrl + ` = open Sublime's own Python console Ctrl + Shift + P = command panel Ctrl + G = go to line Ctrl + R = go to function Ctrl + P = go to anything Ctrl + L = select line Ctrl + Shift + L = expand the selected lines to multiple cursors Ctrl + Shift + D = duplicate line(s) Ctrl + / = comment line(s) Ctrl + D = select next substring Ctrl + Shift + J = select by indentation level Ctrl + up/down arrow = scroll line up/down Ctrl + K followed by Ctrl + C = center at cursor Ctrl + [ or ] = move tab level in/out Ctrl + J = join lines Ctrl + K followed by Ctrl + U or L = upper/lower-case selected text Ctrl + K twice = delete from cursor until end of line F9 = sort selected lines F6 = spell check ON/OFF F11 = fullscreen Shift + F11 = fullscreen "zen" mode Alt + numbers(1, 2, 3...) = change to specific tab Ctrl + pgUp/Down = go to next/previous tab ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got any comments or Sublime tips? Let us know! :)

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        • Sublime Text 2 Snippets


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          Tutorial de como utilizar snippets no Sublime Text 2: Download: http://www.joomlapro.com.br/images/downloads/sublime-text-snippets.zip

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          • Milk, cookies, segfaults... (ep.2) Snippets


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            A short presentation of how snippets work in Sublime Text 2.

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            • transiciónes css3 con jquery (2)


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              • Bitmaker Screencast: Intro to Sublime Text


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                Mike Sharpe is an alumni student from our October 2013 cohort. In the following screencast, he walks us through extending the functionality of our favourite text editor, Sublime Text. Sublime Text is our recommended text editor at Bitmaker Labs. We chose it because it is easy to use out of the box, it has multi-platform support, and it is highly extendible and customizable, as Mike demonstrates. It is also quite popular in many developer communities.

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                • Codare-Rapida sublime text-Emmet


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                  Codare-Rapida sublime text-Emmet

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                  • Setup Development Environment on Windows


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                    • Sass / Compass / Foundation / Mac Setup


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