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    Hello Everybody! This is KSJ introducing our new Sk8 movie from KSJ's masterclass+ with Conero Roller in Italy. Masterclass+ is more advanced format with already prepared choreography & slalom routines with music from the existing, previous and normal masterclass, so that the students can learn from the basics how to organize a performance with music to the whole performance, and can take a sk8 performance movie altogether. I hope I can show better quality and better choreographed slalom or skating movie to the public much more in the future by this "KSJ's Masterclass+", so that I can share our skating sports with much more people in the world!!! Hope you will enjoy watching it, and won't hesitate to support us by liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing to let more people experience our skating sports with us! Thank you everybody! Keep Rollin, Be Awesome KSJ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title : 1st KSJ's Masterclass+ with Conero Roller Music : "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson(Feat. Bruno Mars) Sponsored by Conero Roller, KRBA, KSJ Filming: Elisa Bacchiocchi Places : Ancona, Italy Choreography & Routines : KSJ Directed by KSJ Booking : ksjslalom@gmail.com Private Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KSJHOUSE Official Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/KSJSk8 Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/KSJSlalomV Instagram : KSJKorea

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    • Because Camera Tests Are The New Short Film: S-Log 2 + Sony FS700


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      I wanted to make this camera test a little more cinematic, so instead of just shooting locked off shots of skies, flowers, faces, etc... to test the dynamic range and what not, I tried to make it a little artsy. Everything was shot bare bones handheld with no rig. I did the paid upgrade and updated my Sony FS700 to 4K (Still waiting for the Odyssey 7Q recorder) and S-Log 2. This was just recorded on the internal SDHC card using stock AVCHD codec. I have to say, I'm in LOVE with S-Log. Before with Cinegammas, you were getting about 12 stops. According to chart tests I seen on-line, S-Log 2 gives you about 14 stops and it's very, very noticeable. The highlights are absolutely insane now and there's just this really nice, luminous quality to the FS700 footage that was not there before. Even shadow detail is better. S-Log is obviously very, very flat. I just did a basic grade and added a bit of contrast and saturation. Nothing major at all. Since the internal codec is 8-bit, you cannot grade it that heavily. But the 10-bit 7Q recorder will change all that since it will be in RAW, 4:2:2 10-bit and even 4:4:4 12-bit. Then, you can grade it a lot more. So SICK and I cannot wait. The main thing with S-Log 2 is exposure is way more critical than before. I exposed everything in the middle of the histogram with Zebras set to 100%. Any shots that are under exposed (like the 2nd shot of the family with the little boy in the cap) is punished with heavy noise when graded. Usually, with most digital cameras (including the FS700 + Cinegammas), I under expose by about 1 stop. NOT so with S-Log, as you will be punished. Stay in the middle, or even slightly over expose; but I think middle is the best. I had to shoot mainly with zooms because I only had the two sets of kids for about 1 hour each, so I had to work really fast and kids don't exactly listen so it's basically getting what you can before their ADHD sets in and they run off to the next rock. Lenses used (mostly the zooms to work fast): Canon 24-105 L IS f4 on Metabones Speed Booster so it was really 17-75 f2.8 Canon 70-200 L IS f2.8 on Metabones Mark II Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Zeiss and Canon Primes here and there.

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      • The Bailey


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        Treehouse Created by Clae Footwear and the Funk Brothers New York City in the 80’s saw a culture clash that would shape our future. Reggae met hip-hop and gave birth to Dancehall which gave birth to a whole new level of dressing – English style by way of the West Indies, redefined in Brooklyn. The Bailey by Clae pays homage to Gil Bailey, “the Godfather” DJ and voice of Caribbean radio in New York City who has been educating and entertaining Saturday morning listeners for more than 40 years. With roots in a fine lineage of casual shoes, the Bailey retains the essence of its predecessors while pushing its boundaries forward. Featuring supple leather and nubuck, refined toe detail, athletic-inspired touches like perforated leather, and modern cup sole construction, the Bailey is a shoe with uncommon mobility and comfort. Easy.

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          directed by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich

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          • Sony FS7 and Arri Amira Side by Side


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            This is a non-scientific test. I just wanted to see the colors, highlights and filmic qualities between the Sony FS7 and the Arri Amira. First of all, huge thanks to Nate Weaver for providing his Arri Amira for this test. Nate also owned a Sony F55, so he’s someone who knows how to get the best out of both Sony and Arri. So myself, Nate and Art Chong (a fantastic AC) ran a few shots in the unflattering mid-day sun which is a good highlights torture test. Basically I wanted to see if the FS7 could be a B-Cam to the Alexa. I saw the Sony test which uses their CineEI mode and the Sony LC709A look profile (LC stands for Low Contrast and the A stands for Alexa), which is an Alexa emulation look that can be either baked in or applied in post on top of the CineEI image. The images were more or less very similar on the Sony tests, but I wanted to see with my own eyes whether this was accurate with the FS7. Here’s the test on the F5. https://vimeo.com/96696423 Nate Weaver did an Alexa A-Cam, F55 B-Cam where he only used the LC709A LUT and said he only had to adjust the white balance slightly on the F55 because it’s a little cooler. The results are also very close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjk7grELDfY Art Adams wrote a great article on the new-ish CineEI / LC709A color science http://www.dvinfo.net/article/acquisition/sonyxdcam/sony_sgamut_vs_sgamut3.html TECHNICAL BULLET POINTS • FS7 levels / contrast was match to the Amira, since the Arri is the industry standard and leader. • FS7 was on CineEI / Slog3; and Amira used LogC • No color changes were made. Colors were straight out of camera • Only adjusted levels and added saturation on log footage • Or used the factory supplied LUTs by Sony and Arri. • Amira used the Zeiss PL 28-80mm t2.9 @ 70mm • FS7 used the Zeiss PL 70-200mm t2.9 @ 70mm, but I think we messed that up a bit. • FS7 was set to T5.6 and Amira to T4 to account for the native ISO differences between the two cameras (2000 and 800 respectively) CAMERA ISSUES • FS7 is very buggy overall with major magenta shifts in certain modes - Based on numerous reports, RAW is an un-useable purple and Custom mode requires significant magenta work arounds. CineEI is currently, the only relatively bug free mode. However..... • A number of FS7 users are reporting smaller magenta shifts in CineEI as well, which may be why my face is pinkish in the second group of shot. OBSERVATION BULLET POINTS • FS7 skews a bit magenta and the Amira skews a bit green. • Colors could be pretty quickly matched between both cameras as FS7 is ball park. Big Surprises • Sony CineEI has fantastic highlights. The Alexa highlights are legendary, but the FS7 can certainly hang. • CineEI has a very nice, filmic look right out of camera. This is definitely different than my FS700 / S-Log 2 which looked less filmic. • I actually like the natural CineEI colors and look as they quickly grade into a nice image - unlike Sony cameras of the past which required more noodling in post. LC709A look profile is great option as well and can be baked in for fast turn around jobs. My thoughts. My tests were not as close to the Alexa as Sony and Nate were on the F55. Nate’s opinion is that the F55 matches the Alexa better. I do feel the FS7 could be a B-Cam to the Alexa with some slight color tweaks. It’s possible to match colors from most cameras, but highlights cannot be matched and this is where the FS7 shines as a B-Cam, because the highlights are really good. Sony did a great job with CineEI. It’s much more filmic looking over what I was getting out of the FS700 and the colors are nice right out of the box, even without the LC709A LUT. For $8K, the FS7 is a good value. However, there are numerous bugs that are plaguing the camera at this time which need to be fixed ASAP. Once Sony fixes the huge bug list, this should be a great camera for the money.

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            • A School Project (The Revival II)


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              This project was created for my typography class at the Ontario College of Art and Design. We were asked to make a time based typographic work from any materials. This was proposed as a prototype for the opening sequence to the sequel of The Revival (therevivalfilm.com) which I created with my good friend Wayne Morhart. THIS IS NOT A TRAILER OR TEASER FOR THE REVIVAL 2. The letters were created from cardboard, masking tape and spray paint. This process can been seen on my flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tombriggsdesign/sets/72157623709920066/ Shot with a Canon 7D with a 15-85mm, 3.5-5.6 IS Lens. Lighting: Arri Fresnel 300w Plus Music by Max Richter - Cascade NW by W

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              • Racing Towards The Sun


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                I Co-Directed this skate project with Tadashi Suzuki, who also did all the skateboarding. I doubled as the Director of Photography. The goal of this short film was to emphasize the cinematography aspect of skateboarding as opposed to focusing on tricks; and lots of shooting into the Sun :) We wanted to find unique spots to skate more based on the background setting as opposed to filming at the usual skateparks and popular spots. For the post, I gave each section it's own treatment. Tried to keep the treatment somewhat muted, stylized and added some grain. Colored using a combo of After Effects mixed with Film Convert Pro Shot on an FS700 using Cinegamma 1 and 4. A few shots were with S-Log 2, but that was released towards the very end of shooting unfortunately. If it had came out earlier, I would have shot the entire thing in S-Log. Gear: Sony FS 700 + Metabones Mark II and SpeedBooster Canon 24-105mm f4 IS - mostly on SpeedBooster Canon 70-200 f2.8 LII IS Canon 24mm f1.4 II Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Zeiss ZF 50mm f1.4 Zeiss ZF 85mm f1.4 Software: Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects for grading Locations: DTLA + Griffith Park Credits Starring / Skateboarder: Tadashi Suzuki Co-Directors: Gene Sung and Tadashi Suzuki Cinematography and Post: Gene Sung Camera Assistant: Susan Sung Song: Inch of Dust by Future Islands

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                • Sony FS7 an Anamorphic Filter Test


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                  Disclaimer: Normally, I would NOT shoot with this shallow of a depth of field, but I wanted to see the bokeh from the Vid-Atlantic anamorphic filters, so I shot super shallow and wide open which is why the focus is soft on many shots. Gear Sony FS7 - CineEI + LC709a look profile - Out of the box profile, no color changes, only post changes in exposure. Zeiss 85mm f1.4 Zeiss 50mm f1.4 Metabones Speed Booster on the Zeiss 50mm f1.4 which made it a 35mm f1.0 http://www.vid-atlantic.com/products/cinemorph While these Anamorphic filters (58mm and 77mm) are fun to play around with and great for art projects and music videos (I especially love how you can turn the bokeh diagonal), I probably would not use them for anything where the picture quality has to be pristine as they can introduce weird artifacts like on the 3rd shot, the lady’s face is split into two. But yeah… on music videos and art projects, those artifacts can be really cool; but definitely NO substitute for real anamorphic lenses. Also, you lose about 1.5 stops of lights, so low light can be tough. 1) Zeiss 85mm f1.4 is the lens it worked best on. This lens works well wide open, so it’s perfect for these filters 2) Zeiss 50mm f1.4. This is a good lens from f2 and up. However, I forgot about that and shot it at f1.4 ,which is pretty bad on this lens as it has a pretty sever coma, so that’s why some of the shots look soft. I recommend always shooting f2 and above unless you desperately need light. 3) Zeiss 50mm f1.4 + Speed Booster = f1.0 35mm. My normal Zeiss 35mm f2 does not work with this filter as the bokeh is split really weird. With the Zeiss 50mm f1.4 on Speed Booster as a 35mm, the filter works decently, or at least much better than a real 35mm. However, sun streak gets clipped on the ends. Also, DON’T shoot it at f1.0 (like I did) as it has a bad coma and very soft focus. There is a bit of a vignette when using it as a Speed Boosted 35mm. When using the Zeiss 50mm f1.4 with or without Speed Booster, it’s always best to shoot 1 stop up from wide open for better results. It also works on the Canon 70-200 f2.8 when using it 100mm and above. Otherwise, there is a pretty sever vignette from the filter at 70mm. ——————— On the FS7, I just used Sony’s in-camera LC709a look profile, aka. the rip off Alexa look. This profile is amazing looking and a great out-of-the-box look. Very filmic. As a test, I did some shots baked in and other’s just as a monitor profile for post-comparison. Baked in or doing it in post looks exactly the same, except when you do it in post you can really change the look if you want. On quick turnaround jobs, I’ve just been baking in LC709a and the clients are thrilled with the look. it does look really nice, IMO. Music "Pensacola Twilight" by Lee Rosevere http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Lee_Rosevere

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                  • Setting Sunsets


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                    Setting Sunsets is the story of Lobitos, a small town that was once one of the richest towns in Peru because of foreign oil money. Eventually, when Peru started to lean left politically in the 1960's, the foreign oil companies were expelled and Lobitos became a ghost town. Now, because of world class surf, Lobitos is making a comeback thanks to several world class waves which attract surfers from everywhere. This is the story of Lobitos - The rise, the fall and the re-birth. Setting Sunsets is a film by Gene Sung

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                    • Lisa & Laura Ling #savemyfriend PSA


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                      Please click here for an important update on this campaign: conta.cc/GzImv9 (3/20/2012) Please sign the petition and share it with your friends. www.savemyfriend.org Tweet #savemyfriend "please sign the petition and save 30 lives."

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